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Best Addons for WoW Classic

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In this article, we're looking at the best addons currently available for WoW Classic.


Please note that we're not forcing anyone to use addons in WoW Classic. This is just my list of addons that I will be using when Classic goes live. If you're aiming for the authentic Vanilla experience without addons, this article might not be your cup of coffee.


If you're looking for a lightweight and minimalistic UI, you can't get wrong with TukUI Classic. It's easily configurable, and you can find more details about the addon in our TukUI Addon Spotlight.



Questie is a quest helper, and the addon helps you keep track of quest objectives and available quests on the map. Click here to download Questie or avoid it for an authentic experience.


Azeroth Auto Pilot Classic

The addon is intended for speed leveling to get you to 60 as soon as possible. As opposed to Questie, Azeroth Auto Pilot Classic will give you predefined quest paths based on your level, class, and other variables. Click here to download Azeroth Auto Pilot.


BigWigs Classic

The boss encounter addon is here to help you with Classic raids. The addon is designed to trigger alert messages, timers, and sounds for specific encounters. Not that DBM is terrible or anything, but I prefer BigWigs.

AtlasLoot Classic

Encounter Journal didn't exist back. Fortunately, we have AtlasLoot Classic to help offset that. The addon displays loot tables based on raids, dungeons, and more. Download it here.


Damage Meters

We all want to know how we performed, right? Skada, Details!, or Recount. The choice is up to you.



The addon is a framework that allows the display of customizable graphics on WoW's UI to indicate buffs, debuffs, and other useful data. You can download it over on WoWInterface.

TradeSkillMaster 4

The addon is a must for every goblin. It comes with powerful tools that help you earn gold and speed up everything related to buying/selling items on the Auction House. TradeSkillMaster 4 should work with Classic according to their blog post.



The addon is supposed to bring item selling to a whole new level. It should transform you into a merchant and let others buy items from you. We previewed IamAMerchant here. The retail version is available on WoWInterface.



The game does not give you the coordinates by default, so if you're not using quest helpers and are looking things up manually, MapCoords will display them on the map.


Addon Guides for World of Warcraft Classic

You can find more details about recommended addons and macros for each class in our WoW Classic Class guides.

BIML5YS7P8XA1465340163522.png Druid 3AP8QPDFMH191465340163595.png Hunter KONFY3G21NRT1465340163602.png Mage

Druid Addons Guide

Hunter Addons Guide

Mage Addons Guide

4K4NG17DH5OC1465340163651.png Rogue FTPZBBV8LWHM1465340163625.png Paladin MMF2M70OD4PY1465340163646.png Priest

Rogue Addons Guide

Paladin Addons Guide

Priest Addons Guide

TGVJ0Y6O051R1465340163670.png Shaman Y65BR5SJIAKM1465340163689.png Warlock Q21ASBT2SDXX1465340163697.png Warrior

Shaman Addons Guide

Warlock Addons Guide

Warrior Addons Guide

How to Install Addons

  1. Extract the downloaded archive (.zip, .rar).
  2. Place the files into your World of Warcraft/_classic_/Interface/Addons folder.
  3. Log in to the game, click the Addons tab located in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  4. Make sure all addons are enabled. Otherwise, they won't function at all.

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What do you mean Galiant? Warrior / Mage / Shaman all have:


3.10. Threat Meter

A threat meter is indispensable in WoW Classic, as you should always aim to deal as much DPS as possible without ever pulling threat from the tanks. So far, ClassicThreatMeter appears to be the only working version in WoW Classic, but we will update this as more options appear.

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