Criterion Dungeon Guide for Refuge of the Powerful

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Welcome to our guide to Criterion Dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV. This page in particular outlines the mechanics for the second mob pack of the dungeon on both Normal and Savage modes.


Mob Group 2: Refuge of the Powerful

In-between the first and second boss there is another room with trash monsters. This room is filled with two Sil'dihn Dullahans and two Aqueduct Armors. These four monsters will patrol the room in circles. Take a moment when clearing your first normal mode dungeon to notice the pattern they move in. It is important to never tank two of these monsters at the same time as overlapping mechanics will one shot your party. You can achieve this by constantly kiting the monsters around the room, avoiding the other patrolling monsters.

The recommended order to clear these monsters is:

  1. Sil'dhin Dullahan
  2. Aqueduct Armor
  3. Sil'dhin Dullahan
  4. Aqueduct Armor

We recommend this order, as more party mitigation is required on the Sil'dhin Dullahans and this allows you to refresh their cooldowns inbetween kills and finally refresh it before the upcoming boss fight, allowing an easier time at beating the overall enrage timer of the dungeon.


Sil'dhin Dullahan

The first monster we'll talk about is the Dullahan. The Dullahan has a few mechanics to worry about:

  1. Infernal Pain applies a nasty bleed/DoT to all players. Mitigate this heavily to help your healer out.
  2. Blighted Gloom places a giant AoE underneath the Dullahan. Dodge this before the telegraph appears as the damage snapshots quickly and combined with the DoT of Infernal Pain this could one shot you.
  3. King's Will applies a buff to the Dullahan. Greatly increasing its damage for the next 12 seconds. Use some tank mitigation here.

Aqueduct Armor

The second monster we'll talk about are the Armors. The Armors will use the following mechanics:

  1. Hells' Nebula sets everyone's HP to 1.
  2. Infernal Weight greatly slows all players. This is always combo'd with Dominion Slash, which targets a random player with a frontal cone. Dodge out of the way of the cone.

As you might have guessed, if you pull a Armor and a Dullahan at the same time, they could cast Infernal Pain and Hells' Nebula at the same time, instantly wiping your party. That's why it's important to learn the pattern and kite accordingly.



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