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Classic Rogue DPS Gear and Best in Slot

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On this page, you will find the best PvE gear and best in slot items for your Rogue DPS in WoW Classic.


Gearing Strategy for Rogues

While a clear best in slot list is always available in WoW Classic, the items contained might be extremely hard or expensive to get. Depending on what content you intend on doing will change your gearing strategy.

This page focuses on PvE, but you can find more information on gearing a Rogue for PvP in our other guide below.


WoW Classic Phases

As stated by Blizzard, WoW Classic will have six phases, starting with Molten Core, Onyxia's Lair, and Maraudon, and ending with Naxxramas and the Scourge Invasion. This guide currently contains information relevant to Phase 1.


Rogue Raid Best in Slot (BiS) List for Temple of Ahn Qiraj Raid

This is the gear we recommend for Rogue in the AQ40 patch.

Slot Item Source
  • Deathdealer's Helm Icon Deathdealer's Helm
  • Barbed Choker Icon Barbed Choker
  • Deathdealer's Spaulders Icon Deathdealer's Spaulders
  • Cloak of Concentrated Hatred Icon Cloak of Concentrated Hatred
  • Deathdealer's Vest Icon Deathdealer's Vest
  • Qiraji Execution Bracers Icon Qiraji Execution Bracers
  • Gloves of Enforcement Icon Gloves of Enforcement
  • Belt of Never-ending Agony Icon Belt of Never-ending Agony
  • Deathdealer's Leggings Icon Deathdealer's Leggings
  • Deathdealer's Boots Icon Deathdealer's Boots
  • Master Dragonslayer's Ring Icon Master Dragonslayer's Ring
  • Don Julio's Band Icon Don Julio's Band
  • Jom Gabbar Icon Jom Gabbar
  • Drake Fang Talisman Icon Drake Fang Talisman
  • Ancient Qiraji Ripper Icon Ancient Qiraji Ripper
  • Chromatically Tempered Sword Icon Chromatically Tempered Sword
  • Death's Sting Icon Death's Sting
  • Blessed Qiraji Pugio Icon Blessed Qiraji Pugio
  • C'Thun in AQ40
  • Reward from Imperial Qiraji Armaments Icon Imperial Qiraji Armaments
  • Larvae of the Great Worm Icon Larvae of the Great Worm

Alternative Phase 5 Gear for Rogues

Slot Item Source
  • Bloodfang Hood Icon Bloodfang Hood
  • Field Marshal's Leather Mask Icon Field Marshal's Leather Mask
  • Darkmantle Cap Icon Darkmantle Cap
  • Prestor's Talisman of Connivery Icon Prestor's Talisman of Connivery
  • Onyxia Tooth Pendant Icon Onyxia Tooth Pendant
  • Choker of the Shifting Sands Icon Choker of the Shifting Sands
  • Nightslayer Shoulder Pads Icon Nightslayer Shoulder Pads
  • Field Marshal's Leather Epaulets Icon Field Marshal's Leather Epaulets
  • Darkmantle Spaulders Icon Darkmantle Spaulders
  • Puissant Cape Icon Puissant Cape
  • Cloak of Firemaw Icon Cloak of Firemaw
  • Cloak of the Honor Guard Icon Cloak of the Honor Guard/Deathguard's Cloak Icon Deathguard's Cloak
  • Drops from the World Boss Azuregos
  • Firemaw in Blackwing Lair
  • Purchased from PvP Vendor for Exalted with Arathi Basin Reputation.
  • Bloodfang Chestpiece Icon Bloodfang Chestpiece
  • Field Marshal's Leather Chestpiece Icon Field Marshal's Leather Chestpiece
  • Darkmantle Tunic Icon Darkmantle Tunic
  • Bloodfang Bracers Icon Bloodfang Bracers
  • Bracers of the Eclipse Icon Bracers of the Eclipse
  • Darkmantle Bracers Icon Darkmantle Bracers
  • Bloodfang Gloves Icon Bloodfang Gloves
  • Marshal's Leather Handgrips Icon Marshal's Leather Handgrips
  • Darkmantle Gloves Icon Darkmantle Gloves
  • Bloodfang Belt Icon Bloodfang Belt
  • Darkmantle Belt Icon Darkmantle Belt
  • Nightslayer Belt Icon Nightslayer Belt
  • Bloodfang Pants Icon Bloodfang Pants
  • Marshal's Leather Leggings Icon Marshal's Leather Leggings
  • Darkmantle Pants Icon Darkmantle Pants
  • Bloodfang Boots Icon Bloodfang Boots
  • Marshal's Leather Footguards Icon Marshal's Leather Footguards
  • Darkmantle Boots Icon Darkmantle Boots
  • Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight Icon Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight
  • Ring of the Qiraji Fury Icon Ring of the Qiraji Fury
  • Band of Accuria Icon Band of Accuria
  • Badge of the Swarmguard Icon Badge of the Swarmguard
  • Hand of Justice Icon Hand of Justice
  • Earthstrike Icon Earthstrike
  • Grand Marshal's Longsword Icon Grand Marshal's Longsword
  • Vis'kag the Bloodletter Icon Vis'kag the Bloodletter
  • Grand Marshal's Dirk Icon Grand Marshal's Dirk
  • Perdition's Blade Icon Perdition's Blade
  • Striker's Mark Icon Striker's Mark
  • Crossbow of Imminent Doom Icon Crossbow of Imminent Doom
  • Gurubashi Dwarf Destroyer Icon Gurubashi Dwarf Destroyer

Rogue Pre-Raid Best in Slot (BiS) List

In order to get ready for raiding, it is recommended that you follow this guide in order to learn which gear to gather for maximizing DPS before ever setting foot in raids, and probably also before getting your first epic loot.


Rogue Raid Best in Slot (BiS) List for Molten Core / Onyxia's Lair

Molten Core and Onyxia's Lair are the first raids in WoW Classic, and will probably award you with your first pieces of epic gear. While most of the gear found here is easily replaceable later, there are a few pieces, such as Striker's Mark Icon Striker's Mark and Bloodfang Hood Icon Bloodfang Hood, which will last you through Blackwing Lair./p>


Rogue PvP Best in Slot Gear

You can find our recommended gear for PvPing as a Rogue in the link below.


Fire Resistance Gear for Rogue

Fire Resistance can be a very helpful stat to have, especially when progressing through Molten Core and Blackwing Lair. Read this guide to find the Fire Resistance pieces for your class, in case you are in need of extra resistance.


Rogue Weapons

Since weapons are such a broad topic, we have written a full guide about Rogue weapons.



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