Time to Hunt Gunslinger Guide for Lost Ark

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Gunslinger blazes through enemies with three types of weapons; the Pistol, Shotgun, and Sniper. Gunslinger offers a unique playstyle with weapon-swapping and multi-range capability, as well as one of the highest APM rotations in the game. Gunslinger comes with two different playstyles, Peacemaker and Time to Hunt.


Time To Hunt: Skill Builds and Rotation

If you're looking for further information on the Time to Hunt Icon Time to Hunt build for Gunslinger, the following links will provide that for you.


Time To Hunt Gunslinger Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Easy to pick up playstyle
  • +Big numbers on Spec build, high APM flow with Swiftness build
  • +Doesn't require a lot of skill points
X Weaknesses
  • -Downtime is the bane of your existence on both builds
  • -Not as common as Peacemaker and does less damage
  • -Doesn't scale well until Relic gear

Chaos Dungeon Skill Build


Raid Skill Build

If you plan on using 6 damage gems (6M), reduce either Catastrophe Icon Catastrophe or Perfect Shot Icon Perfect Shot down to Lv.7 to direct skill points to utility skills.


Time to Hunt's Playstyle

Across Time to Hunt Icon Time to Hunt's two builds of Specialization and Swiftness, both at the core follow similar priority systems to deal as much damage as possible. Playing into Kill Confirmation tripods on Rifle and the additional damage from Peacemaker Icon Peacemaker is necessary to have massive DPS gains. Catastrophe Icon Catastrophe and Perfect Shot Icon Perfect Shot both have huge increases in damage once the target is under 50%, edging them over Pistol skills. Although more apparent when using the Spec build, Time to Hunt Icon Time to Hunt has long animations that can be canceled with your Spacebar, weapon swap, moving or releasing the key. Utilizing your movement skills to dodge and get around is key to not just avoid death but also being able to land skills.

Focused Shot Icon Focused Shot and Target Down Icon Target Down are our two highest DPS skills and should be prioritized first. Catastrophe Icon Catastrophe and Perfect Shot Icon Perfect Shot deal slightly more or around the same as Bullet Rain Icon Bullet Rain, though scale better when target's HP is below 50%. Meteor Stream Icon Meteor Stream is our 6th filler damage skill that is the lowest out of them all. Knowing the priority, your burst combos are different in practice due to the duration of the Peacemaker Icon Peacemaker's buff and your party Synergy from Weakness Exposure Icon Weakness Exposure. An example would be as follows:

Specialization Time to Hunt Rotation

Time to Hunt Priorities

For those using Swiftness build, you would want to use the Conviction Icon Conviction / Judgment Icon Judgment combo on Spiral Tracker Icon Spiral Tracker and Plasma Bullet Icon Plasma Bullet. You can take Heavy Duty Icon Heavy Duty to have two stacks for an easier time getting procs. Use the two skills together always and use High-Caliber HE Bullet Icon High-Caliber HE Bullet under Judgment for the reduced cooldown effect. In terms of stagger, you won't provide much with only Meteor Stream Icon Meteor Stream & Catastrophe Icon Catastrophe really providing a decent amount of stagger. Typically you'll use those two in succession, have a Whirlwind Grenade and High-Caliber HE Bullet Icon High-Caliber HE Bullet if you're struggling for stagger.



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