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Stratholme is a haven of Scourge activity, overseen by the extremely powerful lich Kel'Thuzad, who oversees operations of their forces from Naxxramas. The city is dominated by the Scourge, but a group of the fanatic Scarlet Crusade have managed to construct a base within.


Stratholme Location

Stratholme is found in the northwest of the Eastern Plaguelands. There are two entrances, with the second side entrance found to the east of the main entrance. In order to use this side entrance to skip into the Undead wing, you will need to have obtained the Key to the City Icon Key to the City.


The Key to the City

The key is dropped by Magistrate Barthilas, who can be killed in one of two ways. If someone in your party already has the key and can skip to the Undead wing, you will kill Barthilas as one of the last bosses in the wing. He will run away as soon as you zone in near his normal spawn point.

If nobody has the key, you will have to clear to the Undead wing from the Live wing and you can fight him in his normal spawn location this way.


The Scarlet Key

In order to unlock the Scarlet Bastion area in the Live wing, players will need to have The Scarlet Key Icon The Scarlet Key, which you can read more about in our Scarlet Monastery.



Stratholme was once one of the most populated cities in the human kingdoms and served as the capital and founding city of the Order of the Silver Hand. When Arthas received word that the city was falling to the plague of the Scourge, he killed hundreds of civilians there in what become known as the Culling of Stratholme.


Live Wing

The Live wing of the dungeon is now home to yet another war between the living and the dead; this time, the Scarlet Crusade have set up inside the city and are constantly trying to clear the presence of the Scourge. The Crusade are known for their fanaticism and, even though adventurers entering the dungeon are not members of the Scourge, they see anyone that is not a member of the Crusade as a threat to their order and Azeroth itself.


Undead Wing

The Undead wing is still controlled by the Scourge entirely and, under the leadership of the lich Kel'Thuzad, they shown no signs of giving up their position in the city. Their leader on the ground, a Death Knight known as Baron Rivendare, is extremely powerful and betrayed Prince Arthas when Stratholme fell the first time to the Scourge.


Quest Guides

We have put together quest guides for both of the wings of the dungeon, which contain all of the quests that take place in the dungeon, as well as their prerequisites.

Note that the Undead quest guide contains the quests that are required for upgrading the dungeon sets for each class, but these are generally not attempted in a run of the dungeon along with the rest of the quests. Most players will simply reclear the dungeon at a later date once they have the upgrade quests that lead to Stratholme.



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