How to Optimize Alt Characters in Lost Ark

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This page outlines how the Roster function of Lost Ark works while providing the reader with options on how to use their alt characters and explaining the process of leveling alt characters.


Guide to How Alt Characters Work in Lost Ark

Alt characters, depending on how they are utilized, can be quite time consuming. While helpful to the overall progression of your account, you may decide that alt characters are not for you, and that is okay! We are going to run through all of the benefits, and downsides, to using alts for you, but this does not mean you need to use every avenue presented in this guide. It is important to avoid "burn-out," specifically with this aspect of the game, so picking out activities you would enjoy is important.

When looking at Lost Ark's account system, it is important to note the two types of experience gains this game has. The leveling system is split between character specific and something called "Roster Experience." The Roster in Lost Ark is related to any character you have created in that specific server. This extends beyond experience, and can cover things such as quests, items, or even permanent stat increases. This means a substantial amount of progress made on one character will also be reflected on every character you have within the same server.

Something to mention, as it will be a recurring theme with items, is your Roster Storage, located by accessing your Pet Function, as it is what should be utilized for transferring items between characters. Some items will be listed as "Bound," and those items can not be moved between characters. Items listed as either "Bound to Roster" or "Tradable" can be moved between characters using the aforementioned method, while the latter can also be sold on the Auction House.


Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and Abyssal Dungeons

These three activities are considered to be the least time consuming out of any of the activities you can do between alts, and also the most rewarding for short time commitments. It should be kept in mind, these are not required to be done daily. Lost Ark rewards "Rested Bonus" for every day you do not complete the specific activity, which will reward you with more item drops the next time you complete the activity. This is in place for Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids.

For Chaos Dungeon Chaos Dungeons, the Silver, Gold, and even a portion of the Honing Material, can be transferred across your account, not to mention any possible Engraving books that drop will also count for your Roster. The main advantage here is funneling Honing Materials (Guardian Stone Guardian Stones, Destruction Stone Destruction Stones) into your main account to further the progression on that character.

Guardian Raid Guardian Raids can feel a bit more tedious, as most of the time you will not be able to do these on your own and will require matching with other players and forming a four-player party to confront these boss fights. Much like Chaos Dungeon Chaos Dungeons, this activity will drop either "Bound to Roster" or "Tradable" materials that can be used to funnel into other characters to aid their progression. A popular way of handling Guardian Raids across the Roster is completing them on your main character daily, but setting aside your alt Guardian Raids until very specific days of the week where you may have more time to complete them. The main difference for this activity is the Leapstone Leapstones can be traded between characters.

Unlike Guardian Raids and Chaos Dungeons, Abyssal Dungeon Abyssal Dungeons are not a daily activity. These dungeons can be done once a week per character. The main consideration for this activity is the Gold reward. While a character can complete all Abyssal Dungeons at or below the entry level of that character, the only Abyssal Dungeons that will reward Gold for that character are the on-level dungeon and the dungeon one tier below it. If you have excess time, you are free to do the Abyssal Dungeons below these two tiers keeping in mind the only reward you will be able to collect from these are a very low chance at Card Pack Card drops. All other materials will be "Bound" and below your characters gear tier.


Rested Bonus

Just a few more details on Rested Bonus:

  • Rested Bonus generates 20 points a day if no activity is completed for that day. This means Rested Bonus will cap (100/100) after a total of five days.
  • Rested Bonus content runs will not refund you 100% of the materials you lost by not doing the content. If you have Rested Bonus on a content run, you will receive all of the materials for that day and a 66% bonus for the day you missed.
  • There is no "sweet spot" for accruing Rested Bonus. If you decide to utilize this system, just try to avoid overcapping on it.

Below is a quick look at what materials can be traded between your Roster from each activity:

Content Frequency of Completion Rested Bonus? Roster Materials Acquired Gold
Chaos Dungeon Chaos Dungeon Daily Yes Guardian Stones, Destruction Stones, Engraving Books, Card Experience Random Chance
Guardian Raid Guardian Raids Daily Yes Leapstones, Guardian Stones, Destruction Stones, Engraving Books, Cards, Runes No
Abyssal Dungeon Abyssal Dungeons Weekly No Engraving Books, Cards Yes

Island Questing

Upon leaving Stern to venture to Vern, the game will begin to introduce you to Island Souls Island Souls and the Island Island system in general. Of the many reasons to do Lost Ark Islands, one of the most important things this content provides is a means for accumulating Pirate Coins, Class Engravings, Battle Engravings, and Honing materials. Islands are sectioned off by a recommended item level which directly correlates to the materials obtainable on the Island. For example, if the recommended item level of an Island is 250, and Honing materials are a part of that reward, the Honing materials will serve to enhance your Tier 1 (item level 302 - 600).

These Islands provide a massive boost to the overall progression on your account, but it is important to realize that any quest done for materials can only be done once per Roster. If the items received from the quest are presented to you in a chest on a character you do not want to use them on, do not open them on that character. Most of the rewards will be "Bound to Roster" until you open them, so feel free to stockpile them, especially if you are unsure which character you want to boost them with.


Una's Daily Tasks

Una's Task Una's Tasks (Alt-J) are another quick option for alt character progression, but they require a bit of forethought and setup on your characters to ensure they are optimal and take as little time as possible. This is mainly done through the Bifrost system, which is an instant teleportation specific to an individual character you can place around the world in most locations. A character can have up to five Bifrost locations saved, but only one is given to a fresh character upon account creation. The others come from the following sources:

  • Two Bifrost are given to you through Crystalline Aura
  • One Bifrost is awarded for achieving Roster Level 60
  • One Bifrost is awarded for collecting nine Ignea Tokens

By placing Bifrosts in the location where a character is completing Una's Tasks, you can quickly hop around the world to complete the predetermined quests you have selected for said character. When deciding on which Una's Tasks to do, take into consideration the following things:

  • Accessibility: Some dailies are time gated by the island system. A good example of this is Tooki Island. Do this when you can, but there is no reason to force your schedule around it. If needed, use instant complete tickets for these for easy dailies.
  • Daily Reward: This is shown within the same tab where you accept the task. Your main should take priority on rewards it needs to upgrade gear, while your alts take the less desirable rewards as these materials are "Bound".
  • Long-term Reward: Each Una's Task has a long-term reward attached to it, which can range anywhere from Adventurer Tome completion material to Island Souls or Omnium Stars. The rewards come in a wide range variety, so this is something you will need to figure out based on your own personal goals.

While the same Una's tasks can be repeated over multiple characters, you will only be able to get the Reputation gain for a specific Una's task once a day. Keep this in mind, as there is usually no reason to repeat an Una's Task between characters.

For a more complete look into Una's Tasks, feel free to check out our Una's Guide linked below, written by Sywo.



While still important aspect to the overall progression of your character, it is less important to have alts centered around Rapport Rapport. However, it can be wise to utilize a Bifrost for specific Rapport goals you may have. This is purely a time saver, so keep this in mind if you do not have much free time to spare.


Alt Preparation and Leveling

The worst part of making an alt is the amount of time that is required to run it through the main story again. Luckily, albeit expensive, especially for newer players, Lost Ark has a few systems in place for people who may want to skip the more tedious aspects of getting to end game.



As of writing this guide, the only Powerpasses available are the ones Smilegate has issued to the community for free. These Powerpasses will instantly boost your character to the minimum item level required to access that part of the story. For example, if you use the Feiton Powerpass, the character that used it will be instantly boosted to Tier 2 and item level 960, along with gaining completion status on Feiton and all previous main story continents.

Use these wisely, as right now they are extremely limited and you will want to make sure the Powerpass is being used on a class you actually want to play.


Knowledge Transfer

Similar to the Powerpass, this system allows you to bypass main story completely. The difference between the two is Knowledge Transfers cost Gold, have a limited amount of uses, and still require you to upgrade your gear to the minimum item level required for bypassing that specific continent. For clarity, if you want to Knowledge transfer through Rohendel, you will first need to achieve item level 460. The Knowledge Transfer system can be accessed at your Stronghold at the Robot NPC.

There is a limit to how much you can use this system, and that limit is determined by how many previous characters you have gotten through each specific continent. These prerequisites can be seen at the same Robot NPC in your Stronghold.


Stronghold Honing Research

Upon reaching certain milestones on your main character, Stronghold Lab Research will become available to you that will both increase the success rate and decrease the Honing Shard cost when increasing your Gear Score at lower tiers. These upgrades will become accessible at the following thresholds:

  • Tier 1, accessible upon reaching Gear Score 802
    • Increase Tier 1 Honing Success Rate
    • Reduce Required XP for Tier 1 Honing
  • Tier 2, accessible upon reaching Gear Score 1302
    • Increase Tier 2 Honing Success Rate
    • Reduce Required XP for Tier 2 Honing
  • Tier 3 (below 1370), accessible upon reaching Gear Score 1385
    • Increase Tier 3 Honing Success Rate
    • Reduce Required XP for Tier 3 Honing

These Stronghold upgrades offer a 20% increased chance at success on honing, as well as a 20% decrease in the cost.


Training Camp

The Training Camp can be unlocked upon achieving level 52 on one character. To unlock this function, simply accept and complete the quest "Legendary Monster Slayer" from Adventurer Edwin who is located on the docks in your Stronghold and follow the dialogue with this NPC. This will give you the ability to accept the quest "Magic Society's Amazing Technology" from Adeline near your manor, unlocking the Training Camp function.

This allows all lower level characters on your account to collect passive experience gains, while not exceeding the maximum level of your Roster. This system is free, so take advantage of it as much as you possibly can. Training Camp allows you to place a character into training for 7 days, and at that point if the character can still gain experience, simply collect your rewards and place them in again to continue leveling.



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