The Stockade Dungeon Guide

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The Stockade is an extremely accessible dungeon for Alliance players between Level 25 and 30 to clear the final bosses. This is one of the shortest dungeons in Classic and can be completed in under half an hour.

Located within Stormwind City, The Stockade is a prison that houses some of the most dangerous criminals in kingdom of Stormwind.


The Stockades Entrance Location

The entrance to The Stockade is located in Stormwind City, at the northern corner of the Mage District.

Just as with the Deadmines, there is no reason for Horde players to complete this dungeon while leveling. It is too difficult to get to Stormwind as a Horde player and the time taken to do this would be better used leveling elsewhere.


The Stockades Quests

Before setting foot in the Stockade, we strongly advise you to get all the dungeon quests related to it. To make this process easier, we have written a separate guide.


Layout of The Stockades

The Stockade is an extremely easy instance to navigate, simply being made up of long, straight corridors, with jail cells on each side.

It is worth noting that there are always 2 chests in the dungeon and they can spawn in any of cell rooms. They can spawn unlocked or locked, in which case you will need a Rogue to open it.


Notable Trash in The Stockade

The only thing to keep in mind for the trash in The Stockade is that nearly every single mob will run away at low HP to look for help. You will need to slow, snare or stun the mobs to make sure that they do not pull further.

When pulling trash in this instance, make sure to pull the mobs to you and away from other packs, rather than moving your group towards the mobs. This will decrease the likelihood of the mobs pulling another pack when they run away before you can stop them.

Trash in this instance will respawn, so be prepared to clear the same packs multiple times when moving back through the instance.


Bosses in The Stockade


Targorr the Dread

  • Targorr the Dread Enrage Icon Enrage
  • Thrash Icon Thrash
  • Targorr the Dread — Level 24 elite humanoid that can be found in multiple jail cells along the first corridor. If you cannot find him in the first corridor, make sure to check every cell while killing other bosses.

  • 5.2.

    Bruegal Ironknuckle

    Bruegal Ironknuckle

    Bruegal Ironknuckle is the only rare spawn of the dungeon and can be found in one of the cells in the dungeon. Make sure to check every room for him. He is also the only "boss" that drops loot in this dungeon.


    Loot from Bruegal Ironknuckle

    Item Required Level Slot
    Prison Shank Icon Prison Shank 21 Weapon
    Iron Knuckles Icon Iron Knuckles 21 Weapon
    Jimmied Handcuffs Icon Jimmied Handcuffs 21 Wrist

    Kam Deepfury

    • Kam Deepfury Defensive Stance Icon Defensive Stance
    • Improved Blocking Icon Improved Blocking
    • Shield Slam Icon Shield Slam

    Kam Deepfury — Level 27 elite humanoid that can be found in multiple jail cells. Check for him while you are looking for Targorr.



    • Hamhock Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust
    • Chain Lightning Icon Chain Lightning

    Hamhock — Level 28 humanoid that can be found guarding the final room of the eastern corridor.


    Bazil Thredd

    • Bazil Thredd Battle Shout Icon Battle Shout
    • Smoke Bomb Icon Smoke Bomb

    Bazil Thredd — Level 29 elite humanoid that can be found in one of the rooms that Hamhock was guarding.


    Dextren Ward

    • Dextren Ward Intimidating Shout Icon Intimidating Shout
    • Strike Icon Strike

    Dextren Ward — Level 26 elite humanoid that is found at the end of the western corridor.


    You can clear this dungeon with nearly any class setup, but it is advised to bring at least 1 class that has a snare or slowing effect. This is due to the huge number of mobs that will run away at low HP; slowing or snaring them will prevent them from pulling more mobs.

    For this role, you can bring a Hunter, for Wing Clip Icon Wing Clip, a Rogue, for Crippling Poison Icon Crippling Poison, or a Warrior, for Hamstring Icon Hamstring.

    Rogues are also useful for opening chests throughout the dungeon.



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