Omnium Star #7 Guide for Lost Ark

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This page is provides details on how to obtain Omnium Star #7, a rare collectible offering powerful rewards.


Where to Collect Omnium Star #7

Omnium Star #7 is a random drop which can be earned from completing Chaos Line in South Vern. Before gaining access to this activity, you will need to complete a few milestones:

  • Complete the World Quest for South Vern.
  • Once the South Vern region has been completed, you will gain access to the quest "Become a Member of the Knights" from Magick Scholar Jeneca, who can be found in North Vern.
  • Completing the previous quest will bring you to the entrance of the Chaos Line dungeon in Bellion Ruins, and you will also receive two Tokens of Protection, which is the daily currency required to enter the content.
Chaos Line Omnium Star

Each week you will be able to pick up the quest "I Must Protect" from Professor Farhat, right outside of the Chaos Line dungeon entrance. Kill the required mobs North of where the quest was taken and meet the requirements for turn in. You will only be able to gain the entrance tokens once a week per account, regardless of characters on your roster.

Chaos Line comes in two difficulties, which are dependent upon your character's item level. Normal mode is accessible at i1370, while Hard mode is only accessible beyond i1415. In regards to the Omnium Star, it can be obtained on either difficulty, so feel free to start doing this content as soon as you can.



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