Dragons of Nightmare Raid Guides

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These bosses, introduced on WoW Classic alongside Zul'Gurub, are four Green Dragons: Emeriss, Taerar, Ysondre, and Lethon.

Corrupted within the Emerald Dream, they now arrive simultaneously on Azeroth through the Dream Gates in Feralas, The Hinterlands, Ashenvale, and Duskwood, prompting players to hunt them down. This simultaneous spawn allows multiple guilds to chase their loot, allowing for more even World Boss access than before in WoW Classic.


What are the Dragons of Nightmare (Emeriss, Taerar, Ysondre and Lethon)

The four Dragons of Nightmare are especially dangerous World Bosses which have been introduced in WoW Classic alongside Zul'Gurub in order to hint at, and help prepare for, the Ahn'Qiraj raids coming in Phase 5.

Their loot table is of higher level than that of previous World Bosses Azuregos and Lord Kazzak and has many pieces with high Nature Resistance, which can be of great use inside certain encounters of the Ahn'Qiraj raids.


Lore of the Dragons of Nightmare

Lore wise, these Dragons were corrupted inside the Emerald Dream (hence why they spawn near Azeroth's Dream Portals) and are yet more proof that things are not going well inside, as has been hinted at before through Malfurion's absence in the Night Elf society, Naralex's Emerald Dream-fueled nightmare that created the problems at the Wailing Caverns and Eranikus, whose corrupted Shade serves as the final boss in the Sunken Temple and who we will see again shortly in the Scarab Lord legendary quest chain.


Tagging and Killing the Dragons of Nightmare

All four Dragons of Nightmare spawn at the same time in one of four dream portals spread across Azeroth. The location where each specific Dragon spawns is random, however, which could complicate things if you require a particular one, but other groups get to him first.

Because four raid bosses spawn simultaneously, however, the Dragons are the World Bosses that you are most likely to be able to tag and kill on your server, as it will often be the case that other guilds are busy dealing with different Dragons on different locations, while you are heading to your own Dragon spawn.

You can find the dream portals, and Dragons once spawned, at:

  • The Dream Bough area in the northwest of Feralas (50,10)
  • The Seradane area in the northeast of The Hinterlands (62,20)
  • The Bough Shadow area in the northeast Ashenvale (93,38)
  • The Twilight Grove area in the center of Duskwood (45,40)

These are the places you should have Level 20+ Warlock alts at, in the corners of the areas, as there are high level elite Dragonkin patrolling them.


Dragons of Nightmare Boss Guides



Our detailed guide for Emeriss, the deadly mushroom Dragon (do not die!) can be found here:



Our detailed guide for Taerar, the fearing, cloning Dragon (bring off-tanks!) can be found here:



Our detailed guide for Ysondre, the chain lighting (spread out!), add summoning Dragon can be found here:



Our detailed guide for Lethon, the shadow bolt volley, self-healing (single target those shades!) Dragon can be found here:


Dragons of Nightmare Loot

You can find all the loot dropped by the Dragons of Nightmare in our World Boss Loot page, grouped by slot.



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