Season of Discovery Discipline Priest Healer Talents and Runes

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On this page, you will find out the best PvE talents for your Discipline Priest in WoW Classic — Season of Discovery, as well as advised runes.


Discipline Priest Healing Talent Build

Your talent build as an Discipline Priest is fairly set in stone, the highlighted above is generally the build that will give you the most Healing/Sustain. At level 40 the addition of the incredibly powerful cooldown Power Infusion Icon Power Infusion makes all of your talent points required in the Discipline tree.

  • Gloves — Penance Icon Penance
  • Pants — Prayer of Mending Icon Prayer of Mending
  • Chest — Strength of Soul Icon Strength of Soul
  • Waist — Empowered Renew Icon Empowered Renew
  • Feet — Pain Suppression Icon Pain Suppression

Penance Icon Penance and Circle of Healing Icon Circle of Healing are both great choices and depend entirely on the situation you find yourself in, Penance Icon Penance is an incredibly strong single target heal that you have to channel, ideally you want to cast this when you know you will be able to channel it completely or it loses a considerable amount of its value. Circle of Healing Icon Circle of Healing is another great choice as it instantly heals members of your party, while it does heal more per cast than Penance Icon Penance that healing is split among 5 targets. The mana cost of Circle of Healing Icon Circle of Healing can at times be difficult to manage but thanks to talents such as Mental Strength Icon Mental Strength, Mental Agility Icon Mental Agility and Meditation Icon Meditation you will have an easier time managing your mana.

Prayer of Mending Icon Prayer of Mending is one of if not the single strongest healing abilities in your arsenal as a priest. it synergizes incredibly with Discipline talents like Mental Agility Icon Mental Agility that make it an even more efficient choice. If you find yourself in a situation where the healing is not needed then consider taking Homunculi Icon Homunculi which summons three minions that will deal damage and apply debuffs to the target reducing the targets Attack Power, Attack Speed and Armor.

While both Strength of Soul Icon Strength of Soul and Serendipity Icon Serendipity are great choices, Strength of Soul Icon Strength of Soul is a bit stronger as Discipline due to the strengths of talents such as Improved Power Word: Shield Icon Improved Power Word: Shield. Both serve similar purposes but in a situation where you are casting Power Word: Shield Icon Power Word: Shield often the reduced time on Weakened Soul can be impactful especially when tank healing.

Empowered Renew Icon Empowered Renew is the default as Renewed Hope Icon Renewed Hope synergizes rather poorly with Strength of Soul Icon Strength of Soul. Strength of Soul Icon Strength of Soul actively works towards removing the duration of Weakened Soul whereas Renewed Hope Icon Renewed Hope benefits from it being active on a target. Empowered Renew Icon Empowered Renew also allows you to use Renew Icon Renew as an emergency heal as it now heals instantly as well as allowing it to be stacked with Renew Icon Renew from other priests.

Pain Suppression Icon Pain Suppression is an incredibly powerful cooldown that can be used to mitigate a ton of incoming damage, this will be your default choice as it is often a used as a tank cooldown though in a situation where a fight is longer and there are no real spikes of damage you can consider using Dispersion Icon Dispersion for the mana return aspect, however be ready to cancel this effect as you are not able to cast spells while Dispersed.

More engravings are likely to come out as we reach higher level caps so make sure to checkout our general Runes guide to get a better understanding of what all tools you have available to your Priest.


Notable Discipline Priest Talents

Inner Focus Icon Inner Focus When activated makes your next spell cast free and increases its critical strike chance by 25%. As a Healer the ability to crit on demand can be the difference between someone living and dying as well as having an essentially free heal helps with mana.

Meditation Icon Meditation allows 5% of your Mana Regeneration to occur while casting per rank, maxing out at 15%. The ability to regenerate mana while casting is huge in Classic WoW and while tools like the Shadowfiend Icon Shadowfiend have been added to help with mana there is never a situation where you have too much.

Mental Strength Icon Mental Strength increases your maximum Mana by 2%, maxing out at 10%. As mentioned above, the more Mana the better as it allows you to cast less efficient healing abilities in emergency situations or even deal damage with excess mana with abilities such as Shadow Word: Pain Icon Shadow Word: Pain. This also synergizes incredibly with Shadowfiend Icon Shadowfiend that returns mana at a percentage based on your total mana.

Power Infusion Icon Power Infusion is one of the most powerful cooldowns in all of Classic WoW; it increases the Spell Damage and Healing done by 20% for 15 seconds on the target. This, paired with many other class buffs, provides for an absolutely insane damage increase.



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