Arataki Itto Guide and Best Builds

Arataki Itto Guide and Best Builds for Genshin Impact

Arataki Itto is a 5-star Geo user in Genshin Impact, focused on brawling with his claymore and his Geo abilities. Arataki Itto is a very straight forward character with an ability to build up a stacking buff through his Normal Attacks and Royal Descent: Behold, Itto the Evil! that amplifies his attacks with Geo imbued power.

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A Rating
Geo Element
Claymore Weapon
Max Mittleman EN Voice Actor
Nishikawa Takanori JP Voice Actor

Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Super easy to play.
  • +Fantastic Brawler.
  • +Strong Charged Attack.
  • +Great Interruption Resistance.
X Weaknesses
  • -Tends to stick with Geo Teams.
  • -Requires Gorou on almost every team.

Arataki Itto DPS Build

Arataki Itto fits the role of a DPS perfectly, with his toolkit designed to amplify his Normal Attacks building up stacks of super-strength that only he can unleash with a Charged Attack. This means his abilities only make him better no one else.

BiS Weapon Redhorn Stonethresher
Alternate Weapons
  1. Serpent Spine
  2. Whiteblind
Best Artifacts
  • 4-piece Options
    1. Husk of Opulent Dreams
    2. Retracing Bolide
  • 2-piece Option
    • Husk of Opulent Dreams — DEF +30%
    • Defender's Will — DEF +30%
Main Stats
  • Sand Stats: DEF %
  • Goblet Stats: Geo DMG
  • Circlet Stats: CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG
Substat Priority
  1. CRIT Rate / DMG
  2. DEF %
  3. DEF
  4. Energy Recharge
Talent Priority
  1. Normal Attack
  2. Elemental Burst
  3. Elemental Skill

Arataki Itto's best weapon is simply Redhorn Stonethresher, his signature weapon. The weapon's innate stat bonus of CRIT DMG is quite powerful, and the weapon skill is perfectly built for Itto. The increased percentage to your DEF stat, the additive increase to our Normal and Charged Attacks from part of our DEF stats makes it perfect for Itto. The next best weapon to get is the 4-star Serpent Spine which you can refine to rank 5 by crafting. Almost on par with the Serpent Spine is the 4-star Whiteblind, again this weapon is crafted so you can rank it up to 5 even as a F2P player and its skill effect of ATK and DEF boosts for each stack you build up is perfect for Itto.

As for Artifacts there really is only one set for Itto, Husk of Opulent Dreams. This set adds to Itto's DEF stats which help to boost his ATK, it also grants the Curiosity effect. This stacking buff boosts his DEF and Geo DMG by 6% per stack. These stacks will build up both on-field and off-field. As for an alternative, you could use Retracing Bolide for the increase to Normal and Charge Attacks when shielded, however it inferior to Husk of Opulent Dreams in almost every way. Lastly, you could do a 2-piece combination of Husk of Opulent Dreams and the 4-star Defender's Will for the huge boost to DEF, but again it is still inferior despite the stat increases.


Combos and How to Play Arataki Itto

The majority of Itto's damage comes from his Elemental Burst, Royal Descent: Behold, Itto the Evil!. This skill allows him to convert his Normal Attack: Fight Club Legend to Geo and then jacks up his power by gaining his Superlative Superstrength on Normal Attacks that he makes. He can then unleash each stack for amped up damage by using his Charged Attacks. Bear in mind that Itto is solo on the battlefield, with next to no character swapping, so a typical rotation will look like this.

  1. Elemental Burst
  2. Normal Attack
  3. Element Skill
  4. Normal Attacks x 3
  5. Charged Attacks x 4
  6. Finisher

That is Itto's basic rotation, now you can continue to use Charged Attacks and use up all of his Superstacks, which will unleash a finisher move. Then you can bring in off-field characters or simply repeat the same move set. Now, to make this rotation effective as possible you are going to need your Energy Recharge at 140% as a minimum. On a final note, the list above is only a suggested rotation to play with Itto, there are many other ways to build Superstacks and unleash them. As you play him more, you may find a combo you personally prefer as there are many. As long as you get that final finisher move from your Superstack, you are doing it right.


Arataki Itto's Best Team Comps

Arataki Itto does not get the advantage of a huge teammate selection pool. He is almost always paired with Geo characters, particularly Gorou for his DEF buff. In the teams below we have provided some off meta options that work well and will give a more versatile team than a pure Geo build. As a reminder Itto is a Hypercarry and does not need any Sub DPS or on-field supports, so we focus on amplifying his capabilities more than what teammates can do to enemies.


Arataki Itto Shatter Team

Main DPS Support Hydro Spreader Cryo Spreader
Arataki Itto Gorou Mona Diona

While the Freeze component in this Shatter team is quite slow, it does happen. Mona and Diona also each have abilities that can amplify Itto's fighting, Mona with her Elemental Burst buff and Diona's shields to stop any interrupts from hitting Itto. Gorou is fairly constant here by adding a Geo Resonance buff and his Elemental Skill grants banners based on the number of Geo users in your party. Lastly, his Elemental Burst creates a field to fight in which is also based on the number of Geo users in your party. The setup is as simple as Diano's shields, Mona's Elemental Burst, both of Gorou's abilities and then Itto can take the stage for damage until all of the buffs run out. The freeze in this build will come when you add in Diona's Elemental Burst, which also heals, and Mona's Elemental Skill to summon a Hydro phantom. Also, remember that Claymores Shatter frozen targets in Genshin, so have fun crushing the enemy.


Arataki Itto Triple Geo Team

Main DPS Support Buffer Shielder
Arataki Itto Gorou Zhongli

This is a common meta build for Itto, a Triple Geo team to not help with Geo Resonance and Gorou's elemental abilities. Having Zhongli's shields also means we can ignore the majority of the enemies' damage. This build follows the same pattern of characters putting buffs onto Itto and then letting Itto do all the work. This combination does require some more field time to stack up your buffs, but each of Gorou's abilities and either Kujou Sara's Tengu Stormcall or Yun Jin's Cliffbreaker's Banner will drive Itto's Normal Attack damage through the roof.


Itto's Ascensions, Talents, and Constellations

Itto's Ascensions Itto's Talents Itto's Constellations

Itto's Ascension Passives and Materials

Unlock Ascension Passive Explanation
With Character Woodchuck Chucked When a party member uses attacks to obtain wood from a tree, they have a 25% chance to get an additional log of wood.
1st Ascension Arataki Ichiban

When Arataki Itto uses consecutive attacks, he obtains the following effects:

  • Each slash increases the ATK SPD of the next slash by 10%. Max ATK SPD increase is 30%.
  • Increases his resistance to interruption.

These effects will be cleared once he stops performing consecutive slashes.

4th Ascension Bloodline of the Crimson Oni Normal Attack: Fight Club Legend DMG is increased by 35% of Arataki Itto's DEF.

Itto requires a range of materials to ascend to the 6th ascension. Starting from the second ascension she gains additional Elemental Mastery as he gains levels, giving a total of 96 Elemental Mastery at the final ascension. The total cost to upgrade all ascensions is:

Source Quantity
Mora 420,000 Mora
Boss Material 46x Riftborn Regalia
Ascension Material
Local Specialty 168x Onikabuto
Enhancement Material
  • 18x Slime Condensate
  • 30x Slime Secretions
  • 36x Slime Concentrate

Itto's Talents

Listed below is each talent and a brief explanation of how they work.

Type Talent Name Brief Explanation
Normal Normal Attack: Fight Club Legend Standard Normal Attack dealing 4 consecutive strikes. When your 2nd and 4th strike hit an opponent you gain Superlative Superstrength stacks. Charged Attack unleashes a series of slashes that consume stack of Superlative Superstrength. Plunging Attacks strike the ground below with an AoE Damage circle.
Elemental Skill Masatsu Zetsugi: Akaushi Burst! Pressing the skill hurls two summons at your opponents, dealing Geo DMG. Ushi will remain on the field granting Itto Superlative Superstrength.
Elemental Burst Royal Descent: Behold, Itto the Evil! This skill converts Itto's Normal, Charged and Plunging attacks into Geo Damage. It also increases his Normal Attack SPD and boost his ATK based on his DEF. The downside is this skill decreases Itto's Elemental and Physical RES.

To upgrade a single talent to level 10, it costs:

Source Quantity
Mora 1,625,500 Mora
Special Material 1x Crown of Insight
Boss Material 6x Ashen Heart
Domain Material
  • 3x Teachings of Elegance
  • 21x Guide to Elegance
  • 38x Philosophies of Elegance
Enhancement Material
  • 6x Slime Condensate
  • 22x Slime Secretions
  • 31x Slime Concentrate

Itto's Constellations

Almost all of Itto's constellations are useful, but players are usually after his Jailhouse Bread and Butter (C4) and Arataki Itto, Present! (C6) for the big boost to his personal damage. However, Itto functions fine at C0 but investment into C6 is a very noticeable difference.

# Name Explanation
C1 Stay a While and Listen Up After using Royal Descent: Behold, Itto the Evil!, Arataki Itto gains 2 stacks of Superlative Superstrength. After 1s, Itto will gain 1 stack of Superlative Superstrength every 0.5s for 1.5s.
C2 Gather 'Round, It's a Brawl! After using Royal Descent: Behold, Itto the Evil!, each party member whose Element is Geo will decrease that skill's CD by 1.5s and restore 6 Energy to Arataki Itto. CD can be decreased by up to 4.5s in this manner. Max 18 Energy can be restored in this manner.
C3 Horns Lowered, Coming Through
  • Increases the Level of Masatsu Zetsugi: Akaushi Burst! by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C4 Jailhouse Bread and Butter When the Raging Oni King state caused by Royal Descent: Behold, Itto the Evil! ends, all nearby party members gain 20% DEF and 20% ATK for 10s.
C5 10 Years of Hanamizaka Fame
  • Increases the Level of Royal Descent: Behold, Itto the Evil! by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C6 Arataki Itto, Present! Arataki Itto's Charged Attacks deal +70% CRIT DMG. Additionally, when he uses Arataki Kesagiri, he has a 50% chance to not consume stacks of Superlative Superstrength.


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