Lower Blackrock Spire Quests Guide

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This guide lists all the quests you can do in the Lower Blackrock Spire dungeon: Alliance quests, Horde quests, class quests, profession quests, etc.

For more information about the dungeon, please refer to our detailed Lower Blackrock Spire dungeon guide.

There are several neutral quests available in Burning Steppes along with a couple of faction specific quests in LBRS.


The Final Tablets

This quest chain is rather long, starting in Tanaris and spans across multiple dungeons.

  1. Screecher Spirits
  2. The Prophecy of Mosh'aru
  3. The Ancient Egg
  4. The God Hakkar
  5. The Lost Tablets of Mosh'aru
  6. The Final Tablets



Kibler's Exotic Pets

  • Kibler's Exotic Pets can be picked up from Kibler in Flame Crest in the Burning Steppes at level 55.
  • The worg pups spawn during the Halycon boss fight in LBRS. You will need to use the Empty Worg Pup Cage Icon Empty Worg Pup Cage on one of them during the fight while the pup is still alive to capture it.
  • Return to Kibler to turn in the quest.

Seal of Ascension

This quest is started inside the dungeon by speaking with Scarshield Infiltrator and acquiring the 4 pieces of the Seal of Ascension to be able to unlock the door to Upper Blackrock Spire.

  1. Seal of Ascension

Bijou's Belongings

Bijou is a NPC in Lower Blackrock Spire that is part of a separate quest for both Alliance and Horde. Both quests require level 55 to obtain.



  • First pick up Operative Bijou from Lexlort in the Badlands.
  • Next you will travel to LBRS to find Bijou. She can be found down the ramp in the next room after Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin.
  • Bijou will give you a quest to find her belongings. Head back the way you came before and clear out all of the trolls inside. Somewhere in the room you will find Bijou's Belongings.
  • Return to Bijou before returing to Lexlort in the Badlands.



Maxwell's Mission

To obtain this quest you must first complete Bijou's Belongings and a single follow-up quest.

  1. Bijou's Belongings
  2. Message to Maxwell
  3. Maxwell's Mission

General Drakkisath's Command

This quest is started from the General Drakkisath's Command Icon General Drakkisath's Command dropped by Overlord Wyrmthalak.

  1. General Drakkisath's Command

[A] Put Her Down

This is an Alliance-only quest that can be picked up from Helendis Riverhorn in the Burning Steppes at level 55. He will give you a new quest to kill Halycon in LBRS. Once you have killed Halycon, return to Helendis Riverhorn to complete the quest.


[H] The Pack Mistress

This is a Horde-only quest that can be picked up from Galamav the Marksman in the Badlands at level 55. He will give you a new quest to kill Halycon in LBRS. Once you have killed Halycon, return to Galamav the Marksman to complete the quest.


Warlord's Command

This quest is picked up by speaking with Warlord Goretooth in Kargath and listening to all of his gossip dialogue text.

  1. Warlord's Command


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