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Saviors of Uldum Card Reveal: Mogu Cultist

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GameSpot have revealed a new 1-Mana neutral Minion. It has a huge payoff for those who can complete its elaborate ritual.


GameSpot have revealed the latest card from Saviors of Uldum: Mogu Cultist!

Mogu Cultist

It's an inauspicious 1 Mana 1/1 until you can complete its "ritual" by getting 7 copies on the board at once. Do that and you'll be rewarded with Highkeeper Ra, a huge threat which should seal your opponent out of the game, if not simply deal lethal damage on the spot. It's a similar challenge to that posed by the recently revealed Desert Obelisk, but more extreme in both payoff and difficulty.


It will take time to figure out how to achieve this condition. It could be fairly straightforward in Rogue with the use of Lab Recruiter and Togwaggle's Scheme, but will that be a better plan than simply spamming huge Pogo-Hoppers?

In other classes the options are less obvious. It might be possible in Priest, thanks to Mass Resurrection and a plethora of copy effects like Vivid Nightmare, but nothing immediately leaps out at us. Let us know if you can solve the puzzle in the comments below!

GameSpot also published an interview with Hearthstone designers Peter Whalen and Alec Dawson to accompany the card reveal, in which they do some light theory-crafting on the new card. Peter Whalen expanded on the fantasy behind it:


"This is a card for the people who think, 'I want to figure out how to make this crazy thing happen,' so here's this puzzle that's actually pretty hard to solve, and if you do solve it, you get something truly amazing. There are players who really like that thing, so we try to make cards that appeal to them."

(Source: Gamespot)

Check out our Saviors of Uldum hub for more info on the new expansion, plus every card revealed so far.

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Trolden! Trolden!


Edit: By the way, Priest can do it, although it would be one hell of a ride. Starting with 2 Cultists in your deck:

- Play one cultist, one Augmented Elekk, one Baleful Banker and one Seance. You now have one extra in hand and two in deck.

- Do the exact same thing again. You now have two in hand and four in deck. (Or one in hand and five in deck)

- Play Bwonsamdi, the Dead to draw all of them, you have six in hand

- Play all six and a Vivid Nightmare, here you go!

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Joke card and why only 20 dmg? Mecha'thun is also a joke but at least it deals lethal dmg and is way easier (still in a joke sense of deck) to pull...

This is pretty much made for making you rage during pack opening... wow a purple border ... then you flip this thing and start cursing the heavens

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If I ever meet someone trying it in Casual Play mode, I'd be willing to keep my opponent alive until he/she manages to fulfill the conditions. Just to see it happen once in my life.

Just one note... The card says the board must be full of Mogu Cultists, it doesn't say you must have 7 of them. Will we ever see a card which shrinks the board size (presumably for both players)?

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27 minutes ago, blackstar128 said:

Does that add 20/20 to 10 mana summon pull ?

To the best of my knowledge, cards which summon a random minion by cost do so from the set of collectible cards only. Otherwise Big Bad Archmage could summon Doom Rats, Greasefire Elementals or Infernals, which I have never seen. But... I could be wrong. If anyone has a more authoritative answer, I'm all ears.

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