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Covenant Signature and Class Ability Upgrades in Shadowlands

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A detailed preview of Covenant Signature and Class abilities and their upgrades.

 Since last Blizzard previewed Covenant Signature and Class abilities, Shadowlands Alpha went live, so we're looking at the individual abilities and their upgrades in more detail. Of note are especially their cooldowns and upgrades, since they caused some controversion in the WoW community. Blizzard's initial design philosophy on Covenants was that they are impactful and switching between them will be difficult, similar to Aldors and Scryers.

What Are Covenants?

Covenants are ruling powers that control Shadowlands and you earn their favor in exchange for various powers for your character. Each Covenant provides you with two upgradable abilities:

  • A generic one available to all members of a Covenant (Covenant Signature Ability);
  • A class-specific ability (Covenant Class Ability).

DISCLAIMER: Note that Shadowlands Alpha is still early in development and the abilities will change throughout testing. We are not sure how to obtain the upgrades at this time and if they are intended for open-world gameplay, as some are obviously themed after Torghast (Darksight Orbs Darksight Orbs Scouring Rags of Torghast Scouring Rags of TorghastCragsman's Fable Cragsman's Fable).

Covenant Signature Abilities


  • Summon Steward - Call your steward to bring you a Phial of Serenity that can be consumed to restore 15% health and remove all Curse, Disease, Poison, and Bleed effects. Your Steward additionally offers access to a selection of useful amenities, each once per day. (5 min cooldown)

By default, the steward can change your talents, tell one of your friends how great they are, and you can sell items to him.


Summon Steward Upgrades

  • Flail of Merkur Flail of Merkur - Your Steward's Phial of Serenity refreshes the cooldown of Elysian Decree.
  • Haven's Breath Haven's Breath - Your Steward's Phial of Serenity refreshes the cooldown of Weapons of Order.
  • Kyrian Warhelm Kyrian Warhelm - Your Steward's Phial of Serenity refreshes the cooldown of Spear of Bastion.
  • Give Compliment Give Compliment - Have your steward give a compliment to a friend!
  • Phial of Light Phial of Light - Your Steward's Phial of Serenity now restores an additional 40% of your health.
  • Phial of Pain Phial of Pain - Your Steward's Phial of Serenity increases damage and healing by 40% for 15 sec.
  • Bottomless Chalice Bottomless Chalice - Your Steward also provides Phials of Serenity for your allies.
  • Parliament Stone Parliament Stone - Your Steward cheers you on, increasing your movement speed by 35%.
  • Strigidium Strigidium - Your Steward can now assist you in combat.
  • Darksight Orbs Darksight Orbs - Your Steward can now hunt for materials within Torghast.

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  • Door of Shadows Door of Shadows - Wend through the shadows, appearing at the targeted location. (35 yd range, 1.5 sec cast, 60 sec cooldown)

Door of Shadows Upgrades

  • Open Doors Open Doors - Doorof Shadows has an instant cast time.
  • Touch of the Unseen Touch of the Unseen - Door of Shadows heals you for 20% of your maximum health.
  • Horrid Nightmares Horrid Nightmares - Door of Shadows causes nearby enemies to run in fear for 1 sec.
  • Bathe in Shadow Bathe in Shadow - Killing an enemy reduces the remaining cooldown of Door of Shadows by 6 sec.
  • Dark Rush Dark Rush - Door of Shadows increases your movement speed by 12% for 5 sec.
  • Prompt Exeunt Prompt Exeunt - Divine Steed removes the cast time of Door of Shadows for 5 sec.
  • Enduring Gloom Enduring Gloom - Door of Shadows grants you a shield that absorbs [ 40% of Total Health ] Physical damage, based on your maximum health. Lasts 8 sec.

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  • Fleshcraft Fleshcraft - Form a shield of flesh and bone over 4 sec that absorbs damage equal to 20% of your maximum health for 2 min. Channeling near a corpse claims their essence to grow the shield, up to 50% of your maximum health. This is most effective against powerful enemies. (10 yd range, 4 sec cast, 2 min cooldown)

Fleshcraft Upgrades

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Night Fae

  • Soulshape Soulshape - Turn into a Vulpin, increasing movement speed by 30%. You may reactivate Soulshape to teleport 10 yds forward. Lasts 12 sec, or indefinitely while in a rest area. (Instant, 1.5 min cooldown)

Alternatively, the ability can turn you into a Wyvern, a Gryphon, a Hippogryph, a Wolfhawk, a Feathered Drak, a Wolf, a Moose, a Bear, a Raptor, a Nightsaber, an Owlcat, a Stag, a Dragon Turtle, a Cobra, a Hyena, a Tiger, a Lion, a Crane, a Teroclaw, a Unicorn, a Moth, a Runestag, increasing movement speed by 30%. You may reactivate Soulshape to teleport 10 yds forward. Lasts 12 sec, or indefinitely while in a rest area.

Soulshape Upgrades

  • Field of Poppies Field of Poppies - When Soulshape ends, you reduce the attack speed and cast speed of nearby enemies by 20% for 15 sec.
  • Sylvari Mantle Sylvari Mantle - When Soulshape ends, you are concealed until you move.
  • Stay on the Move Stay on the Move - Defeating an enemy reduces Soulshape's cooldown by 1.0 sec.
  • Wild Hunt's Charge Wild Hunt's Charge - While out of combat, your Soulshape's teleport becomes a charge, stunning your target for 2 sec and ending your Soulshape.
  • Horn of the Wild Hunt Horn of the Wild Hunt - Soulshape increases the movement speed of allies within 40 yds by 10%.
  • Wild Hunt's Charge Wild Hunt's Charge - Charges to your enemy, stunning them for 2 sec and ending Soulshape.
  • Ethereal Shape Ethereal Shape - Soulshape reduces damage you take by 15%.

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Covenant Class Abilities

Only the Kyrian Covenant upgrades are available for certain classes in the game files for now as of Shadowlands Alpha 9.0.1 Build 34003.

xCZfj7n.jpgDeath Knight

KyrianShackle the Unworthy Shackle the Unworthy - Admonish your target for their past transgressions, reducing the damage they deal to you by 5% and dealing [ 175% of Attack Power ] Arcane damage over 14 sec. While Shackle the Unworthy is active on an enemy, Rune spending attacks reduce its cooldown by 4 sec. (Instant, 30 yd range, 60 sec cooldown)


  • Eyes of the Unceasing Eyes of the Unceasing - Reduce the cooldown of Shackle the Unworthy by 10 seconds.
  • Reinforced Manacle Reinforced Manacle - Shackle the Unworthy reduces enemy damage dealt to you by an additional 10%.
  • Darkhelm of Nuren Darkhelm of Nuren - Shackle the Unworthy causes enemies within 10 yards of your target to tremble in fear, stunning them for 5 sec.
  • Hateforged Cilice Hateforged Cilice - Shackle the Unworthy also increases your damage dealt to the target by 20%.
  • Twisted Hellchoker Twisted Hellchoker - Shackle the Unworthy charms the target, causing them to fight alongside you for until cancelled.

VenthyrSwarming Mist Swarming Mist - A heavy mist surrounds you for 8 sec, increasing your Dodge by 10%. Deals [ 20% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage every 1 sec to enemies within 10 yds. Every time it deals damage you gain 3 Runic Power, up to a maximum of 15 Runic Power. (1 Runes, Instant, 60 sec cooldown)

NecrolordAbomination Limb Abomination Limb - Sprout an additional limb for 12 sec, dealing [ 45% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage every 2 sec to nearby enemies. If an enemy is further than 8 yds from you, they are pulled to your location. (Instant, 2 min cooldown)

Night FaeDeath's Due Death's Due (Replaces Death and Decay Death and Decay) - Corrupts the targeted ground, causing [ 39.6% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage over 10 sec to targets within the area. Enemies damaged deal 1% reduced damage to you, up to a maximum of 15% and their power is transferred to you as an equal amount of Strength. While you remain within the area, your Necrotic Strike  Heart Strike will hit up to 3 additional targets. Scourge Strike and Clawing Shadows will hit all enemies near the target.(1 Runes, Instant, 30 yd range, 30 sec cooldown)

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mwRh6Ou.jpgDemon Hunter

KyrianElysian Decree Elysian Decree - Place a Kyrian Sigil at the target location that activates after 2 sec. Detonates to deal [ 120% of Attack Power ] Arcane damage and shatter up to 3 Lesser Soul Fragments from enemies affected by the sigil. (30 yd range, Instant, 60 sec cooldown)


VenthyrSinful Brand Sinful Brand - Brand an enemy with the mark of the Venthyr, reducing their melee and casting speeds by 30% and inflicting [ 400% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage over 8 sec. Activating Metamorphosis applies Sinful Brand to all nearby enemies. (Instant, 30 yd range, 60 sec cooldown)

Necrolord: NYI (not yet implemented)

Night FaeThe Hunt The Hunt - Charge to an enemy, inflicting [ 250% of Attack Power ] Nature damage and rooting them in place for 3 sec. The target is marked for 60 sec, increasing your Fury from Demon's Bites / Shears against them by 50%. You may reactivate The Hunt every 30 sec to teleport behind the marked target, ignoring line of sight.

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Kyrian: Kindred Spirits Kindred Spirits - Form a bond with an ally. Every 60 sec, you may empower the bond for 10 sec, granting you an effect based on your partner's role, and granting them an effect based on your role. (2% of Base Mana, 2.5 sec cast, 40 yd range)

  • Balance/FeralKindred Empowerment - Energize your bonded partner, granting them 1 primary stat for every 50 damage you deal.
  • GuardianKindred Protection - Protect your bonded partner, redirecting 40% of damage they take to you, unless you fall below 20% health.
  • RestorationKindred Focus - Focus on your bonded partner, replicating 50% of all healing you deal onto them.

VenthyrRavenous Frenzy Ravenous Frenzy - For 20 sec, Druid spells you cast increase your damage, healing, and haste by 2%, stacking. If you spend 1.5 sec idle, the Frenzy overcomes you, consuming 3% of your health per stack, stunning you for 1 sec, and ending. (Instant, 3 min cooldown)

NecrolordAdaptive Swarm Adaptive Swarm - Command a swarm that heals [ 240% of Spell Power ] or deals [ 150% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage over 12 sec to a target, and increases the effectiveness of your periodic effects on them by 20%. Upon expiration, travels to a new target within 25 yards, alternating between friend and foe up to 3 times. (Instant, 40 yd range, 25 sec cooldown)

Night FaeConvoke the Spirits Convoke the Spirits - Call upon the Night Fae for an eruption of energy, channeling a rapid flurry of 16 Druid spells and abilities over 4 sec. You will cast Moonfire, Wrath, Regrowth, Rejuvenation, Thrash, Rake, Shred, and Ironfur on appropriate nearby targets, favoring your current specialization.

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KyrianResonating Arrow Resonating Arrow - Fire a resonating arrow to the target location that fills the area with echoing anima for 10 sec. The effect causes your attacks to ignore line of sight to enemies in the area, and you have 30% increased critical strike chance against them. (Instant, 40 yd range, 60 sec cooldown)

VenthyrFlayed Shot Flayed Shot - Fire a shot at your enemy, causing them to bleed for [ 250% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage over 20 sec. Each time Flayed Shot deals damage, you have a 15% chance to gain Flayer's Mark, causing your next Kill Shot to be usable on any target, regardless of their current health. (10 Focus, Instant, 40 yd range, 30 sec cooldown)

NecrolordDeath Chakram Death Chakram - Throw a deadly chakram at your current target that will rapidly deal [ 50% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage up to 7 times. Each time the chakram damages a different target, its damage is increased by 15% and you generate 3 Focus. (Instant, 40 yd range, 45 sec cooldown)

Night Fae: NYI

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KyrianRadiant Spark Radiant Spark - Conjure a radiant spark that causes [ 76% of Spell Power ] Arcane damage instantly, and an additional [ 29.6% of Spell Power ] damage over 8 sec. The target takes 10% increased damage from your direct damage spells, stacking each time they are struck. This effect ends after 4 spells. (2% of Base Mana, 1.5 sec cast, 40 yd range, 30 sec cooldown)


  • Anima-Flecked Topaz Anima-Flecked Topaz - Reduce the cooldown of Radiant Spark by 5 seconds.
  • Scroll of the Arcane Meditator Scroll of the Arcane Meditator - Radiant Spark’s initial damage is increased by 100%.
  • Winged Curio Winged Curio - Extend the duration of Radiant Spark by 4 seconds.
  • Long-Forbidden Words Long-Forbidden Words - Radiant Spark can be cast instantly and interrupts spellcasting.
  • Urael's Finality Urael's Finality - After hitting an enemy with Radiant Spark, the damage of your 4th subsequent direct damage spell against that target is increased by an additional 600%.
  • Wizard's Prayer Wizard's Prayer - 800% of the damage dealt by Radiant Spark is returned as healing to the mage's party.

VenthyrMirrors of Torment Mirrors of Torment - Conjure 3 mirrors to torment the enemy for 20 sec. Whenever the target casts a spell or ability, a mirror is consumed to inflict [ 75% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage and their movement and cast speed are slowed by 15%. The final mirror will instead inflict [ 198% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage to the enemy, Rooting and Silencing them for 4 sec. (4% of Base Mana, 1.5 sec cast, 40 yd range, 1.5 min cooldown)

NecrolordDeathborne Deathborne - Transform into a powerful skeletal mage for 20 sec. While in the form of a skeletal mage, your Frostbolt, Fireball, and Arcane Blast hit up to 2 enemies near your target and your spell damage is increased by 10%. (5% of Base Mana, 1.5 sec cast, 3 min cooldown)

Night FaeShifting Power Shifting Power - Draw from the ground beneath you for 6 sec, dealing [ 60% of Spell Power ] Nature damage every 2 sec to nearby enemies. While channeling your Mage ability cooldowns are reduced by 3 sec every 2 sec. (5% of Base Mana, 6 sec cast, 15 yd range, 45 sec cooldown)

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KyrianWeapons of Order Weapons of Order (10% of Base Mana, Instant, 2 min cooldown) - For the next 30 sec, your Mastery is increased by 15%. Additionally,

  • Brewmaster: Keg Smash cooldown is reset instantly and enemies hit by Keg Smash take 5% increased damage for 8 sec, stacking up to 5 times.
  • Mistweaver: Essence Font cooldown is reset instantly and heals nearby allies for  [ 240% of Spell Power ] health on channel start and end.
  • Windwalker: Rising Sun Kick cooldown is reset instantly and your Rising Sun Kick reduces the cost of your Chi Abilities by 1 for 5 sec.


  • Haven's Breath Haven's Breath - Your Steward's Phial of Serenity refreshes the cooldown of Weapons of Order.
  • Anima-Tinged Weapon Oil Anima-Tinged Weapon Oil - Increase the Mastery granted by Weapons of Order by an additional 10%.
  • Maw-Darkened Slippers Maw-Darkened Slippers - Jumping or Rolling while under the effects of Weapons of Order will shoot a bolt of Radiant energy at a nearby enemy, dealing Arcane damage.
  • Forgotten Armor of Order Forgotten Armor of Order - Weapons of Order increases Armor by 50%.
  • Balancing Stave Balancing Stave - The mastery effect of Weapons of Order also affects critical strike, haste, versatility, and leech ratings.
  • Cragsman's Fable Cragsman's Fable - Weapons of Order does not incur a cooldown for the first 2 minutes of any Torghast floor.

Venthyr: NYI

Necrolords: NYI

Night Fae: NYI

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KyrianDivine Toll Divine Toll - Instantly cast Holy Shock, Avenger's Shield, or Judgment on up to 5 targets within 30 yds (based on your current specialization). (15% of Base Mana / 30 % of Base Mana, Instant, 30 yd range, 60 sec cooldown)


  • Ember of the Carillon Ember of the Carillon - Reduce the cooldown of Divine Toll by 10 seconds.
  • Sonorous Shards Sonorous Shards - Divine Toll no longer has a mana cost.
  • Belt of the Mawsworn Avenger Belt of the Mawsworn Avenger - Divine Toll is automatically cast when Avenging Wrath is cast, and again when it expires.
  • Cacopony Core Cacopony Core - Divine Toll increases the caster’s Stamina by 5% for each target hit. This effect lasts for 30 sec.
  • Big Clapper Big Clapper - Casting Divine Toll also instantly stuns all enemies within 30 yards.
  • Soul's Tolls Soul's Tolls - Divine Toll has a chance to instantly kill enemy targets.

Venthyr: Hallow the target area, dealing [ 1,200% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage split among enemies and restoring [ 1,320% of Spell Power ] health split among injured allies over 12 sec. The land remains filled with anima, causing [ 300% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage to all enemies over 60 sec. You gain the benefits of Consecration while within the area. (30 yd range, 1.5 sec cast, 4 min cooldown)

Necrolords: NYI

Night Fae: NYI

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KyrianBoon of the Ascended Boon of the Ascended - Draw upon the power of the Ascended for 10 sec, granting you access to Ascended Nova, replacing:

  • Discipline/Holy: Smite with Ascended Blast, and increasing movement speed by 50%.
  • Shadow: Mind Flay with Ascended Blast, and increasing movement speed by 50%.

Upon expiration, releases an Ascended Eruption: Explode for [ 150% of Spell Power ] Arcane damage to all enemies and [ 200% of Spell Power ] healing to all allies within 15 yds, increased by 3% for each stack of Boon of the Ascended. (1.5 sec cast, 3 min cooldown)


  • Torch of Humility - Your next Boon of the Ascended lasts for 30 sec.
  • Faithstone Faithstone - Your self-healing from Boon of the Ascended is increased by 100%.
  • Second Chorus Second Chorus - The cooldown of Boon of the Ascended is reduced by 30 sec.
  • Feathered Fetters Feathered Fetters - The damage and healing of Boon of the Ascended's effects are increased by 300%, but you cannot move for its duration.
  • Glorious Prayer Glorious Prayer - Boon of the Ascended heals you for 100% of your health. Ascended Eruption restores 100% of your Mana.

VenthyrMindgames Mindgames - Assault an enemy's mind, dealing [ 200% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage and briefly reversing their perception of reality. For 5 sec, the next [ 400% of Shadow Spell Power ] damage they deal will heal their target, and the next [ 400% of Shadow Spell Power ] healing they deal will damage their target. Reversed healing and damage restores up to 4% mana. (1.5 sec cast, 40 yd range, 45 sec cooldown)

NecrolordsUnholy Nova Unholy Nova - An explosion of dark energy heals allies within 15 yds for [ 150% of Spell Power ] and infects enemies with Unholy Transfusion. (0.5% of Base Mana, Instant, 60 sec cooldown)

  • Unholy Transfusion: Deals [ 200% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage over 15 sec. Enemies who damage this target are healed for [ 20% of Spell Power ].

Night Fae: NYI

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KyrianEchoing Reprimand Echoing Reprimand - Deal [ 60% of Attack Power ] Arcane damage to an enemy, extracting their anima to Aethercharge a combo point. Damaging finishing moves that consume the same number of combo points as your Aethercharge deal damage as if they consume 7 combo points. Awards 3 combo points. (30 Energy, Instant, Melee range, 45 sec cooldown)


VenthyrSlaughter Slaughter - Slaughter the target, causing [ 95.47% of Attack Power ] Physical damage. The target's anima mixes with your lethal poison, coating your weapons for the next 5 minutes. Slaughter Poison deals Shadow damage over 12 sec. and steals 15% of healing done to the target. Awards 2 combo points. (50 Energy, Instant, Requires Melee Weapon & Stealth, Melee Range)

NecrolordsSerrated Bone Spike Serrated Bone Spike - Embed a bone spike in the target, dealing [ 60% of Attack Power ] Physical damage every 5 sec until they die. Attacking with Serrated Bone Spike causes all of your active bone spikes to fracture and strike your current target, increasing initial damage by 100% per spike. (10 Energy, Instant, 30 yd range, Requires One-Handed Melee Weapon)

Night Fae: NYI

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KyrianVesper Totem Vesper Totem - Summon a totem at the target location for 30 sec. Your next 3 damage spells or abilities will cause the totem to radiate [ 50% of Spell Power + 50% of Attack Power ] Arcane damage to up to 6 enemies near the totem, and your next 3 healing spells will heal up to 6 allies near the totem for [ 100% of Attack Power ] health. Casting this ability again while the totem is active will relocate the totem. (10% of Base Mana, Instant, 40 yd range, 60 sec cooldown)


VenthyrChain Harvest Chain Harvest - Send a wave of anima at the target, which then jumps to additional nearby targets. Deals [ 45% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage to up to 5 enemies, and restores [ 120% of Spell Power ] health to up to 5 allies. For each target critically struck, the cooldown of Chain Harvest is reduced by 5 sec. (2.5 sec cast, 40 yd range, 1.5 min cooldown)

Necrolords: NYI

Night Fae: NYI

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KyrianScouring Tithe Scouring Tithe - Deal [ 100% of Spell Power ] Arcane damage instantly, and [ 144% of Spell Power ] over 18 sec. If the enemy dies while affected by Scouring Tithe, you generate 5 Soul Shards. If they survive, Scouring Tithe's cooldown is refreshed. (2% of Base Mana, 2 sec cast, 40 yd range, 40 sec cooldown)


  • Tome of Taking Tome of Taking - Reduce the cooldown of Scouring Tithe by 6 seconds.
  • Tithing Dish Tithing Dish - If an enemy dies while under the effects of Scouring Tithe, they instantly grant 25 Phantasma to all players.
  • Indebting Word Indebting Word - Increase Scouring Tithe’s periodic damage by 75%.
  • Languishing Soul Detritus Languishing Soul Detritus - Increase the duration of Scouring Tithe by 200%.

VenthyrImpending Catastrophe Impending Catastrophe - Call forth a cloud of chaotic of anima that travels to the target enemy, dealing [ 100% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage to enemies in its path. When the anima reaches the target it explodes, inflicting a random Curse and dealing [ 261% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage over 12 sec to all nearby enemies. (4% of Base Mana, 2 sec cast, 30 yd range, 60 sec cooldown)

NecrolordsDecimating Bolt Decimating Bolt - Hurl bolts of decimating magic at your target, dealing [ 800% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage and increasing the damage of your next 3 Incinerates, Drain Souls, or Shadow Bolts by 250%. Decimating Bolt's damage, and the bonus to Incinerate, Drain Soul, or Shadow Bolt both increase as your target's health decreases. (4% of Base Mana, 2.5 sec cast, 40 yd range, 45 sec cooldown)

Night Fae: NYI

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KyrianSpear of Bastion Spear of Bastion - Throw a Kyrian spear at the target location, dealing [ 200% of Attack Power ] Arcane damage instantly and an additional [ 216% of Attack Power ] damage over 4 sec. Enemies hit are tethered to Spear of Bastion's location for the duration. Generates 25 Rage.  (25 yd range, Instant, 60 sec cooldown)


  • Kyrian Warhelm Kyrian Warhelm - Your Steward's Phial of Serenity refreshes the cooldown of Spear of Bastion.
  • Elysian Shoulderwrap Elysian Shoulderwrap - Increase Spear of Bastion's periodic damage by 50%.
  • Stonepiercer Signet Stonepiercer Signet - Increase the duration of Spear of Bastion by 50%.
  • Ancient Prolegomenon Ancient Prolegomenon - Casting Spear of Bastion also applies 5 stacks of Sunder Armor to the target, reducing their armor by 25% for 30 sec.
  • Soulcarved Vow Soulcarved Vow - The damage effect of Spear of Bastion lasts forever.
  • Spearheads of Eternity Spearheads of Eternity - The instant damage dealt by Spear of Bastion is increased by 100% each time it is cast, up to a maximum of 800%, after which it returns to its base damage again and repeats the cycle.

VenthyrCondemn Condemn (Replaces Execute Execute) - Condemn a foe to suffer for their sins, causing [ 255% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage. Only usable on enemies who are above 80% health or below 20% health. The primary target is weakened, preventing [ 200% of Attack Power ] damage they would deal to you. If your foe survives, a portion of the Rage spent is refunded. Generates 20 Rage. (20 Rage, Instant, Requires Melee Weapon, Melee range, 6 sec cooldown)

NecrolordsConqueror's Banner Conqueror's Banner - Brandish the banner of the Necrolords for 2 min, increasing your movement speed by 10% and causing Mortal Strike, Raging Blow, and Shield Slam  to grant you Glory. Killing an enemy grants 2 stacks of Glory. Reactivating this ability plants the banner in the ground, granting 20% maximum health and 50% attack speed to you and 4 allies within 15 yds of the banner. Lasts 2 sec per Glory, up to 30 sec. (Instant, 2 min cooldown)

Night Fae: NYI

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Some OBVIOUS tweaks are needed.

For example: Door of Shadows grants you a shield that absorbs [ 40% of Total Health ] Physical damage, based on your maximum health. Lasts 8 sec.  Door of Shadows is on a 60 second cooldown.    That means tanks tanking a boss (or engaged in world pvp) could do a 1 ft teleport every 60 seconds to get a powerful shield.      That's a bit nuts, especially since you can do various acts/upgrades to lower that 60 seconds even further or adds a heal.

On the other side of the equation, Fleshcrafting seems way too janky in its current form.    Needing corpses to function at all is going to create issues.     If it's mathematically worth taking for some class to get the stat buffs, you're looking for trash mobs to drag to boss areas to absorb mid fight?    Blizzard seems to love their corpse mechanics but unless they're going to give DKs/Warlocks the ability to "Summon corpse hill" its not really ever going to be viable.  

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      So once again, thanks to Belivious677 for pointing out the secret has been solved, to HandyNotes maker Zarillion for putting the search together and to the WoW secret finding discord for, well, finding the secret!
    • By Starym
      We have a very useful list/visual made by TempusSimian today, as they've taken a look at all the Covenant-related mounts you can acquire, and you don't even need to be in that specific Covenant for all of them (although you might need help from someone who is)! This isn't a definitive and final list, as TempusSimian has just researched the matter and the expansion is 2 days old, but it's very useful nonetheless! It's also a giant image so zoom in for the best results!

      In terms of actually being able to ride the mounts when not in that specific Covenant, the non-Covenant specific section SHOULD be usable regardless of affiliation. Another thing to note: it's likely that after Shadowlands, all of the Covenant exclusive mounts will become available to everyone, as you won't be in your Covenant for the next expansion's content (presumably, at least). We can't be sure on that last one, but it's a safe/reasonable bet. Also, don't forget, you can swap Covenants if you're just after the mounts for your collection and mounts collected total number (so maybe one of your alts will be the Covenant traitor and go around collecting mounts)!

      So thanks a lot to TempusSimian for assembling this and hopefully it will aid you in your mount collecting journey!
    • By Staff
      It seems Blizzard are putting together some official info for new players, as we have a new trailer for new players and their adventure in Exile's Reach, as wel as the official Chromie Time guide/reminder to chekc out. 
      Timewalking Campaigns (source)
      Have you ever wanted to seamlessly explore the story in full for Wrath of the Lich King, Burning Crusade, or a different past expansion? Now you can fully immerse yourself in any expansion’s questlines (and earn level-appropriate loot and experience gains) with Timewalking Campaigns! Once you reach level 50 on any character on your account, any 10 to 49 level characters can use Timewalking Campaigns to choose an expansion for their leveling experience. To do so, interact with the Hero’s Call Board located in Stormwind’s Trade District or Orgrimmar’s Warchief’s Command Board in the Valley of Strength and select “Chromie’s Call.” From here, you’ll be pushed a quest, “Adventurers Wanted: Chromie’s Call” which will lead you to Chromie who awaits adventurers near the Stormwind Embassy to the north-west of the Dwarven District or the Orgrimmar Embassy in the southern-most area of The Valley of Spirits. After meeting with Chromie, you’ll be able to pick a campaign from any past expansion which will scale to your level.
      Now just select a campaign, and you’re ready for adventure! Simply follow the new quest pushed to you and travel to the destination listed in the quest’s objective. From there you’ll be able to explore the expansion content as you choose, and can even stay within the content for the entirety of your level-up experience.
      Exploring Dungeons
      While using the Dungeon Finder (hotkey: I), you'll be offered dungeons for your selected timeline to keep the exploration of the zone’s story intact. However, if you join a group and different characters have chosen different timelines, you'll be able to enter the queue for dungeons from any timeline represented by the party. If the queue for dungeons within the timeline you’ve chosen takes too long to find a suitable group, you’ll be offered to expand the search to other timelines.
      Timewalking Campaigns are available for you to use as soon as your character reaches level 10 or completes the new starting experience, Exile’s Reach. Now, go forth in your journey—your future is waiting for you in the past!
    • By Stan
      Battle for Azeroth is over, and we are taking a final look at how tanks and healers ranked in Mythic+ during the final week!
      DATA RELIABILITY: The data used in this article comes from benched.me. Reddit user OtherwiseUniversity7 plotted all keys available from the Blizzard API (excluding the CN region) on a single ridge plot to gather all data.
      Total Runs Recorded
      We are first looking at the total runs recorded for each specialization that we filter down to find out the most popular ranged and melee DPS specializations in the subsequent sections of this article.
      Most Popular Tanks for Mythic+
      1st: Protection Paladin - 644,782 runs 2nd: Vengeance Demon Hunter - 398,483 runs 3rd: Brewmaster Monk - 320,971 runs 4th: Blood Death Knight - 310,136 runs 5th: Protection Warrior - 266,016 runs 6th: Guardian Druid - 228,635 runs Detailed Look at Spec Performance
      The meta kicks in at around Keystone 16+, where most specializations lose their share of representation to the meta classes.

      Share of Tank Specializations in Weekly Top 6,000 Runs
      Here is a sample of the top 500 runs for each dungeon (6,000 total keys) each week. We then count the number of times each spec appears in this weekly top 500 sample. Spec numbers go up and down each week as a result of the Tyrannical/Fortified split.

      Most Popular Healers for Mythic+
      1st: Restoration Druid - 645,537 runs 2nd: Restoration Shaman - 412,500 runs 3rd: Discipline Priest: 359,561 runs 4th: Holy Paladin - 273,054 runs 5th: Mistweaver Monk - 238,220 runs 6th: Holy Paladin - 234,232 runs Detailed Look at Spec Performance

      Share of Healer Specializations in Weekly Top 6,000 Runs

    • By Stan
      Forlorn's Grace is a buff obtained at the Court of Harvesters in Revendreth that increases your damage instead of decreasing it as it says on the tooltip, resulting in a +10% damage buff. 
      Rextroy made a short video on a buff that's supposed to decrease your damage done by 2% per stack, but instead, it increases it on live servers.
      The buff stacks up to 5 times, resulting in a 10% damage buff. Rextroy hopes this will get fixed before Castle Nathria opens.
      Rextroy also made a short video about the buff that you can watch below.
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