War Hammer Changes in New World Patch 1.1

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Here is a summary for the 1.1 Patch changes for the War Hammer. This two-handed weapon has received a buff to its less used Mastery tree.


Overview of War Hammer in Patch 1.1

In patch 1.1, the War Hammer's left-side Juggernaut weapon mastery tree received buffs to each of its abilities, while the right-side Crowd Crusher tree abilities received some minor bug fixes. Notably, the some of Rend effectiveness from Shockwave Shockwave's Sundering Shockwave Sundering Shockwave Perk has been moved over to Armor Breaker Armor Breaker, which makes Armor Breaker overall stronger and might make room for the newly improved Mighty Gavel Mighty Gavel.

Overall, this patch is rather kind to the War Hammer and users of this weapon should rejoice; continue reading to see the full list of War Hammer changes.

For a full guide on the War Hammer, please refer to our dedicate page.


Official War Hammer Patch Notes

Listed below are the official patch notes for changes to the War Hammer abilities, perks, and masteries.


Armor Breaker

  • Lasting Trauma Lasting Trauma — Increased Rend effectiveness from 15% to 20%
  • Opening Act Opening Act — Increased bonus damage from 15% to 25%
  • Adjusted Armor Breaker’s hitbox to make it easier to hit enemies on inclines, or that have been knocked down.

Mighty Gavel

  • Increased damage scaling from 160% to 170%.
  • Reduced the cooldown from 22 to 20 seconds.
  • Justice For All Justice For All — Increased damage scaling from 200% to 220%.

Wrecking Ball

  • Increased damage from 120% to 130%.
  • Safety Measures — Increased Fortify buff duration from 4 to 7 seconds.

Clear Out

  • Swing Away Swing Away — Fixed an issue where this upgrade was less efficient when striking multiple targets.



Path of Destiny

  • Leeching Path Of Destiny Leeching Path Of Destiny — Fixed a bug that prevented this perk from working when the Stimulated Reduction modifier was equipped.


  • Exhaustive Attacks Exhaustive Attacks — Increased Stamina regeneration penalty applied by the Exhausted debuff from 15% to 20%.


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