Alteisen Island Guide for Lost Ark

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Alteisen is a deserted island full of scrap metal. There is not much plant life to be found here, but lots of junk to pick through.

Alteisen Region Location

Cooperative Quest

The cooperative quest here is to kill the world boss that spawns on the island. This boss will only spawn according to the dates available on the Procyon's Eye Compass.

Alteisen Mokoko Map

Island Quest

This island has a straightforward purple quest that rewards 3 Sea Coin Chest, 7 uncommon general Engraving pouches, and a +5 stat potion.


Island Token

The Island Token is a random drop off the World Boss that spawns here.


Mokoko Seeds

This Island is home to 4 Mokoko Seeds, two of which are out in the open. The remaining 2 are located inside this house on the north side of the map.

Alteisen Mokoko Map


While this Island does have many Mining nodes, the large amount of enemies surrounding these nodes makes mining here unappealing.



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