Priest Healer Pre-Raid Gear

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On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items from Pre-Raid content for your Priest Healer in WoW Classic. For more gearing advice, please refer to our Priest Healer Gearing and Best in Slot guide.


Pre-Raid Best in Slot (BiS) List for Holy and Discipline Priests

This is the gear we recommend before entering Onyxia and Molten Core.

Slot Item Source
  • Cassandra's Grace Icon Cassandra's Grace
  • Crimson Felt Hat Icon Crimson Felt Hat
  • The Postmaster's Band Icon The Postmaster's Band
  • World drop BoE
  • Magistrate Barthilas in Stratholme (undead)
  • Postmaster Malown in Stratholme (undead)
  • Animated Chain Necklace Icon Animated Chain Necklace
  • Tooth of Gnarr Icon Tooth of Gnarr
  • Burial Shawl Icon Burial Shawl
  • Kentic Amice Icon Kentic Amice
  • Elder Wizard's Mantle Icon Elder Wizard's Mantle
  • Minibosses in Scholomance
  • High Interrogator Gerstahn in Blackrock Depths
  • World drop BoE
  • Hide of the Wild Icon Hide of the Wild
  • Cloak of the Cosmos Icon Cloak of the Cosmos
  • Raincaster Drape Icon Raincaster Drape
  • Truefaith Vestments Icon Truefaith Vestments
  • Robes of the Exalted Icon Robes of the Exalted
  • Robe of Everlasting Night Icon Robe of Everlasting Night
  • Sublime Wristguards Icon Sublime Wristguards
  • Magister's Bindings Icon Magister's Bindings
  • Necropile Cuffs Icon Necropile Cuffs
  • Hands of the Exalted Herald Icon Hands of the Exalted Herald
  • Hands of Power Icon Hands of Power
  • Whipvine Cord Icon Whipvine Cord
  • Thuzadin Sash Icon Thuzadin Sash
  • Dustfeather Sash Icon Dustfeather Sash
  • Padre's Trousers Icon Padre's Trousers
  • Senior Designer's Pantaloons Icon Senior Designer's Pantaloons
  • Skyshroud Leggings Icon Skyshroud Leggings
  • Boots of the Full Moon Icon Boots of the Full Moon
  • Dragonrider Boots Icon Dragonrider Boots
  • Omnicast Boots Icon Omnicast Boots
  • Fordring's Seal Icon Fordring's Seal
  • Rosewine Circle Icon Rosewine Circle
  • Emerald Flame Ring Icon Emerald Flame Ring
  • Maiden's Circle Icon Maiden's Circle
  • Eye of Orgrimmar Icon Eye of Orgrimmar
  • Songstone of Ironforge Icon Songstone of Ironforge
  • Cyclopean Band Icon Cyclopean Band
  • Questline In Dreams in Eastern Plaguelands
  • Urok Doomhowl in Lower Blackrock Spire
  • Prince Tortheldrin in Dire Maul West
  • World drop BoE
  • Questline The Princess Saved? (horde)
  • Questline The Princess's Surprise (alliance)
  • Ok'thor the Breaker (Ring of Law) in Blackrock Depths
  • Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas Icon Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas
  • Briarwood Reed Icon Briarwood Reed
  • Second Wind Icon Second Wind
  • Mindtap Talisman Icon Mindtap Talisman
  • Burst of Knowledge Icon Burst of Knowledge
  • Blessed Prayer Beads Icon Blessed Prayer Beads
  • Questline Holy Bologna: What the Light Won't Tell You in Dire Maul North
  • Jed Runewatcher (rare) in Upper Blackrock Spire
  • Golem Lord Argelmach in Blackrock Depths
  • Magister Kalendris in Dire Maul West
  • Ambassador Flamelash in Blackrock Depths
  • Questline in Sunken Temple Blood of Morphaz
One-Hand The Hammer of Grace Icon The Hammer of Grace Seven Dwarves in Blackrock Depths
  • Brightly Glowing Stone Icon Brightly Glowing Stone
  • Thaurissan's Royal Scepter Icon Thaurissan's Royal Scepter
  • Spirit of Aquementas Icon Spirit of Aquementas
  • King Gordok in Dire Maul North
  • Emperor Dagran Thaurissan in Blackrock Depths
  • Quest reward from It's Dangerous to Go Alone in Un'Goro Crater
  • Guiding Stave of Wisdom Icon Guiding Stave of Wisdom
  • Rod of the Ogre Magi Icon Rod of the Ogre Magi
  • Staff of Jordan Icon Staff of Jordan
  • Emperor Dagran Thaurissan in Blackrock Depths
  • King Gordok (Tribute Run) in Dire Maul North
  • World drop BoE
  • Bonecreeper Stylus Icon Bonecreeper Stylus
  • Stormrager Icon Stormrager
  • Lethtendris's Wand Icon Lethtendris's Wand
  • Darkmaster Gandling in Scholomance
  • Quest reward from Order Must Be Restored (Alliance) / The Scarlet Oracle, Demetria (Horde)
  • Lethtendris in Dire Maul East

**Note: Some slots such as Helm, Cloak, Wrists, Gloves and Wand have "of Healing" items that drop either randomly from some bosses, or as uncommon greens found throughout the world. These often have a very high Healing Power bonus and are good choices while gearing up for raid.



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