New World Patch 1.1 Change Notes (Into the Void)

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Into the Void (Patch 1.1) is the first content patch for New World. Below, you will find all of the release notes for this patch.



Welcome to our Patch 1.1 hub. Here, you will find all important changes that went live with the update. Most of the information is taken directly from the official patch notes.


New Weapon: Void Gauntlet

Manipulate the powers of the Void to support your allies and debilitate your enemies with this magical damage/support hybrid weapon. It is the first weapon to scale on both Intelligence and Focus, making it great pairing with the Life Staff and other magical weapons.

Void Gauntlet has two weapon mastery trees, allowing the player to manipulate Void magic in different ways.

  • The Annihilation tree focuses on maximizing damage at close-range and revolves around Void Blade, a summoned blade of corrosive void energy.
  • The Decay tree offers ranged healing and debuffs and revolves around Orb of Decay, a dual phase projectile that debuffs enemies and heals allies.

New Enemies: The Varangian Knights

The new update introduces the Varangians — a force of invading knights currently raiding Southeastern Aeternum. They are led by Lord Commander Attalus. Commander Attalus and Varangians are vassals to a powerful warlock named Varik Iznov. They have been sent to Southeastern Aeternum in search of magical artifacts and arcane lore left behind by the Crimson Sorcerer.


Weapon Changes

For each weapon, we have a dedicated page with the list of changes and a short commentary. Please use the list below to access these pages.


World Experience

The following sections contain various world and quest improvements coming in the 1.1 update.



  • Added starter zone visual variety and improvements.
    • Updated visuals have been added to the starting areas.
    • Corruption and Withered visuals have been amplified in farms and points of interest (POIs).
  • Ezra's Forge has been updated and moved from Amrine temple to southwest Windsward.
  • Run Faster on Roads! While running on roads you will now receive a movement bonus:
    • Movement speed bonus of 10% while travelling on roads.
    • The move speed bonus will not trigger unless the player has been running for 3 seconds and they are on a road.
    • The movement bonus will be cancelled if a player engages in combat in any way such as dodging, blocking, attacking, or being hit with a debuff.
  • The move speed bonus is not active while player is actively engaged in wars, outpost rush, or duels.
  • Added a +10% Luck bonus and a +30% Gathering Luck bonus to players flagged for PvP.
  • Notable bug fixes:
    • Fixed issues with various AI stuck in cliffs or boulders.
    • Fixed issues with Boss gating and triggering in Expeditions, where some doors would show as closed but would be open instead.
    • Fixed several issues in Expeditions that allowed players to attack enemies without getting hit or heal teammates without being in an encounter.
    • Various enemy vitals, names, and versions have been updated/fixed.
    • Fixed various issues with missing or incorrect world collision and navigation mesh.


  • New PvP Faction Missions added:
    • Control Points - Seize control of a Fort.
    • Intercept - Defeat enemy faction members and collect their tears.
    • War Camp Loot - Retrieve hidden plans at the enemy's war camp.
  • Amazon Games have updated several quests in the Main Storyline to improve the player experience with more compelling dynamics including wave encounters, destructible objects, and proximity tracking nodes.
    • As a result of these changes, players may find their progress reset for some Main Storyline quests.
    • The quests "Old Stone Remembers" and "New Initiate, Old Order" have undergone more extensive restructuring, and players who were on these quests will need to return to Yonas in Fisherman's Bend to re-accept the quests.
  • Updated the location of one of the Survivalist "Wolf Den" quests in First Light to reduce amount of travel. The encounter design has also been updated to a wave event in all three starter zones.
  • Notable bug fixes:
    • Starting zone faction missions have been updated so early players will not be given missions to hunt sheep.
    • Faction Rank 2 Quests are now offered at level 20 but are still recommended for level 25+ players.
    • "Return to Innkeep" quests now reward the proper amount of Azoth.
    • Map pins were updated for hunt missions in Elder's Gate to be more accurate.
    • Two elite faction assassination missions in Brightwood target elite enemies that only spawn at night. Amazon Games have updated the quest text to specify this requirement.
    • Various text fixes for typos, moving of quest locations, and reinforcement of story.
    • Revised naming conventions for town projects to better distinguish them from Faction Missions.
    • Fixed Expedition loot PvE faction mission within the Garden of Genesis.
    • Fixed a mismatch in the text requirement and actual requirements for the "To be a Grandmaster" fishing quest.
    • Fixed an issue with PvP Spy missions not being completed in non-settled zones.
    • Added voice over (VO) fixes for multiple NPCs.
    • Fixed various issues causing NPCs to not complete their animations.
    • Fixed various issues causing incorrect loot tags to display.

World Tech

The following bug fixes went live:

  • Fixed an issue causing certain AI to spawn more frequently than intended.
  • Fixed various issues that could occur when interacting with the journal entries scattered across the world.
  • Fixed an issue with Town Projects board failing to refresh.
  • PvP Experience bonus will no longer apply when in an Expedition.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Well Fed buff to stack from different tiers and types of food. The most recent instance of the buff will now replace any previous versions.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Weapon Coating items from being consumed properly when used.

Gear Perks

  • Increased scaling of Leeching perks on rings and weapons from a range of 0.5% - 1.5% damage converted to health on hit to a range of 1% - 5%.
  • Increased the efficiency of the Freedom, Vigor, and Invigorate debuff reduction perks from a range of 3% - 5% based on gear score (GS) to a range of 3% - 8%.
  • Decreased the cooldown of the Keen Speed perk (which grants haste on critical hits) from 10s to 5s, and increased haste duration from 2s to 3s.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Chain Elemental perks to damage invulnerable characters.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Chain Elemental perks to strike downed or dead targets.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Corrupted Bane perk to scale higher than other Bane perks.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Chain Elemental perks to trigger from the initial impact of the Great Axe Gravity Well skill.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Hearty perk was incorrectly giving a bonus to strike damage.

Equip Load

  • Increased the healing bonus of the light equip load from 20% to 30%, and increased the healing bonus for medium equip load from 10% to 15%.
  • Jumping and traversal are now disabled when navigation is disabled (such as when hit with a Root effect)
  • Updated the vault camera to smooth out the motion.
  • Updated jump in place to allow translation while in air.
  • Fixed various animation bugs alongside a variety of issues to smooth out general navigation.

Attribute Threshold Bonus

  • Reduced the damage reduction provided by the 250 Constitution bonus from 80% to 60%.


  • Structures are now immune to buffs and debuffs that logically would not affect the siege weapon and deployable structures.
  • Disabled player collision on Inferno Traps due to players occasionally getting stuck on them.
  • Made it so player cant deal damage to other players with weapon abilities through Fort Gates and War Camp gates.

Outpost Rush

  • Reduced the power of battle bread from +15% damage and defense to +5% damage and defense.
  • Reduced the damage reduction on the baroness buff from 25% to 15%.
  • Reduced the damage and defense on the commander tent from +5%/+7.5%/+15% to +3%/+6%/+9%.


Multiple weapons have been adjusted. You can find a list of all changes in our updated weapon guides.



  • Amrine Excavation
    • Simon Grey
      • Adjusted Simon's affixes to always be the same static effects between each spawn.
      • Fixed an issue causing him to not pause summoning minions after all of his minions are killed.
  • Foreman Nakashima
    • Adjusted Nakashima's affixes to always be the same static effects between each spawn.
  • The Depths
    • Archdeacon Azamela
      • Fixed an issue allowing his hounds to be repeatedly killed for experience and loot.
      • Fixed an issue causing hounds to not play proper spawn animations.
      • Fixed a rare issue where Azamela would try to attack players outside of his arena.
      • Fixed an issue where the teleporters could be left on after a team wipe.
      • Fixed an issue causing teleport VFX to not apply to the player.
      • Fixed an issue causing his obelisks to not show beam VFX.
      • Fixed an issue that allowed the Corrupted Carapace over Captain Thorpe's teleporter to be damageable by enemies.
      • Fixed an issue that made Skerryshiv Acolyte enemies immune to all crowd control debuffs.
  • Dynasty Shipyard
    • Commander Chen
      • Tightened up Commander Chen's damage volumes so that he deals more consistent damage in the expected locations.
    • Isabella's Pets
      • Fixed an issue where Isabella wouldn't look at the player she was targeting with her pistol shot.
      • Fixed an issue where the death of Isabella's tigers could empower the AI outside of the arena.
      • Fixed an issue causing Isabella to only deal strike damage.
    • Empress
      • Fixed an issue causing the Dragon Breath spell to kill players in Death's Door.
      • Fixed an issue causing Pearl Pedestals to continue casting even after death.
      • Fixed an issue causing Pearl Pedestal's hitbox to be too high.
      • Adjusted timing on Dragon Dive so that it is less likely to hit players before the visual appears.
      • Fixed an issue causing Corruption Blast to be difficult to block for players who are very close (such as the group's tank).
      • Fixed an issue causing the Empress to be vulnerable to damage during specific animations while in phase 2.
  • Garden of Genesis
    • Alluvium Marl
      • Fixed an issue causing his minions to be level 57 instead of 66.
      • Fixed an issue causing Alluvium's Dive attack to sometimes deal no damage.
      • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause players to become stuck in Alluvium Marl's Root Arena wall.
    • Blighted Greenskeeper
      • Fixed an issue preventing the small poison pools from dealing proper damage.
      • Reduced damage of Siren Scream by 15%.
  • Lazarus Instrumentality
    • Cilla
      • Fixed an issue where Cilla's staff phase would last too long, causing the conduits to become out of sync with her Arcane Might stacks.
    • Chardis
      • Fixed a rare issue that allowed Chardis' beam to continue after all players were dead.
      • Slightly increased the damage volume size in Chardis' armpits for more consistent hits.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented Chardis from taking bonus damage from the Ancient Bane perk.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented the Ice Gauntlet's Entomb" from being damaged by Chardis' laser.
      • Fixed an issue that allowed Chardis to be damaged by throwing hatchets from outside of his arena.
      • Fixed several issues that prevented Chardis and his Lazarus Orbs from being damaged by player abilities.

Economy, Progression, and Loot

  • Faction Change Cooldown has been reduced to 60 days (down from 120).
  • Repair Kit Weight has been reduced from 2.0 to 0.1. 2.0 was too heavy and 0.1 is not very heavy at all. It should be easy to keep a few at the ready in your back-pocket.
  • Added the item Chunk of Consecrated Iron to the top rank of the Faction Shop for all factions. Chunks of Consecrated Iron are used to craft the Resilient perk for armor items.


  • All Trading Posts have been linked. Both the listing tax and purchase tax will be paid to the territory where the buy or sell order was listed.
  • Items listed in sell orders that expire will be returned to the Settlement from which they were posted.
  • It is no longer possible to place items on the trading post for 28 days. The maximum is now 14 days.
  • Reduced Durability lost from PvP deaths by 10%.
  • Reduced the quantity of honey gained from apiaries by 50% and the amount of milk from cows by 65%. Honey trees are unaffected by this change. The developers made this change because the volume of milk and honey in the world is higher than their initial estimates. The bees and cows are happy about this change.
  • Housing taxes are now due every 7 days instead of every 5 days. No changes to cost, so players will gain 2 days of housing time without an increase to their taxes.


  • Reduced Territory Standing gains from Cooking, as they were a bit more generous when compared to similar efforts put into other Crafting Trade Skills.
  • Updated a Harplass Homestead town project to now require 1 mission item instead of 5.
  • Increased the XP requirements for progressing Crafting Trade Skills.

Trade Skills

  • Potion Crafting Update
    • Amazon Games felt that some of the higher-tier core potions (particularly Health Potions and Mana Potions) were a little too difficult to craft, so they updated the recipes to craft these items and introduced a new alchemical component to do so: Alkahest.
    • Alkahest is crafted by distilling the magical herbs found throughout Aeternum and serves as a reliable and potent base for potions going forward.
  • Rare Resources from Gathering Nodes
    • Thanks to reports in the forums, the developers found a probability issue with rare resources from T2/3/4 gathering nodes and resolved it.
    • Fae Iron, Voidmetal, Phasefiber, and Petrified Wood should now have an appropriate chance to drop after you reach a certain Trade Skill level.
      • This chance can be increased by eating the appropriate Trade Skill when gathering.
      • Trade Skill foods also enables the possibility for these to drop before you would ordinarily be able to receive them based on your Trade Skill level alone, albeit at a very rare rate.

Loot and Rewards

  • Added several new named items as special drops from named Knights found in the world. Knights that are quest targets don’t have special drops.
  • Added a new style of weapons that drop from the Knight enemy type.
  • Rook’s Defense Tower Shield now has a tower shield appearance instead of a kite shield appearance.
  • Added a set of weapons designed by the participants of the Battle for New World event. These weapons are Tier 5 and capable of being Legendary if they roll a Gear Score of 600.


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