Evolutionary Legacy Machinist Guide for Lost Ark

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High-tech and style combine to make Machinist a force to be reckoned with. Equipped with a SMG and their drone, this class is also capable of going full-robot mode with the Hypersync ability. Machinist conquers its enemies with Joint, Drone, or Sync skills.


Evolutionary Legacy Machinist: Skill Builds and Rotation

If you're looking for further information on the Legacy of Evolution Icon Evolutionary Legacy build for Machinist, the following links will provide that for you.


Evolutionary Legacy Machinist Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Cost effective to build
  • +Easy to learn gameplay loop
  • +Consistent damage output
X Weaknesses
  • -Low effective hp / squishy outside of transformation
  • -Lower damage ceiling compared to most classes
  • -Suffers from long downtime periods where they cannot build Core Energy

Chaos Dungeon Skill Build


Raid Skill Build


Evolutionary's Playstyle

The majority of your damage is during your transformation and dealing damage with enhanced skills within that 20 second window. Once Hypersync ends naturally, 40% of the Core Energy is refunded. Machinist will want enough Specialization to ensure no more than three skills between Hypersync, accouting for the refunded Core Energy. It's very important to have maxed tripods on your gauge builders such as Command: Baby Drones Icon Command: Baby Drones, Command: Raid Missile Icon Command: Raid Missile and Command: Flare Beam Icon Command: Flare Beam. Having those along with Wealth Icon Wealths makes building meter much easier and increases the amount of time within Hypersync. With Bracelets on the way, you'll be able to have additional Specialization making things even easier. Having above 1500 Spec is enough to do three skills between every suit-up. You'll need closer to 1800 Spec if you want to do two skills.

Within Hypersync you do have a priority system in terms of what skills to use. Comet Strike Icon Comet Strike and your Spacebar enhance Slugshot Icon Slugshot, Laser Blade Icon Laser Blade and Echelon Beam Icon Echelon Beam. Due to the engraving's effect, each time to land a skill all other cooldowns are reduced by 0.5 seconds. Given this information we can make a rotation based off damage priority. An enhanced Echelon Beam Icon Echelon Beam, Crimson Breaker Icon Crimson Breaker and an enhanced Laser Blade Icon Laser Blade are your top three DPS skills. You won't really be using Slugshot Icon Slugshot in a combo since it's damage isn't that spectacular. Your spacebar has a seven second cooldown and Comet Strike Icon Comet Strike has a four second cooldown that can be reduced. Between enhanced skills you can opt to use filler skills, then prepare another enhanced skill with either Spacebar or Comet Strike Icon Comet Strike. An example that you can follow is:

Evolutionary Legacy Rotation

You can go further and get three Crimson Breaker Icon Crimson Breakers inside transform but it requires having a level 10 cooldown gem on your Sync skills. The rotation essentially changes depending on whether Crimson Breaker Icon Crimson Breaker or Echelon Beam Icon Echelon Beam are on cooldown. The issue of obtaining a level 10 gem aside, this is assuming you're hitting your skills all the time. Obviously, this won't always be the case and you'll end up adjusting the rotation anyway. For general use cases, the rotation above is more than useable and is a good starting point for those learning Machinist.



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