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Every New Card from the Saviors of Uldum Reveal Stream

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Every card from the next expansion has now been revealed - including a new neutral legendary with an incredible effect for singleton decks.


Update: this article contains the 29 cards revealed on stream - for the rest of the expansion, including the 19 cards revealed after the livestream, check out our Saviors of Uldum Expansion Hub

That's all, folks - the final card reveal stream for Saviors of Uldum has wrapped up, with 29 new cards revealed in total! The remaining 19 have been added to the official card library, which means all 135 cards of the new expansion have been unveiled. Let the theory-crafting begin.

The standout card is Zephrys the Great, a new Neutral Legendary for singleton decks with an effect unlike anything we've ever seen in Hearthstone.

Zephrys the Great

The "perfect card" is exactly what it sounds like. When you play Zephrys, it will check out how the game is going for you and offer you three cards from the Basic and Classic sets to choose from depending on your situation. Based on what we saw on the reveal stream, it's pretty smart when it comes to figuring out what you might need.

We also saw the last of the Quests left to be revealed, this time for Hunter: Unseal the Vault! Swarm the board with minions, and you'll get Ramkahen Roar, a Savage Roar on demand.

Unseal the Vault33be06779528c4c31374a9f81a3b9275624221a8


There are plenty more surprising and eyebrow-raising cards in amongst those revealed today, so check them all out below. 

That's it for reveal season! Saviors of Uldum comes out on August 6th. Be sure to check in during the next week and beyond as we'll be posting plenty of decks and guides to help you get started with the new set. Check out our main expansion hub for everything we know so far - it will be updated with the full set shortly.

1 - gR52NQ6.png2 - TSF9AZW.png3 - 6yd2FGP.png4 - zCoWox5.png5 - Hq1RuYw.png6 - trqP7tu.png7 - H8mwyd7.png8 - ItbP3tQ.png9 - oSzibsR.png10 - BlF7i1k.png11 - DNXKBLV.png12 - hRVSMr6.png13 - fTQa8aq.png14 - 5djnGth.png15 - z5WCrVh.png16 - u05xZf9.png17 - X512uwY.png18 - 1t7q2jc.png19 - RC11i31.png20 - HJwyqLp.png21 - geSSUqL.png22 - ujMAn3W.png23 - jcFrFYF.png24 - yneDk9a.png25 - 9iUlgZV.png26 - QSkQFRM.png27 - AQscEon.png

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Interesting.    Feels like Hunter quest is "Win More" territory, if you've played 20 minions (even spawner ones), you're probably already winning/losing the game.     Possible it'll swing the match but it's a heavy "maybe" and takes a card and turn 1 cast out of your deck.

Most underrated card: Golden Scarab.    This is my pick for "it'll be Everywhere (but especially hunter)."    3 mana for a 2/2 beast isn't great, but discovering a (next turn) 4 cost card is very good; keep in mind how much the secret discovery 2/2 was used by mage decks, this one isn't constrained to secrets and it comes cheaper and on curve.

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Right, let's see:

Zephrys, we'll have to see how it turns out with the myriad possibilities Hearthstone offers, this will entirely depend on how well-coded the discovery algorithm behind him is. 11/10 concept though, really original card.

Hunter quest has an insane effect, but it'll reasonably only be completed around turn 7 while sacrificing turn one, which might really not be such a good idea against another aggro deck... We'll see. Solid, if very one-dimensional card

Mischief Maker... Nah. Zoo can certainly give away a card but wants to kill you before any combo hits and other decks would run the risk of giving away a way too valuable card in an attempt to disrupt combos... Good idea, but won't see any serious play.

Sandstorm Elemental is basically a Maelstrom Portal that ensures a 2/2 body, but with 1 overload (and unable to take advantage of a spell damage totem). Not bad as early anti-aggro card.

Mogu Fleshshaper, myeah... You'd need 4 minions on the board for it to be worth it. Will depend on the meta, I guess. Fouls up the evolve pool, which is its own bag of snakes.

Vessina... Holy *filtered* this is a premium card, that easily complements or replace Bloodlust in board-centric Shaman games.

Clever Disguise, hello Quest enabler! Come to momma!

Desert Hare... Nope, Microtech Controller is just better, especially in this mech meta.

Swarm of Locusts... Difficult to evaluate. On one hand, you need an empty board to get the full value out of it (not a good place for Hunter), on the other it synergizes with completing/exploiting the reward of the quest or a hyena really well.

Octosari... Pretty terrible card, the only place it could be expoitable is as some weird finisher in an all-out dump everything on the board ASAP aggro deck in a damned-if-you-kill-it-damned-if-you-don't way, but otherwise... It will occasionally (graphical description of sexual violence) Big Mage over on a bad Conjurer's Calling, which I actually look forward to see.

Subdue, or single-target Shrink Ray for 2. Pretty decent, will mostly depend on whether there are decks relying on few huge threats running around.  

Ancestral Guardian. Not bad, decent Arena card, probably too weak for constructed.

Golden Scarab, or Jeweled Scarab strikes back. Meh...

Dune Sculptor is a very powerful card, which will complement Cyclone Mage nicely.

Crystal Merchant... It rewards you for completing your quest, but is a liability in the late-game as it'll rush you to fatigue... Dunno.

Oasis Surger is decent on its own, and just insane with the druid quest.

Ancient Mysteries is pretty much an auto-include in an mage deck with secrets.

Worthy Expedition is a Quest support card. If Quest Druid takes off, it'll be in there for sure.

Candletaker... Pack filler.

Bug Collector... Pack filler.

Neferset Trasher, hello beauty! Zoo welcomes you with open arms!

Serpent Egg might see some play in zoo. It's not bad, but nothing to write home about either.

Temple Berzerker seems decent, it starts slowly as a 1/2, but comes back as a 3/1. Not bad for 2 mana.

Sandhoof Waterbearer, pretty solid card.

Beaming Sidekick... Meh...

Injured Tol'vir, good arena card, might even see play in priest in some form. 

Sinister Deal, meh... If Tekahn sees play, sure, but otherwise not worth the spot in your deck.

Holy Ripple, pretty good anti-aggro in the early game. Solid card, will include.

Penance, see Holy Ripple.


PS: you guys are still missing a bunch of cards, by the way.



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11 hours ago, Lemon1 said:

Ramkahen Roar, a Savage Roar on demand.

It's not just a Savage Roar on demand. It's a repeatable, cheaper and permanent Savage Roar. Remains to be seen if we can build a deck to activate it fast enough. 20 is a lot of minions to summon. The good thing is that the same cards which allow you to complete the quest will take benefit of the new hero power.

10 hours ago, Migol said:

keep in mind how much the secret discovery 2/2 was used by mage decks, this one isn't constrained to secrets and it comes cheaper and on curve.

Well, Arcane Keysmith does not only discover the secret, it also places it directly on the battlefield, so it was understandably more expensive.

Personally I'm impressed by Sandstorm Elemental (nice way to deal with Token Druid and Murloc Shaman, and even Zoo Warlock and Mech Hunter in certain circumstances), Worthy Expedition and Injured Tol'vir (will fit nicely in Heal Priest). Vessina (amazing in Overload Shaman, as seen live yesterday), Clever Disguise (as a quest activator), Oasis Surger (awesome when quest is completed) also look powerful and will definitely see play. Holy Ripple may be played for the Priest quest too. Candletaker (can't wait to hear her!) and Temple Berserker look good as value-for-the-mana cards, especially the later as reborn minions are hurt so it will be reborn as 3/1 directly.

Crystal Merchant is a better Nat Pagle, not sure if it will be good enough to see play though. Ancient Mysteries will be good in Mana Cyclone decks, but I'm not sure about Secret Mage, in the end the discount is only 1 mana and you don't know what you'll get. Sinister Deal looks decent, as we often wish for a specific lackey, on the other hand it doubles the costs of said lackey, so I'm not sure.

I'm utterly confused by Mischief Maker, clearly it's intended as a combo breaker but it will be a dead card in 99% of the games and a dead card until the last turn in the remaining 1% - I can't see who would play it. I'm also skeptical about Octosari, an 8-mana minion with no immediate effect on the board, and 8 cards is a lot and you are pretty likely to overdraw. Would combo nicely with Curio Collector though (and Shadowfiend in Wild). But really I hope this won't be the first legendary card I open. I'd prefer Zephrys, no kidding.

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41 minutes ago, Keizoku said:

PS: you guys are still missing a bunch of cards, by the way.

These are the cards which have been exhibited in the live stream yesterday. The cards which went straight to the library are not listed. You can find them on Blizzard's site on the top of this page. Maybe Lemon will make an article for them later, or maybe not, I guess it depends whether he has something to say about any of these cards.


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Not very spectacular looking, but that Beaming Sidekick seems very strong. 1 mana for 1/4 stats, it will see a lot of play in aggro imo.

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So, Zephyrs, great idea, original design, great addition for wild highlander decks, all too well.

How good it is in standard though? Lets see, there will probably be no singleton decks in this meta as none of the classes really support it. Singleton legendaries are underwhelming for a rough requirement and there are no other strong cards really.  Zephyr looks strong on paper, but in decks, it won't be as shiny. 

Assume that you just have it in your deck, and you play it at the very end, like Archivist Elysiana or Chef Nomi. It won't be any different than these two cards in power level, and they not meta defining or anything like that.

All in all, my rating for this card, for standard is 6.5-7.0/10.0

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