Gehennas Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot (Updated for the Season of Mastery)

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Gehennas is the third boss you will encounter in Molten Core, and can be found on the side of the main, larger area in the middle of the raid.

You will have to go back to the main area after killing Magmadar, where you will find Gehennas, just before Garr.


Gehennas Summary by Role



  • Ideally you will want three tanks for this fight.
  • Hold the boss and adds facing away from the raid.
  • The Season of Mastery version of this encounter includes four Flamewakers instead of two.


  • Druids should be using Remove Curse Icon Remove Curse as much as possible to deal with Gehennas' Curse IconGehennas' Curse.
  • Make sure you are in range of the tank, but do not be in melee range.



General Tips for Gehennas

  • Have at least a few Druids and Mages to remove curses.
  • If you are worried about decurses, you can use Restorative Potion Icon Restorative Potions.
  • If you want to avoid being stunned as a melee, use a Free Action Potion Icon Free Action Potion on pull.

Season of Mastery Strategy for Gehennas

Gehennas is another relatively simple fight that involves killing two adds and then Gehennas himself. Four Flamewakers sit with Gehennas and will need to be targeted and killed by the raid when the fight begins.

You will want three tanks for this fight, one to hold Gehennas and the others to hold two adds each. Face the boss and adds away from the raid, and have the DPS burn the adds one at a time before switching to Gehennas.

The biggest threat in this fight is generally people not moving out of the Rain of Fire Icon Rain of Fire. As long as everyone knows it is coming and are paying attention, you should not have any problems.

It is worth noting that if your guild or group is full of players with Blackwing Lair and Zul'Gurub gear, you can almost certainly just stack everything and cleave it down on pull.


Important Abilities

  • Fist of Ragnaros IconFist of Ragnaros is an AoE stun cast by the Flamewaker adds. This will affect melee, and they will just need to wait it out unless they use Free Action Potion Icon Free Action Potions beforehand to avoid being stunned.
  • Gehennas' Curse IconGehennas' Curse is a curse effect cast by Gehennas that reduces the target's healing taken by 75%. This will need to be removed by a Druid or a Mage.
  • Rain of Fire Icon Rain of Fire is an AoE damage ability that causes fire to rain down on a specific area. If you are inside the Rain of Fire when it is cast, just quickly move out of it to stop taking damage.

Loot from Gehennas

Below is a list of the loot available from this boss, but you can see a full loot list from the raid on our Molten Core Loot page.


Tier 1 Loot

Item Required Level Slot Class
Earthfury Gauntlets Icon Earthfury Gauntlets 60 Hands Shaman
Giantstalker's Boots Icon Giantstalker's Boots 60 Feet Hunter
Gloves of Prophecy Icon Gloves of Prophecy 60 Hands Priest
Lawbringer Gauntlets Icon Lawbringer Gauntlets 60 Hands Paladin
Nightslayer Gloves Icon Nightslayer Gloves 60 Hands Rogue
Sabatons of Might Icon Sabatons of Might 60 Feet Warrior

Non-Tier Loot

Item Required Level Slot
Crimson Shocker Icon Crimson Shocker 58 Wand
Flamewaker Legplates Icon Flamewaker Legplates 56 Legs
Heavy Dark Iron Ring Icon Heavy Dark Iron Ring 60 Finger
Manastorm Leggings Icon Manastorm Leggings 58 Legs
Ring of Spell Power Icon Ring of Spell Power 60 Finger
Robe of Volatile Power Icon Robe of Volatile Power 60 Chest
Salamander Scale Pants Icon Salamander Scale Pants 59 Legs
Sorcerous Dagger Icon Sorcerous Dagger 60 Weapon
Wristguards of Stability Icon Wristguards of Stability 60 Wrist


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  • 25 May 2020: Added strategy for over-geared groups.
  • 07 Nov. 2019: Page added.
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