Omnium Star #2 Guide for Lost Ark

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This page is provides details on how to obtain Omnium Star #2, a rare collectible offering powerful rewards.


Where to Collect Omnium Star #2

Omnium Star #2 is going to take you some time - precisely 21 days worth of time. This Omnium Star is gained by doing two Una Task daily quests in the Tikatika Colony map.

Omnium Star Una Task

The first Una Task daily is called "Pond of Purification." The quest will have you kill 15 Mayhem Legion forces and 20 mad plants near the teleport in the middle of the map. This quest must be completed seven times to unlock the next quest, "Mayhem Piles on the Alter." For this one, you will need to kill 13 mad creatures near the Sun Alter in the South West part of the map. Doing this for 14 more days will complete the reputation requirement, rewarding you with not only an Omnium Star, but also a Vitality Increase Potion.



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