South Vern Mokoko Seeds Locations in Lost Ark

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This page provides the locations for all Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark's South Vern.


South Vern Mokoko Seeds

The continent of South Vern is split between two open world maps and zero dungeons. For Mokoko Seed locations for each area, select the desired map from the list below.

South Vern Lost Ark

The Virtue requirements in South Vern are fairly high for new players. This is personal opinion, but I would avoid trying to collect these until you meet the requirement of 350 points in each stat.

As well as Virtue requirements, two of the Mokoko Seeds on this continent will require two extra items from the Adventure Tome that is not so easily obtained. The first item is the Magical Vernese Brandy, and it's given to you through maximum Rapport with Thar. To give you an idea of how to prioritize this, that's 57,800 Rapport points. The second item is arguably worse to get, it's the Candarian Cold Lager. TThis requires you to find the recipe for the drink, and the recipe itself is split into multiple parts. A brief overview of how to obtain the recipe pages is as follows:

  • Page 1: Can be bought from Herdis in Bellion Ruins for 200,000 Silver Icon Silver
  • Page 2: Can be found in Candaria Territory just North of Pavnir the Potion Merchant.
  • Page 3: This is acquired by farming Black Knight Soldiers and Black Knight Familiars in Candaria Territory, specifically around Woodville Village.
  • Page 4: Can be bought from Herdis in Bellion Ruins for 450,000 Silver Icon Silver
  • Page 5: Can be found in Bellion Ruins in the South Downtown area. It's in the rubble of a broken housing structure.
  • Page 6: This is acquired by farming Black Knight Soldiers and Black Knight Commanders in Bellion Ruins, specifically between West Plaza and South Ruins. The drop rate is not very high, you've been warned.

You will also need the song Hymn of the Sun, but that comes through the story, so it should be a non-issue for obtaining.


South Vern Open World Mokoko Maps



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