Classic Guide to Shamans' Best Addons and Macros

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General Information

Welcome to our Addons & Macros guide for Shamans where you will find out what the best addons and macros are for your Shaman in WoW Classic.

1. Foreword

The objective of our macros section will be to teach you some of the most common ways to build useful macros, such that you can copy-paste the code and just change the skills written, in order to expand the functionality to whichever skill you wish. Thus, we will avoid posting multiple versions of the same type of macro.

2. Macros for Shamans

2.1. StartAttack Macro

  • #showtooltip Stormstrike
  • /cast Stormstrike
  • /startattack

Using attack skills such as Stormstrike Icon Stormstrike does not start your auto attacks in WoW Classic, and as such, you should aim to use a macro such as the one above to easily engage enemies. If you want to use it with other skills, just copy the code and replace Stormstrike with the skill you wish to attack with.

2.2. StopCasting Macro

  • #showtooltip Earth Shock
  • /stopcasting
  • /cast Earth Shock

Sometimes, you really want to get a spell out as soon as possible, such as when using Earth Shock Icon Earth Shock on an enemy caster. For these cases, it is very useful to have a /stopcasting macro, ensuring that your current cast does not interfere with the timing of your interrupt. Use it liberally with other types of crowd control, such as Iron Grenade Icon Iron Grenade.

2.3. Mouseover Macros

  • #showtooltip Chain Heal
  • /cast [@mouseover] Chain Heal

While this type of macro can be used with crowd control or damage spells as well, it is especially useful while healing, as it allows you to instantly heal someone in your raid frames without needing to select them first. That will improve your reaction times, which are critical for healers, and allow you to keep an enemy target selected, to track their casts in case a quick interrupt is required.

2.4. Button Reduction Macros

2.4.1. One Button Buffing

  • #showtooltip
  • /castsequence reset=2 Lightning Shield, Windfury Weapon

This macro will allow you to quickly buff yourself, saving one button in the process. Since you will have to refresh Lightning Shield Icon Lightning Shield much more often than Windfury Weapon Icon Windfury Weapon, the reset=2 condition allows you to do so efficiently, only doing the second quick press for Windfury Weapon when it has expired.

2.4.2. One Button Healing or DPSing

  • #showtooltip
  • /cast [@mouseover, help, nodead] Lesser Healing Wave;
  • [harm, nodead] Lightning Bolt

This macro allows you to heal a friendly, alive mouseover target, or alternatively damage an enemy target with Lightning Bolt Icon Lightning Bolt, saving you a button in the process.

2.5. Weapon Swap Macro

  • /startattack
  • /equip Tomahawk
  • /equip Worn Large Shield
  • /equip Large Axe

This macro allows you to swap between a defensive one-hand plus shield combination and an offensive two-hander weapon on each keypress. This is very useful to save time when swapping between styles in PvP.

2.6. "One Shot" Macro

  • #showtooltip Elemental Mastery
  • /use 13
  • /use 10
  • /cast Berserking
  • /cast Elemental Mastery
  • /castsequence reset=4 Chain Lightning, Earth Shock

The logic behind this macro is using every single cooldown available to us at the same time, followed by casting two of our most damaging spells, the latter of which is also instant and thus guaranteeing a massive burst of damage.

3. Shaman Addons

Having a functional and readable interface is an extremely important aspect of the game that many overlook. What defines a good interface is subjective, but at the very least, it should present all important information in a clear manner. What that important information exactly is depends on your role and the kind of content you are doing, but over time, you will figure out what information you need and do not need to display.

Please note that much of the addon functionality for WoW Classic is still being developed, so expect this section to be updated as the launch date approaches.

Most solid interfaces have the following:

  • Centered action bars or WeakAuras — whether it is just a couple of WeakAuras tracking important procs, or all of your action bars, moving rotational information close to the center of your screen can be extremely beneficial.
  • Centered unit frames — the player frame and target frame.
  • A boss mod, such as Deadly Boss Mods.
  • While this pertains to some roles more than others, tracking the availability of things like other players' interrupts, external cooldowns, etc. can also be important.

As we said before, a good interface is subjective. If you are the kind of player that only does open-world content, then a more minimal interface may be better for you. Spending the time to create an interface that works for you is more than worth it. The above are simply suggestions. That being said, if you are not sure where to start, centering important information around your character and making sure that your various addons and interface elements do not overlap is a good guideline to follow.

The following addons are recommended for building a solid interface on a Shaman character.

3.1. TukUI

TukUI is a complete replacement of the default interface. It is highly customizable and provides many useful features that the default interface does not. If you are looking to get up and running quickly, and do not want to mess around trying to build your interface out of many different addons, TukUI is highly recommended.

3.2. Weapon Swing Timer

Weapon Swing Timer is a customizable swing timer bar, which lets you know exactly when you need to be in melee range for your next swing. It also tracks enemy swings.

3.3. MapCoords Classic

MapCoords Classic places coordinates on your world map and minimap, which allow you to communicate, and understand, exact locations on WoW Classic easily.

3.4. Questie Classic

Questie Classic marks quests and quest objectives for the quests you are currently doing on your world map and minimap. While this is an addon that will improve your efficiency a lot, it might be wise to skip it if you want to read through all the quests and have a more involved WoW Classic leveling experience.

3.5. Twitch Emotes

Twitch Emotes is all about having some modern day fun with many of the emotes we are used to from This is not for everyone, but if memes are part of your experience, this is a good addon for you.

3.6. Azeroth Auto Pilot - Classic

Azeroth Auto Pilot - Classic also deals with questing, but instead of showing you quests adequate for you level like Questie, it will specifically direct you in a predefined quest path, depending on your level, zone, race, and class.

3.7. Boss Mods: Deadly Boss Mods

Boss mods are addons that warn you about boss abilities and give you live advice on how to handle some mechanics. Deadly Boss Mods has already released a WoW Classic version, so make sure to help on its testing!

Optionally, DBM Voicepack VEM can be used alongside DBM to audibly warn you of upcoming mechanics.

3.8. WeakAuras

There is a Weak Auras version under development for WoW Classic. While it is still uncertain what functionalities it will have, we will keep track of the project and update as required.

3.9. Damage Meter (Details or Recount)

You can get the latest version of Details here, complete with all of its modern functionalities, or a working version of Recount here, back in all of its old school glory for WoW Classic.

3.10. Threat Meter

A threat meter is indispensable in WoW Classic, as you should always aim to deal as much DPS as possible without ever pulling threat from the tanks. So far, ClassicThreatMeter appears to be the only working version in WoW Classic, but we will update this as more options appear.

3.11. Vendor Price

This addon allows you to see the vendor sale price of items in your inventory while out in the world. Pressing left ctrl while your inventory is open will also flash the cheapest grey item on your bags, allowing you to delete it to create extra space, at the minimum cost to your gold making efforts possible.

3.12. Atlas Loot Classic

By installing Atlas Loot Classic, you become able to browse loot from various sources (PvP, Raids, Dungeons, Crafting, etc.) inside the game, without the need to visit third party websites.

3.13. Advanced Interface Options Classic

This addon allows you to change a lot of UI options that are normally hidden, such as Floating Combat Text customization options, mouse wheel chat scrolling, the displaying of Lua errors, among other options.

3.14. Classic Aura Durations

By installing Classic Aura Durations, the buffs/debuffs on your UI gain a duration indicator. This includes raid frame debuffs, which are very handy when raid-wide decursing is needed.

4. Changelog

  • 12 Aug. 2019: Added Details, Twitch Emotes, ClassicThreatMeter, and changed some of the GitHub addon links to Curseforge for easier access.
  • 04 Aug. 2019: Added a macro template for dealing damage and healing in a single button.
  • 02 Aug. 2019: Page added.
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