Time to Hunt Gunslinger Guide for Lost Ark

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The Time to Hunt Gunslinger build provides high DPS and mobility.


Time to Hunt Gunslinger Overview

The build is centered around the Specialization stat, with a secondary Crit stat, and is, in theory, the higher DPS build for Gunslinger.

Something to consider when choosing this build over the more popular Peacemaker Icon Peacemaker Crit/Swiftness build is that you will not feel as nimble with a Time to Hunt Icon Time to Hunt based on Specialization, so learning new boss fights can prove to be easier using the Peacemaker build instead of Time to Hunt.


Gunslinger Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +High DPS
  • +High mobility
  • +Decent weak point destruction
  • +Simplified stance switching
X Weaknesses
  • -Low Stagger
  • -Long skill animation
  • -Squishy

Time to Hunt Gunslinger Skill Rotation

Opening rotation:

  1. Spiral Tracker Icon Spiral Tracker with Peacemaker Icon Peacemaker buff
  2. Peacekeeper Icon Peacekeeper
  3. Switch stance
  4. Target Down Icon Target Down
  5. Focused Shot Icon Focused Shot

The main idea behind the opening is to proc Conviction Icon Conviction and Judgment Icon Judgment, then cast your main rifle skills for reduced cooldown while having the Peacemaker Icon Peacemaker buff and the Weakness Exposure Icon Weakness Exposure debuff. Once you get four pieces of the Nightmare set, it is preferred to start with Quick Step Icon Quick Step followed by Equilibrium Icon Equilibrium and the Awakening skill. Once that is done, you can continue with the rest of the skills. Once the initial set up of your opener is complete, it all depends on the boss fight, with the rule being that you cast your main DPS skills off cooldown.

Gunslinger's main DPS skills are:

The rifle skills should be used while the Peacemaker Icon Peacemaker buff is present, which is gained after switching stances.

As the fight goes on, your main priority will be to proc the Conviction Icon Conviction off Spiral Tracker Icon Spiral Tracker, which then needs to be followed by Peacekeeper Icon Peacekeeper for the Judgment Icon Judgment buff.

Your second objective is to always keep up the Gunslinger's buff, Weakness Exposure, on the boss through the usage of Dexterous Shot Icon Dexterous Shot, Spiral Tracker Icon Spiral Tracker, and Equilibrium Icon Equilibrium.

AT02 Grenade Icon AT02 Grenade is used to maintain a permanent bleed debuff on the target by combining it with a Bleed Icon Bleed. Otherwise, pair this skill with a Quick Recharge Icon Quick Recharge Rune and cast it to reduce cooldowns alongside with Dexterous Shot Icon Dexterous Shot.

Quick Step Icon Quick Step, Peacekeeper Icon Peacekeeper, and Dexterous Shot Icon Dexterous Shot skills are your main positioning or escape skills, depending on how you want to use them.

Spiral Tracker Icon Spiral Tracker can be used in the same manner, but it requires you to know the upcoming mechanic.


Time to Hunt Gunslinger Skill Tripods

If you wish to spend some gold and buy your Tripods from the auction house, I would prioritize getting the ones for Target Down Icon Target Down and Focused Shot Icon Focused Shot first, followed by the Perfect Shot Icon Perfect Shot, Catastrophe Icon Catastrophe, Bullet Rain Icon Bullet Rain, and Meteor Stream Icon Meteor Stream Tripods.


Time to Hunt Gunslinger Stat Priority

The build requires you to reach ~80% crit rate through stats, Engravings, or card sets.

There are two variations:

  1. 900 Crit and 1200 Specialization, which can remove the Adrenaline Icon Adrenaline Engraving.
  2. 500 Crit and 1600 Specialization, which requires the Adrenaline Icon Adrenaline Engraving.

Time to Hunt Gunslinger Gearing Options

The two main sets that you can use are the Nightmare set or the Salvation set. They provide the best set bonuses for this build.

Salvation might be slightly better under perfect conditions, but the Nightmare set is not far behind. Feel free to choose whichever one fits your playstyle best.


Time to Hunt Gunslinger Engravings

Crit/Specialization with 500/1600 distribution:

  • Grudge Icon Grudge provides the most DPS increase and scales well with all other Engravings and item level.
  • Time to Hunt Icon Time to Hunt is the signature Engraving for the build that provides 40% crit chance.
  • Keen Blunt Weapon Icon Keen Blunt Weapon is currently better if you are using the Relic sets.

The remaining two Engravings are up to the player to choose, but I find Peacemaker Icon Peacemaker to be as good as Grudge Icon Grudge since it increases Gunslinger DPS but does not require much in terms of execution.

Crit/Specialization with 900/1200 distribution:

If you are planning to run a partial sixth Engraving, which is not impossible, then I would suggest getting Hit Master Icon Hit Master or Increases Mass Icon Increases Mass and using Peacemaker Icon Peacemaker as a level 1 Engraving, since you get more benefits from it on level 1 than any of the basic Engraving.

If you cannot afford some of the above Engravings, then Hit Master Icon Hit Master or Increases Mass Icon Increases Mass are decent alternatives to all of them except Time to Hunt Icon Time to Hunt or Grudge Icon Grudge.

Crit/Specialization with 500/1600 distribution:

For the sixth Engraving, I would advise getting Hit Master Icon Hit Master, Cursed Doll Icon Cursed Doll, or Increases Mass Icon Increases Mass.


Time to Hunt Gunslinger Runes

The main idea behind the Runes we chose is they decrease cooldowns for your main attack skills while adding additional damage from having a Bleed Icon Bleed.

There are some variations of this where you can include several Quick Recharge Icon Quick Recharge Runes instead of Overwhelm Icon Overwhelm or Bleed Icon Bleed. Galewind Icon Galewind increases the speed, thus decreasing the animation lock times, which is an issue with Gunslinger in general. Alternative to Galewind Icon Galewind is Rage Icon Rage.


Time to Hunt Gunslinger Gems

Cooldown reduction gems for:

Damage increase gems for:

The last gem can be either damage increase or cooldown reduction for Catastrophe Icon Catastrophe. I would advise to get cooldown reduction if you are running an Overwhelm Icon Overwhelm Rune on it, otherwise the better choice is a damage increase gem.


Time to Hunt Gunslinger Card Sets

The Lostwind Cliff Icon Lostwind Cliff set with 12 awakenings should be replaced by Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation, starting from 12 awakenings for bosses who are weak to holy, or from 18 awakenings or above on all bosses.


Time to Hunt Gunslinger Tips

Your dash can always cancel any of the animations to escape animation lock. It is better to not get hit then to loose a bit of DPS.



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