Jin'do the Hexxer Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

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Jin'do the Hexxer is the final boss before Hakkar, and the second to last optional boss in the raid. He can be found to the far north-west, where he is waiting with his totems and voodoo magic.


Jin'do the Hexxer Summary by Role



  • You will want 2 tanks, or just 1 tank if they are a Druid.
  • If your tank is not a Druid, then your two tanks need to swap every time the current tank gets Hex IconHexed.




  • Jin'do himself is relatively harmless, but his adds are quite dangerous. Always prioritize the adds over killing Jin'do, if any are alive.
  • Make sure everyone knows the kill priority order for adds.
  • Have a Mage or Warlock assigned to AoE down skeletons in the skeleton pit when they spawn.

General Tips for Jin'do the Hexxer

  • During the fight, players can sometimes get mind controlled. If you play a class like Priest with an AoE CC such as Psychic Scream Icon Psychic Scream, you should keep it on cooldown to ensure your mind controlled character does not use it.
  • Everyone in the raid needs to be aware of the add kill order. From most important to least important, kill Shade of Jin'do, before Powerful Healing Ward, before Brain Wash Totem, before Jin'do the Hexxer.

Strategy for Jin'do the Hexxer

Pull Jin'do the Hexxer to start the fight. If you have two non-Druid tanks, a Priest or Paladin will need to dispel Hex IconHex on the tank whenever it is cast. If your tank is a Druid, then they cannot be Hexed while in Bear form, so you will not need to worry about it. The tanks will be good for the rest of the fight where they are, but the DPS will have some adds to deal with. There are three main add types consisting of two totems and some shades.

  • Powerful Healing Ward is the first totem that sometimes spawns, which just heals things and needs to be killed immediately.
  • Brain Wash Totem is the second type of totem that will spawn, which can mind control the nearest player. It is a good idea to have anyone with a powerful AoE CC ability such as Psychic Scream Icon Psychic Scream keep it on cooldown throughout the fight just in case they get mind controlled so they do not use it on the raid. Just kill the totem quickly and all should be good.
  • The last add that you will deal with are the Shade of Jin'do. These are ghosts that deal Shadow damage, but are invisible to players. The only people who can see them are the ones who have the Delusions of Jin'do IconDelusions of Jin'do curse, which is why it is incredibly important to not dispel this curse. Anyone with this curse, including healers, should work to kill any shades as soon as possible.

Lastly, Jin'do will sometimes teleport a player into a pit in the room, spawning a bunch of skeletons around them. The player just needs to run out, but you should have a Mage or Warlock assigned to AoE down the skeletons when they spawn.


Important Abilities

  • Hex IconHex needs to be dispelled from tanks.
  • Delusions of Jin'do IconDelusions of Jin'do needs to NOT be dispelled.
  • Watch for the totems to kill them.

Loot from Jin'do the Hexxer

Item Slot
Animist's Boots Icon Animist's Boots Feet
Blooddrenched Leggings Icon Blooddrenched Leggings Legs
Bloodsoaked Gauntlets Icon Bloodsoaked Gauntlets Hands
Bloodstained Coif Icon Bloodstained Coif Head
Bloodstained Legplates Icon Bloodstained Legplates Legs
Bloodtinged Gloves Icon Bloodtinged Gloves Hands
Overlord's Embrace Icon Overlord's Embrace Back
The Hexxer's Cover Icon The Hexxer's Cover Head
Jin'do's Bag of Whammies Icon Jin'do's Bag of Whammies Off-Hand
Jin'do's Evil Eye Icon Jin'do's Evil Eye Neck
Jin'do's Hexxer Icon Jin'do's Hexxer Mace
Jin'do's Judgement Icon Jin'do's Judgement Staff


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