Multiple Shot/Guided Arrow Amazon (Physical Bowazon) Build Skills for Diablo 2 Resurrected

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This page shows the recommended skill point progression and priority for the Physical Bowazon. Note that the following list refers to the total number of skill points, not the character level, to best account for the 12 bonus skill points granted by quests.


Physical Bowazon Skill Build

This section goes over your ideal skill build. You can see it pictured immediately below in our skill calculator, and then we also provide you with a listed progression.

  1. 1 point to all prerequisites
  2. 20 points to Strafe Strafe — Main general damage skill, required
  3. 20 points to Guided Arrow Guided Arrow — Main single target damage skill, required
  4. 20 points to Multiple Shot Multiple Shot — Main skill for large (10+ monsters) groups, required
  5. 10-20 points to Critical Strike Critical Strike — Passively increases overall damage, required
  6. 9 points to Pierce Pierce — Or enough to reach 100% Pierce Pierce after wearing Razortail Razortail (which gives 33% chance to pierce and stacks additively), required
  7. 17+ points to Valkyrie Valkyrie — extremely helpful in tanking and is almost necessary in a Hardcore playthrough. If you do go for Valkyrie, having at least 17 points total will give her the best gear possible

Physical Bowazon Discussion

The Physical Bowazon will take some gear to really get going but, once fully geared, can clear the Chaos Sanctuary in only a few minutes, even in a full, 8-player game.

Although she is generally a bit of a glass cannon, her damage output and long range abilities make her a great candidate for a team composition or for someone who simply enjoys slaughtering demons from afar.

There are generally two different bows that players end up with for the Physical Bowazon. The first and most common bow is Faith, as it brings in great damage, attack speed with the Fanaticism Fanaticism Aura, a large bonus to Attack Rating, Skills, and more. The other bow seen (especially in older patches) is Windforce Windforce, which still has the highest Maximum Damage and can be used in conjunction with a Faith Act 1 Mercenary. While Faith is usually preferred for all of its other Affixes, Windforce Windforce still remains a fantastic bow that performs well.

On the way to getting one of these bows, there are a few good high-damage options to consider. Goldstrike Arch Goldstrike Arch and Cliffkiller Cliffkiller can be solid, as well as a few other Exceptional and Elite bows listed on the Gear page of this guide. Additionally, you will want to make sure to find good Attack Rating sources, and the Cannot Be Frozen Affix is always helpful for any Physical character. If you are getting hit too often, you may need to be more careful and fully use your long range to your advantage.


Physical Bowazon Stats Discussion


How much Strength Does a Physical Bowazon Need?

Enough for gear — this number always changes based on the gear you are using, so make sure to always double check the Strength requirements of each piece of gear you are planning to use as well as how much Strength each piece will provide once equipped.


How much Dexterity Does a Physical Bowazon Need?

Enough for gear or more — Dexterity can also be used to add a little bit of Attack Rating, but this is generally not the best way to obtain it. Many bows require high Dexterity, meaning you will often end up having enough Attack Rating by nature. Dexterity adds 1% Damage per point so every 100 Points in Dexterity Doubles your Bow Damage. Using this knowledge, you can either run very glass cannon and pump Dexterity very high, or go for more survivability and just use enough for gear.


How much Vitality Does a Physical Bowazon Need?

Everything else into Vitality — 250+ Vitality. Every excess attribute point should be allocated to Vitality, as long as you can meet the Strength and Dexterity requirements of your items by the time you wish to equip them.


How much Energy Does a Physical Bowazon Need?

Nothing — allocating stat points to Energy in a final build is universally considered sub-par for almost every character due to the widespread availability of Mana Potions. For this Frost/Fire Bowazon, it is often recommended to get to around 40-50 Energy while leveling that you can then refund with a respec later into the game.



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