Using Trade Skills and Tools in Lost Ark

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Gathering professions are called Trade Skills in Lost Ark, and in this guide you will learn how to use them to your advantage.


Trade Skills Overview

Trade Skills in Lost Ark are the equivalent of gathering professions in other games. There are six skills in total: Foraging, Logging, Mining, Hunting, Fishing, and Excavating.

Trade skills

Work energy is used as a resource to gather, and various Trade Skills consume a different amount of work energy every time you successfully gather.

Work energy

Work energy appears above your skill UI upon pressing the “Change HUD” keybind. By default, this is the B key, but it can be changed by altering your Settings under Hotkeys and Basic Controls. Maximum work energy is 10000, but you can increase it as your roster levels up.

Roster level

Work energy recovers by 30 every 10 minutes of real time, regardless if you are online or not. Crystalline Aura (the premium membership) adds 3 more points to the recovery speed, making it 33 every 10 minutes.

Every Trade Skill, except Foraging, has a few active skills which you can add to your gathering HUD as you see fit.


The materials you gather are placed in a special section of your Inventory as to not take up unnecessary space. You can find them by clicking on the Storage tab, then the Stronghold and Trading Skills tab.

Storage tab

All characters on your roster share the Trade Skills, their level, and all of your tools. This makes it so you can easily gather on any character you wish.

Each Trade Skill has 30 standard levels you can progress through by practicing that skill. These 30 levels unlock various perks at certain stages.

Trade skills stages

After level 30, you can still get experience points, but only your Mastery Skills become better.

Mastery skills

Trade Skills Gathering Tools

You need tools to be able to gather any resource, and each Trade Skill has its own tool.


Gathering tools are items which you can equip by right clicking from your inventory, or dragging and dropping them in the trade skill menu designated spot. You can obtain gathering tools from a variety of sources:

  • Trade skill tool merchants in any major town sell them in exchange of silver (only uncommon grade).
    Trade skills exchange Trade skill shop
  • Crafting them at any Processor NPC (only uncommon grade).
    Processor NPC Processor NPC trade
  • Crafting them at your Stronghold (all grades).
    Stronghold craft
  • Events, log in rewards, or various limited packs (suck as Starter packs or Founder packs).

Gathering tools come in various grades, from Uncommon to Artifact. The higher the grade, the more perks it has, and the higher values most of those perks can get. Uncommon tools have one extra perk, while Artifact tools have six extra perks.

Most perks can also have values, which can be different even on the same grade tool, as selection is RNG upon receiving the item in your bag. So you could get unlucky and craft an Epic (purple) tool which has a worse stat than a Rare (blue) one. Some perks do not have an RNG value. The perk “Super armor while gathering” is a good example of this.

Blue tool

If you are just starting out and do not have any event boxes with rare (blue) grade tools, I recommend buying uncommon grade tools for silver, as it is an easily acquired currency.

Every Trade Skill, besides Fishing, benefits from the Super Armor perk, and that is the one I recommend you go for on your uncommon tools. Fishing rods can not get the Super Armor perk, so the next best thing at early levels is more materials gained.


Repairing and Crafting Gathering Tools

Tools have a durability which is lost as you gather. One point of durability is lost by gathering a single time.


The lost durability can be restored by visiting a Repairer NPC and utilizing the Trade Skill Tool tab. Alternatively, if you have the Crystalline Aura premium membership, there is a pet feature that opens up the same interface as the Repairer NPC.

Repairer NPC

On the durability topic, tools have a max durability too, which is consumed at much slower intervals than the gathering one.

Max durability

The fewer max durability you have, the fewer materials you can gather before you need to repair your tool. So at one point with low max durability, it becomes annoying to keep paying the silver and repair it, and as such, you would want to restore your max durability to 100. This can be done either at the Repairer NPC or via your pet function.

Restore durability

It costs a varying amount of Trade Skill Tool Restoration Kits based on the grade of your tool and how much you want to restore.

Trade Skill Tool Restoration Kit can be crafted at your Stronghold or purchased from Mari's Secret Store in the Wartorn/Trade Skill rep section.

Crafting workshop Lost Ark shop

Crafting these restoration items is expensive, and so is buying them from Mari's Store, thus I would not recommend using them on tools lower than Legendary grade. It is better to re-craft an epic or below tool when it has lost most of its max durability.

Crafting items with your gathered resources can be done in three ways:

  1. Stronghold
    • This is the main place for crafting. 99% of everything that can be crafted is done here. Most recipes are unlocked right away, but there are some such as the splendid versions of battle items that unlock when you reach Stronghold level 40.
  2. Processor
    • A Processor is an NPC located in every major town, and you can use the search feature in the world map to locate one.
    • These NPCs help you craft ship building materials. They are generally great for making some quick gold and they are crafted instantly.
    • Craft ship materials
    • The Alchemist is another NPC present in every major settlement.
    • Alchemist
    • They help you craft flares and 30% HP potions. Similar to the Processor, these crafts are instant.
    • Alchemist crafting

It is worth mentioning that there is another NPC related to gathering, and that is the Trade Skill Exchange Merchant.

Trade skill exchange merchant

This is where you can exchange some of your gatherables for powder, and then exchange the powder back to higher tier gatherables of the same sort. It is basically an exchange in between lower grade mats and higher grade ones. This is great for when you have too much of one.

Exchange gatherables

Another thing you can exchange here are crystals that you acquire randomly while gathering. It is worth mentioning that sometimes the crystals are sold on the auction house for cheaper than the mats you would get in exchange, so it is worth memorizing their value and capitalizing when applicable, for a quick gold gain.

Crystals exchange

Platinum Field

Gathering can also be done in the Platinum Field dungeons.

Platinum Field

They are divided into Nahun's Domain and Old Yudian Canal. Nahun's domain contains gatherables for Herbalism, Logging, and Mining, while Yudian Canal has Hunting, Fishing, and Excavating. You require one ticket to enter any of the dungeons once, and you get these tickets as a random drop from gathering in the open world.

Platinum Field dungeon

The platinum fields are a fantastic way of getting extra materials and Providence Stones. For more details on the dungeon itself, please take a look at our Platinum Fields guide.


Gathering Tips

A few tips for each profession:

  • Foraging
    • This is a great profession because you can craft HP pots, which are the bread and butter of consumables. Many other items also require plants. The harder the content gets, the more valuable the pots will be so worth it overall.
    • This profession comes alive at level 30 when you get the Gold Finger passive buff that increases your drop rate and gathering speed.
    • The downside is that your tool will lose durability very fast, so a durability perk is an absolute must.
  • Logging
    • Logging is generally used to craft Stronghold structures and repair your Stronghold ships, with an occasional use in some of the consumables and the ship parts materials from the Processor NPC. It also has good value because of the tool repair kits which need logs.
    • Tool perks should include super armor, gathering speed, and extra materials gained.
    • Logging has the ability to be done in co-op mode, which not only speeds the gathering process up significantly, but also feels satisfying to do.
  • Mining
    • This is an easygoing profession that is used for a few side consumables, but more importantly - ship parts materials, repairing your Stronghold ships, and the tool repair kits.
    • Tool perks should include super armor, durability loss reduction and extra materials gained.
  • Hunting
    • This is a great profession starting with its level 1. It is used to craft gear honing materials which always sell well, foods, and Stronghold feasts.
    • The level 20 and 30 perks do not bring an immense value but are nice to have.
    • Tool perks should include super armor and extra materials gained.
    • The downside is that you need to move around a lot and actively aim at the target, so it could feel tedious for some players.
  • Fishing
    • Another great profession, with which you can craft honing materials, foods, and Stronghold feasts. On top of this, some of the fishing materials are used to craft Flares.
    • It is simple to do as it is stationary.
    • Fishing becomes very rewarding at level 30 when you can play the minigame.
    • Tool perks should include minigame difficulty decrease, minigame extra rewards increase, and extra materials gained.
    • The downside is that there is a lot of competition on the auction house, and that generally drives prices down.
  • Excavating
    • This is considered by many as “the best” profession in game because it has a chance to drop the Master Tool Kit, which is used to craft Master grade gathering tools for any profession. These are tradable and sell for a hefty price on the auction house. Furthermore, the relics you get by gathering can be used to craft secret maps, which reward you with honing luck materials if you get lucky. And lastly, you can craft the same honing materials as with Fishing and Hunting. So there is a lot of value points in Excavating, even though 2 out of 3 are RNG based.
    • Excavating becomes twice as good at level 30 where you unlock the chance to play the excavating minigame once every five gatherables.
    • Tool perks should be super armor, minigame difficulty decrease, minigame extra rewards increase, and extra materials gained.

The Amulet and World Tree Leaves

The Amulet is a piece of Special Equipment which can be crafted at any Processor NPC.

The Amulet

You can acquire the material needed to craft the Amulet from the collectible called “World Tree Leaves” (found in your collectibles menu).

World Tree Leaves

World Tree Leaves are a random drop from gathering any resources around the world, and they are divided by professions. In order to get enough leaves for the Amulet material, you have to gather a variety of different resources as there are only 10 or 11 World Tree Leaves per profession.

I wish you a lot of fun and luck gathering!



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