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The Saviors of Uldum Nerfs Patch is Live

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Long-awaited changes to Luna's Pocket Galaxy, Dr. Boom, Barnes, and more have arrived.


The first balance patch of the Saviors of Uldum metagame has gone live this evening, bringing cost changes to BarnesConjurer's CallingDr. Boom, Mad GeniusExtra Arms, and Luna's Pocket Galaxy.

The nerfs, announced on Thursday, come just twenty days after the release of Saviors of Uldum, reflecting the longstanding frustration felt by sections of the community towards some of these cards.

Two of the changes, to Extra Arms and Luna's Pocket Galaxy, are to cards which were buffed in the Rise of the Mech update. They have been reverted to their original costs.

The changes are:

The full reasoning for these changes is laid out in the official blog post they were announced in.

The patch hits the three decks we identified as Tier 1 in our first-week Meta Report: Reno Mage, Combo Priest, and Control Warrior. With their power levels reduced, we might see other decks rising to the top of the pile. Highlander Hunter is one such deck - it's likely to become one of the strongest archetypes now that its closest competitors have been nerfed, so check out our full guide to get an edge in the new meta!

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