Life Staff Changes in New World Patch 1.1

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Here is a summary for the 1.1 Patch changes for the Life Staff. This magical weapon has been weakened by several nerfs and healing overall has been nerfed again.


Overview of Life Staff in Patch 1.1

Once again, healing has been reduced across the board while more bonuses have been added to Light and Medium equipment loads to try and tempt healers out of wearing full Heavy armor.

Healing targeting has long been a pain point for healing and has been improved slightly. There have also been a variety of balance changes to several of the abilities and perks, for which you can read the details below.

For a full guide on the Life Staff, please refer to our dedicate page.


Official Life Staff Patch Notes

Listed below are the official patch notes for changes to the Life Staff abilities, perks, and masteries.


Baseline Changes

  • Increased the healing bonus of the Light equipment load from 20% to 30%, and increased the healing bonus for Medium equipment load from 10% to 15%.
  • Reduced base healing by 20% across the board to account for the increase in healing from equipment load.

Targeting Adjustments

  • Normalized all targeted healing spells (and target lock-on) to have a max range of 25 meters.
  • Added out-of-range targeted healing functionality:
    • Group UI will change color when the target is out of range.
    • If the target moves out of range, the spell will cancel instead of casting targeting yourself.
    • Trying to cast a targeted heal on an out of range target will display a "target is out of range" notification.
  • Fixed an issue where targeted heals activated by using the ability key would not perform a direct heal on the intended target.

Sacred Ground

  • Fixed an issue where the Life Staff Sacred Ground Sacred Ground VFX and tooltip stated it lasted longer than the actual duration.
  • Reduced the effectiveness of the Fortifying Sacred Ground Fortifying Sacred Ground perk from "3% to 15%" to "3% to 10%".
  • Reduced Holy Ground Holy Ground Stamina and Mana regeneration from 100% to 50%.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the healing from this skill to be stacked from multiple sources if they were using different ability upgrades.

Splash of Light


Orb of Protection

  • Fixed an issue where the Shared Protection Shared Protection effect was being refreshed by the healing applied by Protector's Blessing.
  • Mending Protection Mending Protection — This perk's functionality has been changed. Instead of triggering if the target does not have any active buffs, it now triggers if the target healed by Orb of Protection is under 50% health.

Light's Embrace



  • Blessed Blessed — Reduced healing bonus effectiveness from a range of "10% to 30%" to a range of "5% to 20%".


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