Season of Discovery Subtlety Rogue DPS Talents and Runes

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On this page, you will find out the best PvE talents for your DPS Subtlety Rogue in WoW Classic — Season of Discovery, as well as advised runes.


Subtlety Rogue DPS Talent Build

Your talent build as an Subtlety rogue is largely set in stone due to the strength of talents located deep within the Subtlety tree such as Preparation Icon Preparation and Deadliness Icon Deadliness.


Gloves — Mutilate Icon Mutilate

Pants — Envenom Icon Envenom

Chest — Deadly Brew Icon Deadly Brew

Waist — Shadowstep Icon Shadowstep

Feet — Master of Subtlety Icon Master of Subtlety

Mutilate Icon Mutilate will be the default choice for gloves thanks to recent changes that have reduced its energy cost to 40. It also synergizes incredibly well with the talent Opportunity Icon Opportunity as well as many of the other Runes we have chosen like Envenom Icon Envenom and Deadly Brew Icon Deadly Brew. Mutilate Icon Mutilate deals 20% additional damage to a target afflicted by a Poison while Envenom Icon Envenom and Deadly Brew Icon Deadly Brew also work to constantly apply more poisons.

Envenom Icon Envenom deals bonus damage to targets that are afflicted by Deadly Poison Icon Deadly Poison which Deadly Brew Icon Deadly Brew works constantly to apply. This also synergizes incredibly with Mutilate Icon Mutilate as it also deals more damage to a poisoned target. Between the Eyes Icon Between the Eyes is a great toolif you find yourself needing a ranged stun but deals considerably less damage and will not benefit from the other Runes we have chosen the same way Envenom Icon Envenom does.

Deadly Brew Icon Deadly Brew applies a stack of Deadly Poison Icon Deadly Poison anytime another poison is applied to the target, this scales incredibly well with other talents such as Mutilate Icon Mutilate and Envenom Icon Envenom which both deal additional damage against a target that is poisoned.

Shadowstep Icon Shadowstep is an incredibly powerful mobility cooldown that teleports you behind your current target and increases your movement speed by 70% for 3 seconds. This can also be used in conjunction with the talent Preparation Icon Preparation in a situation where you need to cover a lot of distance quickly. Shuriken Toss Icon Shuriken Toss is another great choice however as it allows you to deal AoE damage. AoE is Rogues single greatest weakness so should you find yourself in a situation where consistent AoE is required definitely switch to Shuriken Toss Icon Shuriken Toss.

Master of Subtlety Icon Master of Subtlety increases your damage by 10% for 6 seconds after exiting stealth, this greatly strengthens our opener and turns Vanish Icon Vanish into a DPS cooldown. Also consider using Preparation Icon Preparation to reset your Vanish Icon Vanish cooldown for even more uptime on the Master of Subtlety Icon Master of Subtlety buff.

More engravings are likely to come out as we reach higher level caps so make sure to checkout our general Runes guide to get a better understanding of what all tools you have available to your Rogue.


Notable Subtlety Rogue Talents

Opportunity Icon Opportunity greatly increases the damage dealt by your Mutilate Icon Mutilate ability. Mutilate Icon Mutilate benefits from any effect that benefits Backstab Icon Backstab unless otherwise stated.

Elusiveness Icon Elusiveness reduces the cooldown of your Vanish Icon Vanish and Blind Icon Blind abilities by 90 seconds. Pairing Vanish Icon Vanish and Master of Subtlety Icon Master of Subtlety allows for a considerable damage boost.

Preparation Icon Preparation instantly resets the cooldown of all other Rogue abilities. This can be used in a plethora of ways to either refresh the cooldown of a defensive ability such as Evasion Icon Evasion or Blind Icon Blind or push the damage by resetting your Vanish Icon Vanish cooldown allowing you to re-enter stealth and deal 10% more damage thanks to Master of Subtlety Icon Master of Subtlety.

Deadliness Icon Deadliness Increases your attack power by 10% while this is an incredibly simple talent it will greatly increase the damage you deal and makes gear scale even better when receiving an upgrade.



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