Great Axe Changes in New World Patch 1.1

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Here is a summary for the 1.1 Patch changes for the Great Axe. This two-handed weapon has been rather popular so far and will continue to dominate the PvE and PvP scene.


Overview of Great Axe in Patch 1.1

While some were expecting the Great Axe to receive some nerfs in this patch, it managed to get some buffs and bugfixes instead. Notably, Gravity Gravity will now cause an extremely short root on all pulls which will greatly improve the Great Axe's ability to lock down foes.

Whirlwind Whirlwind was also buffed to now have Grit so you can spin-to-win without having to worry about a stray stagger ruining your fun. There have also been a variety of balance changes to several of the abilities and perks, read the details below.

For a full guide on the Great Axe, please refer to our dedicate page.


Official Great Axe Patch Notes

Listed below are the official patch notes for changes to the Great Axe abilities, perks, and masteries.



  • Fixed an issue with the Great Axe Reap Reap incorrectly triggering a breakout dodge.

Gravity Well

  • Fixed an issue causing the Gravity Well Gravity Well's slow effect to not always be removed if a player was able to get out of the effect area, resulting in the effect lasting up to 2 seconds longer than intended.
  • Fixed issue where the Gravity Well tooltip was not listing the melee damage caused by the ability if Gravity Well is used in close proximity to a target.




  • Heavy Pull Heavy Pull — Fixed an issue where heavy attacks had incorrect hit boxes when this passive was equipped.
  • Gravity Gravity — This mastery no longer increases the duration of all pulls, instead applying Root for 0.25 seconds to targets hit by a pull.


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