Feiton Mokoko Seeds Locations in Lost Ark

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This page provides the locations for all Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark's Feiton.


Feiton Mokoko Seeds

The continent of Yorn is split between five open world maps and two dungeons. For Mokoko Seed locations for each area, select the desired map from the list below.

Feiton Lost Ark

Following the trend from previous locations, Feiton has a few horizontal progression requirements that are necessary to meet before you can grab 100% completion of the Mokoko Seeds in this area. You will want at least 60% Adventurer Tome completion for the song "Soulful Requium" alongside 300 points in all four Virtue stats.

There is a food requirement for Feiton in the form of two different beverages; Failed Distilled Beverage and the Legendary Cooking item, Bloody Fist. To obtain the Failed Distilled Beverage, buy some Wood Blood from Eod in Kalaja. Click them so they will be turned into either Failed Distilled Beverage or Somewhat Complete Distilled Beverage. Continue to click on the Somewhat Complete Distilled Beverage to have a chance at making Almost Complete Distilled Beverage, and continue to click on this item for a small chance at creating the Bloody Fist. Supposedly, this item has been nerfed and the chances of obtaining the Bloody Fist is higher than it was on launch.


Feiton Open World Mokoko Maps


Feiton Dungeon Mokoko Maps



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