Blackrock Depths Upper City Dungeon Guide

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Blackrock Depths is split into two sections, the Detention Block and Upper City. This guide will focus on the later section, Upper City. Blackrock Depths is most commonly referred to as BRD, can be found in Searing Gorge. The recommended level range to run Blackrock Depths: Upper City is 54-61.

In this guide, we will cover dungeon quests, the layout of the dungeon, tactics for each boss and loot that can be obtained inside the upper section of Blackrock Depths.


Blackrock Depths Entrance Location

Blackrock Depths Location

Blackrock Depths is located in the Blackrock Mountain, which can be accessed from either Searing Gorge or Burning Steppes. Head towards Blackrock Mountain and follow the pictures below to find the dungeon entrance.

After entering the mountain, follow these two chains down until you enter the quarry mine.

Run through all the way through the quarry mine till you reach the back, there you will find the entrance portal to Blackrock Depths.

When inside the dungeon, travel through these 2 Shadowforge Gates to make your way towards the Upper City.

After getting past those two gates, head through the last door to the Eastern Garrison. Inside you can activate the Shadowforge Lock to travel across the bridge and reach the Upper City.


Blackrock Depths Quests

Before setting foot in BRD, we strongly advise you to get all the dungeon quests related to it. To make this process easier, we have written a separate guide.


Bosses in BRD Upper City


General Angerforge

  • General Angerforge Enrage Icon Enrage
  • Flurry Icon Flurry
  • Sunder Armor Icon Sunder Armor

General Angerforge himself is fairly simple. The main threat of the fight comes from the adds he starts the fight with, and the adds he will periodically summon throughout the encounter. Quickly deal with the adds that he calls in as they have low health.


General Angerforge Loot

Item Required Level Item Type
Angerforge's Battle Axe Icon Angerforge's Battle Axe 51 Two-Hand Axe
Force of Will Icon Force of Will 55 Trinket
Lord General's Sword Icon Lord General's Sword 51 Main-Hand Sword
Royal Decorated Armor Icon Royal Decorated Armor 53 Mail Chest
Warstrife Leggings Icon Warstrife Leggings 53 Leather Legs

Golem Lord Argelmach

  • Golem Lord Argelmach Chain Lightning Icon Chain Lightning
  • Lightning Shield Icon Lightning Shield
  • Shock Icon Shock

Spread out to prevent the Chain Lightning Icon Chain Lightning from spreading to the entire party and quickly deal with the Golems accompanying Golem Lord Argelmach.


Golem Lord Argelmach Loot

Item Required Level Item Type
Luminary Kilt Icon Luminary Kilt 54 Leather Legs
Naglering Icon Naglering 54 Ring
Omnicast Boots Icon Omnicast Boots 54 Cloth Boots
Second Wind Icon Second Wind 54 Trinket

The Grim Guzzler

The Grim Guzzler is a bar inside of Blackrock Depths. It is filled with neutral bar patrons who will come to the defense of other bar patrons who are being attacked. It is also full of multiple mini-bosses that can be skipped, but your group might want to kill them for various quests.



  • Phalanx Fireball Volley Icon Fireball Volley
  • Mighty Blow Icon Mighty Blow
  • Thunderclap Icon Thunderclap

Keep the party topped up to avoid any deaths to the Fireball Volley Icon Fireball Volley. Have your tank keep their back against a wall to avoid being knocked-back by Mighty Blow Icon Mighty Blow.


Phalanx Loot

Item Required Level Item Type
Bloodfist  Icon Bloodfist 51 One-Hand Fist
Fists of Phalanx Icon Fists of Phalanx 51 Plate Hands
Golem Fitted Pauldrons Icon Golem Fitted Pauldrons 51 Mail Shoulders
Golem Skull Helm Icon Golem Skull Helm 51 Plate Helmet
Rockfist  Icon Rockfist 50 One-Hand Fist

Ribbly Screwspigot

  • Ribbly Screwspigot Gouge Icon Gouge
  • Hamstring Icon Hamstring

Ribbly Screwspigot himself is not a challenge; quickly deal with the adds he has defending him and he will fall shortly after.


Ribbly Screwspigot Loot

Item Required Level Item Type
Ribbly's Bandolier  Icon Ribbly's Bandolier 50 Ammo Pouch
Ribbly's Quiver Icon Ribbly's Quiver 50 Arrow Quiver
Wayfarer's Knapsack  Icon Wayfarer's Knapsack None 16 Slot Bag
Plans: Dark Iron Plate  Icon Plans: Dark Iron Plate 265 Blacksmithing Pattern

Hurley Blackbreath

  • Hurley Blackbreath Drunken Rage Icon Drunken Rage
  • Flame Breath Icon Flame Breath

To summon this boss you will need to smash all three of the storage room on the left as soon as you enter the Grim Guzzer. Deal with the adds that support Hurley Blackbreath first and he should prove to be no challenge afterwards.


Hurley Blackbreath Loot

Item Required Level Item Type
Coal Miner Boots Icon Coal Miner Boots 52 Leather Boots
Firemoss Boots Icon Firemoss Boots 52 Leather Boots
Hurley's Tankard  Icon Hurley's Tankard 52 Main-Hand Mace
Ragefury Eyepatch Icon Ragefury Eyepatch 52 Leather Helmet

Ambassador Flamelash

  • Ambassador Flamelash Burning Spirit Icon Burning Spirit

Ambassador Flamelash will rapidly spawn in low-health elementals that quickly travel towards him. If they reach him they will "merge" with him, granting him a stack of Burning Spirit Icon Burning Spirit, increasing his damage dealt by 30 per each stack. Kill the elementals quickly before they ever reach the boss and this fight will be easy.


Ambassador Flamelash Loot

Item Required Level Item Type
Burst of Knowledge Icon Burst of Knowledge 53 Trinket
Cape of the Fire Salamander Icon Cape of the Fire Salamander 53 Cloak
Flame Wrath  Icon Flame Wrath 51 Polearm
Molten Fists Icon Molten Fists 53 Mail Gloves
Circle of Flame Icon Circle of Flame 54 Cloth Helmets

Chest of the Seven - Summoners' Tomb

In this encounter you will face off against seven dwarven spirits, one at a time. Individually, these spirits are not much of a challenge. Quickly defeat them before the next spirit spawns and this fight will not be difficult at all.

Defeat all 7 of these dwarven spirits to unlock the Chest of The Seven.


Chest of the Seven Loot

Item Required Level Item Type
Blood-etched Blade  Icon Blood-etched Blade 52 One-Hand Dagger
Deathdealer Breastplate Icon Deathdealer Breastplate 52 Mail Chest
Ghostshroud Icon Ghostshroud 52 Leather Helmet
Haunting Specter Leggings Icon Haunting Specter Leggings 52 Cloth Legs
Impervious Giant  Icon Impervious Giant 52 Two-Hand Mace
Legplates of the Eternal Guardian Icon Legplates of the Eternal Guardian 52 Plate Legs
The Hammer of Grace Icon The Hammer of Grace 52 Main-Hand Mace
Wraith Scythe  Icon Wraith Scythe 51 Main-Hand Axe

The Lyceum Gauntlet

While this is not a boss fight, it is worth mentioning. You will need to travel across the vast area and reach the other side. Keep an eye out for the Shadowforge Flame Keepers patrolling the area as you need to loot them for the Shadowforge Torch  Icon Shadowforge Torchs that they carry. You need two torches to extinguish the braziers on the far side of the room to unlock the door to the final chamber of the dungeon.



  • Magmus Fiery Burst Icon Fiery Burst
  • War Stomp Icon War Stomp

The main threat with this fight is the blasts of fire that frequently heat up sections of the area. Make sure your group stands between the fires to avoid taking this avoidable damage. Magmus himself hits fairly hard and stuns nearby enemies with War Stomp Icon War Stomp. As long as you avoid the fires in the area this fight should not be too difficult.


Magmus Loot

Item Required Level Item Type
Golem Skull Helm Icon Golem Skull Helm 51 Plate Helmet
Lavastone Hammer Icon Lavastone Hammer 53 Two-Hand Mace
Libram of Truth Icon Libram of Truth 52 Relic - Libram
Magmus Stone Icon Magmus Stone 53 Off-Hand
Totem of Rage Icon Totem of Rage 52 Relic - Totem

Emperor Dagran Thaurissan and Princess Moira Bronzebeard

This fight can be handled in two different ways, either killing Princess Moira Bronzebeard first, or keeping her alive to complete the faction specific quests. Either way, this encounter is the most difficult fight in the dungeon and can easily wipe a group. Be sure to clear all of the trash inside the room before engaging the boss or he will call on them to aid him!


Emperor Dagran Thaurissan

  • Emperor Dagran Thaurissan Avatar of Flame Icon Avatar of Flame
  • Hand of Thaurissan Icon Hand of Thaurissan
  • Ironfoe Icon Ironfoe

Emperor Dagran Thaurissan hits fairly hard, especially when he buffs himself with Avatar of Flame Icon Avatar of Flame, adding Fire damage to his melee attacks. He will also periodically stun the tank with Hand of Thaurissan Icon Hand of Thaurissan, further increasing their damage taken. Lastly and most dangerously, he will sometimes proc Ironfoe Icon Ironfoe, granting him 10% increased critical strike chance and dealing 3 additional attacks. Combined, all 3 of these can lead to high burst damage on the tank.


Emperor Dagran Thaurissan Loot

Item Required Level Item Type
Dreadforge Retaliator Icon Dreadforge Retaliator 54 Two-Hand Axe
Emperor's Seal Icon Emperor's Seal 55 Ring
Guiding Stave of Wisdom Icon Guiding Stave of Wisdom 54 Staff
Hand of Justice Icon Hand of Justice 53 Trinket
Imperial Jewel Icon Imperial Jewel 55 Necklace
Lightforge Gauntlets Icon Lightforge Gauntlets 54 Plate Gloves
Robes of the Royal Crown Icon Robes of the Royal Crown 55 Cloth Chest
Sash of the Grand Hunt Icon Sash of the Grand Hunt 55 Mail Waist
Thaurissan's Royal Scepter Icon Thaurissan's Royal Scepter 55 Off-Hand
The Emperor's New Cape Icon The Emperor's New Cape 55 Cloak
Wristguards of Renown Icon Wristguards of Renown 55 Leather Bracers
Ironfoe  Icon Ironfoe 55 Main-Hand Mace

Princess Moira Bronzebeard

  • Princess Moira Bronzebeard Heal Icon Heal
  • Mind Blast Icon Mind Blast
  • Power Word: Shield Icon Power Word: Shield
  • Renew Icon Renew
  • Shadow Bolt Icon Shadow Bolt
  • Shadow Word: Pain Icon Shadow Word: Pain
  • Smite Icon Smite

Princess Moira Bronzebeard deals fairly high damage with her spells and should be crowd controlled if not killing her, or interrupted as much as possible if you are focusing her down first. Be especially sure to interrupt her Heal Icon Heal whenever she casts it as he will frequently heal herself and Emperor Dagran Thaurissan.


Princess Moira Bronzebeard Loot

Item Required Level Item Type
Ebonsteel Spaulders Icon Ebonsteel Spaulders 54 Plate Shoulders
Hands of the Exalted Herald Icon Hands of the Exalted Herald 54 Cloth Gloves
High Priestess Boots Icon High Priestess Boots 54 Cloth Boots
Swiftwalker Boots Icon Swiftwalker Boots 54 Leather Boots


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