Stratholme Undead Dungeon Guide

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Stratholme is a single dungeon that is often split by players into 2 wings: the Live and Undead wings. Stratholme Undead is recommended for players between Level 55 and 60.

Stratholme was one of the most populous cities of the human kingdoms, but it fell at the hands of the dreadlords and Prince Arthas, whose mind was slowly descending into madness as he began his journey of becoming the Lich King. The Undead side of the city has now been completely overrun by Scourge forces and their leader, Baron Rivendare.

You can read more about the dungeon in our Stratholme hub guide.


Stratholme Undead Entrance Location

The Undead wing of Stratholme can be entered after obtaining the Key to the City Icon Key to the City from Magistrate Barthilas.

You will use this key to open the service gate that is found to the southeast of the main instance entrance and will skip the Live wing completely.

If you do not have the key, you can clear into the Undead wing from the Live wing, but it is much more time consuming if you want to complete multiple farming runs.


Stratholme Undead Quests

Before setting foot in either of the Stratholme wings, we strongly advise you to get all the dungeon quests related to it. To make this process easier, we have written a separate guide.


Layout of Stratholme Undead

The Undead wing of Stratholme is actually fairly linear, despite the need for players to double back slightly to destroy the crystals and access the final bosses.

When you first enter the dungeon, assuming you have used the service gate entrance, you will follow a short corridor to a gate. After you have opened the gate, you will have to clear the area ahead and meet the first boss of the dungeon, Magistrate Barthilas. Note that he will run away from your group and you will fight him later, just before Ramstein the Gorger.

If you entered the dungeon through the main entrance and have cleared through from the Live wing, Barthilas will not run away and you can fight him in this courtyard.

Once this area has been cleared, you will head to the opposite side from where you entered and follow another path towards the gauntlet area.

There are 3 buildings that are each guarded by a boss and they all contain a group of Thuzadin Acolytes that must be killed in order to access the final bosses. The eastern boss is Baroness Anastari, the northeastern boss is Maleki the Pallid, and the western boss is Nerub'enkan.

Once you have cleared all 3 buildings of the acolytes, you can head to the north side of this area and kill Barthilas, the boss that ran away from your group at the start.

A gate to the west will have been opened and, if you head through it, you will come to a group of abominations that must all be killed in order to summon Ramstein the Gorger. After he has been slain, you can clear the final bits of trash and head into the main crypt where the final boss, Baron Rivendare, is waiting on the bottom floor.


Notable Trash in Stratholme Undead

Stratholme has 1 rare spawn in the Undead wing, Stonespine, as well as Black Guard Swordsmith, a mini-boss that drops an item for players with the Blacksmithing profession.



  • Stonespine Vicious Rend Icon Vicious Rend

Stonespine is a Level 60 Undead rare elite that spawns just outside the corridor that leads to the ziggurat gauntlet event and roams the area.

There are no mechanics worth mentioning on this boss, but it can drop some fairly notable loot and is worth killing if it is up. Just be careful of the trash surrounding it, as you can easily pull other mobs, or have Stonespine join a fight that you have already started.


Loot from Stonespine

Item Level Requirement Slot
Gargoyle Shredder Talons Icon Gargoyle Shredder Talons 54 Weapon
Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape Icon Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape 56 Back
Verdant Footpads Icon Verdant Footpads 56 Boots

Black Guard Swordsmith

Black Guard Swordsmith is an Undead mob that spawns when you interact with the Blacksmithing Plans that are on the floor near the ziggurat of Baroness Anastari.

You can kill him just as you would a normal trash mob, as he has no mechanics worth mentioning.


Loot from Black Guard Swordsmith

This mob drops no loot for players unless they are have the Blacksmithing profession, in which case it will drop Bottom Half of Advanced Armorsmithing: Volume III Icon Bottom Half of Advanced Armorsmithing: Volume III, which is required to learn how to create the Enchanted Thorium Helm Icon Enchanted Thorium Helm.


Bosses in Stratholme Undead


Magistrate Barthilas

  • Magistrate Barthilas Crowd Pummel Icon Crowd Pummel
  • Draining Blow Icon Draining Blow
  • Furious Anger Icon Furious Anger
  • Mighty Blow Icon Mighty Blow

Magistrate Barthilas is a Level 58 Undead boss that can be fought at two different points in the Undead wing, depending on how you entered. If you cleared through the Live wing, then you will fight him as the first boss of the Undead wing. If you came through the service gate, then he will flee from your party and instead fight you after you have cleared the ziggurat event.

There are no mechanics worth mentioning for this boss.


Loot from Magistrate Barthilas

Item Level Requirement Slot
Key to the City Icon Key to the City N/A Key
Crimson Felt Hat Icon Crimson Felt Hat 54 Head
Death Grips Icon Death Grips 57 Hands
Idol of Brutality Icon Idol of Brutality 60 Relic
Magistrate's Cuffs Icon Magistrate's Cuffs 54 Wrist
Peacemaker Icon Peacemaker 54 Weapon
Royal Tribunal Cloak Icon Royal Tribunal Cloak 54 Back


  • Nerub'enkan Crypt Scarabs Icon Crypt Scarabs
  • Encasing Webs Icon Encasing Webs
  • Pierce Armor Icon Pierce Armor
  • Raise Undead Scarab Icon Raise Undead Scarab

Nerub'enkan is a Level 60 Undead and is one of the ziggurat gauntlet bosses.

Other than the small adds that must be killed when he summons them, there is very little to this boss other than a tank and spank.

Make sure to clear the ziggurat behind the boss and kill the Acolytes within, otherwise you will not be able to access the final bosses.


Loot from Nerub'enkan

Item Level Requirement Slot
Acid-etched Pauldrons Icon Acid-etched Pauldrons 56 Shoulder
Crypt Stalker Leggings Icon Crypt Stalker Leggings 56 Legs
Darkspinner Claws Icon Darkspinner Claws 56 Hands
Eye of Arachnida Icon Eye of Arachnida 55 Consumable
Fangdrip Runners Icon Fangdrip Runners 56 Feet
Beaststalker's Boots Icon Beaststalker's Boots 54 Feet
Carapace Spine Crossbow Icon Carapace Spine Crossbow 56 Ranged Weapon
Chitinous Plate Legguards Icon Chitinous Plate Legguards 56 Legs
Husk of Nerub'enkan Icon Husk of Nerub'enkan 56 Shield
Thuzadin Sash Icon Thuzadin Sash 56 Waist

Baroness Anastari

  • Baroness Anastari Banshee Curse Icon Banshee Curse
  • Banshee Wail Icon Banshee Wail
  • Possess Icon Possess
  • Silence Icon Silence

Baroness Anastari is a Level 59 Undead and is one of the three bosses that you will encounter in the gauntlet area of the dungeon.

The Baroness is a fairly simple fight, as long as you are aware of her abilities and their effects.

  • Banshee Curse IconBanshee Curse — this curse will reduce the hit chance of all players within an area around the boss. It only lasts 12 seconds, as well as only having a 10% effect, so this should not cause many issues.
  • Possess IconPossess — a player will have their mind possessed for 2 minutes, or until their health is brought to 50%. The afflicted player will have their maximum health increased by 2000%, so make sure that your DPS swap to the target as soon as possible to remove the effect.
  • Silence IconSilence — this is a 10 second silence that, if it is placed on the healer, can cause problems for your group. Make sure any hybrids help to heal if they are not silenced while the healer is.

Make sure to clear the ziggurat behind the boss and kill the Acolytes within, otherwise you will not be able to access the final bosses.


Loot from Baroness Anastari

Item Level Requirement Slot
Banshee's Touch Icon Banshee's Touch 55 Hands
Chillhide Bracers Icon Chillhide Bracers 55 Wrist
Coldtouch Phantom Wraps Icon Coldtouch Phantom Wraps 55 Chest
Wail of the Banshee Icon Wail of the Banshee 55 Consumable
Windshrieker Pauldrons Icon Windshrieker Pauldrons 55 Shoulder
Anastari Heirloom Icon Anastari Heirloom 55 Neck
Banshee Finger Icon Banshee Finger 55 Wand
Dreadmist Sandals Icon Dreadmist Sandals 54 Feet
Screeching Bow Icon Screeching Bow 55 Bow
Shadowy Laced Handwraps Icon Shadowy Laced Handwraps 55 Hands

Maleki the Pallid

  • Maleki the Pallid Drain Life Icon Drain Life
  • Drain Mana Icon Drain Mana
  • Frostbolt Icon Frostbolt
  • Ice Tomb Icon Ice Tomb

Maleki the Pallid is a Level 61 Humanoid and is the last of the three ziggurat gauntlet bosses.

The only mechanic that is worth mentioning on this boss is the Ice Tomb IconIce Tomb, which will stun the current target for 10 seconds. During this time, your tank will be unable to generate aggro, so any high DPS players should take care.

Make sure to clear the ziggurat behind the boss and kill the Acolytes within, otherwise you will not be able to access the final bosses.


Loot from Maleki the Pallid

Item Level Requirement Slot
Clutch of Foresight Icon Clutch of Foresight 55 Consumable
Darkbind Fingers Icon Darkbind Fingers 57 Hands
Flamescarred Girdle Icon Flamescarred Girdle 57 Waist
Lavawalker Greaves Icon Lavawalker Greaves 57 Feet
Twilight Void Bracers Icon Twilight Void Bracers 57 Wrist
Bone Slicing Hatchet Icon Bone Slicing Hatchet 57 Weapon
Devout Sandals Icon Devout Sandals 54 Feet
Maleki's Footwraps Icon Maleki's Footwraps 57 Feet
Pale Moon Cloak Icon Pale Moon Cloak 57 Back
Plans: Hammer of the Titans Icon Plans: Hammer of the Titans N/A Blacksmithing Plans
Skull of Burning Shadows Icon Skull of Burning Shadows 57 Off-hand

Ramstein the Gorger

  • Ramstein the Gorger Flurry Icon Flurry
  • Knockout Icon Knockout
  • Trample Icon Trample

Ramstein the Gorger is a Level 61 Undead and is the penultimate boss of the dungeon.

In order to spawn Ramstein, you will need to clear all of the abominations that are roaming the area outside the final crypt.

Once he spawns, there is very little to this boss beyond ensuring your tank picks up aggro as soon as possible after it is reset by Knockout IconKnockout.


Loot from Ramstein the Gorger

Item Level Requirement Slot
Frayed Abomination Stitching Icon Frayed Abomination Stitching N/A Reagent
Animated Chain Necklace Icon Animated Chain Necklace 57 Neck
Band of Flesh Icon Band of Flesh 55 Finger
Crest of Retribution Icon Crest of Retribution 55 Shield
Gauntlets of Valor Icon Gauntlets of Valor 54 Hands
Ramstein's Lightning Bolts Icon Ramstein's Lightning Bolts 55 Trinket
Slavedriver's Cane Icon Slavedriver's Cane 55 Weapon
Soulstealer Mantle Icon Soulstealer Mantle 55 Shoulder

Baron Rivendare

  • Baron Rivendare Cleave Icon Cleave
  • Mortal Strike Icon Mortal Strike
  • Shadow Bolt Icon Shadow Bolt
  • Unholy Aura Icon Unholy Aura

Baron Rivendare is a Level 62 Undead and the final boss of the instance.

This fight is known as being fairly difficult, but as long as you stay focused on the tactics, it is very simple.

  • Tanks — tank the boss on one side of the room, away from the rest of your party, and make sure he is facing away from them. Do not pick up the adds when they spawn, as your DPS can tank them.
  • Healers — make sure to keep your melee DPS healed, as they will be taking damage from Unholy Aura IconUnholy Aura. Stay on the other side of the room from Rivendare to avoid Aura damage.
  • Ranged DPS — stay near your healer to ensure the adds do not swarm them. As soon as the adds spawn, focus them down. Stay on the other side of the room from Rivendare to avoid Aura damage.
  • Melee DPS — make sure you stay behind the boss whenever attacking him. As soon as the adds spawn, move to them ASAP and help to tank the damage and kill them.

Loot from Baron Rivendare

Item Level Requirement Slot
Beaststalker's Pants Icon Beaststalker's Pants 56 Legs
Bonescraper Icon Bonescraper 57 Weapon
Cape of the Black Baron Icon Cape of the Black Baron 58 Back
Deathcharger's Reins Icon Deathcharger's Reins 60 Mount
Devout Skirt Icon Devout Skirt 56 Legs
Dracorian Gauntlets Icon Dracorian Gauntlets 58 Hands
Dreadmist Leggings Icon Dreadmist Leggings 56 Legs
Gauntlets of Deftness Icon Gauntlets of Deftness 58 Hands
Helm of the Executioner Icon Helm of the Executioner 58 Helm
Kilt of Elements Icon Kilt of Elements 56 Legs
Legplates of Valor Icon Legplates of Valor 56 Legs
Lightforge Legplates Icon Lightforge Legplates 56 Legs
Magister's Leggings Icon Magister's Leggings 56 Legs
Ritssyn's Wand of Bad Mojo Icon Ritssyn's Wand of Bad Mojo 58 Wand
Robes of the Exalted Icon Robes of the Exalted 58 Chest
Scepter of the Unholy Icon Scepter of the Unholy 58 Weapon
Seal of Rivendare Icon Seal of Rivendare 58 Ring
Shadowcraft Pants Icon Shadowcraft Pants 56 Legs
Skullforge Reaver Icon Skullforge Reaver 58 Weapon
Tunic of the Crescent Moon Icon Tunic of the Crescent Moon 58 Chest
Wildheart Kilt Icon Wildheart Kilt 56 Legs
Runeblade of Baron Rivendare Icon Runeblade of Baron Rivendare 58 Weapon

The dungeon contains a huge number of Undead mobs in this wing, so any class that brings CC that can be used on Undead enemies will be of huge help to your party.

Paladins rarely get the chance to use Turn Undead Icon Turn Undead in a group setting and the Undead wing has massive potential for mobs to chain pull more enemies, so take care when using this ability. It can very quickly lead to a wipe.

Priests are a great choice for your healer, not only because of their solid output, but their Shackle Undead Icon Shackle Undead is extremely useful to CC enemies without any chance of them pulling more enemies.



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