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Is Plot Twist Warlock the Next Meta-breaker in Saviors of Uldum?

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Our newest Hearthstone writer contemplates how many ranks he can drop at once with the new Warlock Quest, Supreme Archaeology.


It's fair to say that Warlock isn't in the best spot it's ever been. Its current presence in the competitive metagame is limited to one deck, Zoo, and even that is struggling to stay relevant with so many stronger options available to players. As for Plot Twist Warlock, perhaps its fortunes are best illustrated with a short anecdote. When Hearthstone Grandmaster Tyler hit rank 1 Legend at the beginning of Rise of Shadows back in April, he issued a simple challenge to Twitter users: Like this Tweet 500 times, and I'll queue the worst deck in the game at rank 1. That deck, with a 25% win-rate per HSReplay, was none other than Plot Twist Warlock.

Needless to say, he lost.

So why do we think Plot Twist Warlock might be positioned to reclaim some dignity in Saviors of Uldum? The buffs to Spirit Bomb and Dr. Morrigan in the Rise of the Mech update have certainly helped, but we're here for one main reason: the new Legendary Quest card for Warlock, Supreme Archaeology.

Image result for hearthstone tome of origination

Supreme Archaeology asks players to carry out a fairly basic task: draw 20 cards. This is actually a pretty tough thing to do - even if you manage to draw an extra card with Life Tap every single turn, you're still going to take 10 turns to meet that condition. Worse still, by the time you do, you're going to have so few cards remaining in your deck that the value you can get from Tome of Origination will be very limited. And unless you have a specific combo with Baleful Banker in mind, you might not even have any game-winning cards left to discount to 0 Mana.

Enter Plot Twist. On its own merits, Plot Twist is quite a weak card; re-rolling a bad hand might seem appealing, but the investment of 2 Mana and a whole card for the job is far more than the reward really warrants. Its real power lies in its ability to draw up to nine cards at once. Plot Twist Warlock is built around abusing this effect using cards that synergise with card draw: Dollmaster Dorian, Fel Lord Betrug, Aranasi Broodmother - and now, Supreme Archaeology.

One cast of Plot Twist with a full hand will advance your Quest counter by nine cards in one go. That's already enough to make it feasible to get Tome of Origination online by turn 8 or 9. But we can do it even faster - playing Plot Twist after Archmage Vargoth has been played (or placed on the board by Dollmaster Dorian...) could advance your Quest counter by SIXTEEN cards at once. Stick a Vargoth, and you could be discounting cards with Tome of Origination as early as Turn 5! 

Once you have Tome of Origination, you should be set; Plot Twist Warlock is naturally full of expensive cards like Fel Lord Betrug and Deranged Doctor, and slapping them onto the board for 0 Mana should quickly win you the game. You can also go long thanks to the synergy between Plot Twist and Augmented Elekk, which shuffles a second copy of your hand into your deck.

Saviors of Uldum, and Supreme Archaeology with it, will come out on August 6th, but you can try out Plot Twist Warlock today if you like. Check out Kat's full Shuffle Warlock guide for our recommended build and tips on how to play it, but be warned - this is very much an off-meta deck (at least until the Quest comes out), so success is by no means guaranteed!

Do you think Supreme Archaeology will help change Warlock's fortunes? Or have the new cards revealed on Monday inspired you to create a different meta-breaking deck? Let us know in the comments below!

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25 minutes ago, Lemon1 said:

Do you think Supreme Archaeology will help change Warlock's fortunes?

Not really. Sure, it's a way to cheat out big minions, but there are far more reliable ways than tapping to fill your hand in the first turns, plot twisting and then hoping for some good topdecks. This sounds like a Trolden-tastic setup; impressive when it highrolls but absolutely inconsistent. Unless SoU gives us cards to shore up the deck's shotcomings, it'll just be a meme deck.

Not that there's anything wrong with meme decks, as long as people realize winning is a challenge.

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I second Keizoku here, from a different perspective though; what is that warlock wants to with their late game as a quest deck? Sure, 0 mana Lord Jaraxxus is good and all, but this card might be much better in a scenario, where Cubelock/Control Warlock is a thing. Are they? No. Can this make a big change? Likely not.

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