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Blackrock Depths is an iconic 5-man dungeon in World of Warcraft, being the largest dungeon ever created and hosting a wide array of unique enemies. Here, you can find information about how to reach the dungeon, guides for each of its encounters, quests you can complete, and most importantly, the loot you can acquire!

Blackrock Depths is the largest dungeon Blizzard has ever created in World of Warcraft, hosting over 30 unique bosses. Typically the dungeon is broken down into two different sections, the first half is called the Detention Block and is slightly lower level than the second half of the dungeon, Upper City.


Blackrock Depths Dungeon Guides


Blackrock Depths Detention Block

The Detention Block half of Blackrock Depths starts as soon as you enter the dungeon. The bosses can be defeated in a various number of orders depending on your groups preference. Below you will find our guide covering all of the challenges awaiting you in this dungeon:


Blackrock Depths Upper City

The second half of Blackrock Depths is called Upper City, and contains higher level, more difficult enemies than the earlier half. Groups will usually want to skip the earlier parts of the dungeon and head directly back towards the Upper City to face these tougher enemies to obtain their more powerful rewards. Below is our Blackrock Depths Upper City guide to help you defeat these bosses and learn how to skip the early Detention Block section of the dungeon:


Blackrock Depths Entrance Location

Blackrock Depths Location

Blackrock Depths is located in the Blackrock Mountain, which can be accessed from either Searing Gorge or Burning Steppes. Head towards Blackrock Mountain and follow the pictures below to find the dungeon entrance.

After entering the mountain, follow these two chains down until you enter the quarry mine.

Run through all the way through the quarry mine till you reach the back, there you will find the entrance portal to Blackrock Depths.


Blackrock Depths Quests Guide

Before heading into Blackrock Depths, we advise you to get all the dungeon quests related to it. Some quests are completed in the Detention Block section of the dungeon, while others will require you to clear the Upper City section of the dungeon to complete them. To make this process easier, we have written separate guides for the quests available in both parts of the dungeon and their quest chains below:



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