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Tavern Brawl - The League of Explorers: Revived!

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This new Tavern Brawl is the first one of the Onwards to Uldum event that will conclude with the release of the new single-player content.

With the Tombs of Terror Adventure announced, it's time that you gather up the League of Explorers in order to face the League of E.V.I.L. This week's Tavern Brawl serves as a nice introduction to the Tombs of Terror, since it also has the Dungeon Run format.

You will start off as Elise, a Druid/Priest, and you will work your way through 5 bosses in total. You will face two enemy bosses (the first and the last one) while the middle bosses are the rest of the member of the League of Explorers: you will free up Sir Finley from the sands, you will battle along with Brann against a dinosaur and you will have to kick some sense into Reno.

Deck and Card Buckets

Your Starting Deck is mostly comprised of Druid cards with Token and Spell synergies.

After beating your fellow League members, their respective cards (Sir Finley of the Sands, Dinotamer Brann, Reno the Relicologist) will be added to your deck. As usual, you will be offered card buckets and you will have two choices of Treasures.  From our experience playing the Brawl, the game seems to be smart enough and it doesn't offer you duplicates, so you will still have a Highlander deck.

As far as the card buckets go, you will be offered both Druid and Priest cards.

The Bosses


Terraviss is the first boss you will face. He sports 30 Health and he has the 2-mana Hero Power "Well Equipped". The Hero Power reads "Equip a random weapon. If you already have one, give it +1 attack".


Sir Finley Mrrgglton

FInley's fight is a tad more complicated. The poor Murloc is trapped in sands and you will have to free him up.

His board will start with three 0/3 Pile of Sand minions. As long as there are alive Pile of Sands on the opponent's side of the board, the enemy Hero will remain immune. Moreover, the Pile of Sands will spawn certain minions when they die.


We saw the following minions during our playthrough:

Finley won't play any cards, but his Hero Power will keep you busy. "Shifting Sands" will deal 1 damage to all minions and summon a Pile of Sand.


Basically, in this encounter you will have to build a board big enough to kill the Pile of Sands, kill off (or ignore) whatever threat spawns off them and hit the Boss's face when it's not immune. It's also slightly annoying that your Starting Deck seems to have a considerable amount of 1-Health minions, which are useless in this fight.

Brann Bronzebeard

This is another original encounter, since we have the first co-operative fight with an A.I. opponent/co-player.

You will have to beat and tame a King Krush minion, who swaps sides of the board at each turn. King Krush, Untamed has 60 health and he starts with 8 attack. Each turn, he will also randomly do attack damage on either a minion or a... face at the other side of the board. His attack went up to 10 at some point - I think, it was when he dropped below 30 health.


Brann's Hero Power will summon a random dinosaur which can range from Crackling Razormaw to Direhorn Hatchling. Our advice: let Brann do the work, while you keep your side of the board as full as possible to avoid face damage.

Reno Jackson

Reno has gone crazy with his Gattling Wand and he needs some convincing in order to join you against the League of E.V.I.L.

His Hero Power is the main problem: it does randomly split damage to everyone, working like Arcane Missiles on steroids. It will start at 3 damage, doing 1 damage at a time, with the damage increasing by 1 each turn. You will also have to deal with Reno's annoying Mage spells and minions.


This is an endurance race: most of the damage on Reno's face will be done by his own Hero Power. You just have to keep your board as full as possible, while dealing with annoyances like Sorcerer's Apprentice, Magic Dart Frog and even Archmage Antonidas.

Dark Pharaoh Tekahn

The last boss, Tekahn, felt much more straightforward compared to the previous ones. His Hero Power is EVIL Grasp, which reads: "Add a random Lackey to your hand. All Lackeys are 4/4".



For completing the Tavern Brawl, per usual you will get a Classic card pack.

There's also a special Legendary Quest available which awards a Saviors of Uldum card pack for participating in the Brawl.

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Quite fun Brawl.

You just have to win against Teraviss to get the two card packages.

You do not get anything extra for beating all 5  bosses.

But doing a highlander dungerun run was quite fun

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