Maraudon Purple Wing Dungeon Guide

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Maraudon is a dungeon with 3 wings that each require different levels and setups depending on which one you are attempting. For the Purple wing, The Wicked Grotto, we recommend gathering a group of level 45-47 players for a smooth run. This wing can be completed in under 15 minutes.

The other wings are Maraudon Orange and Maraudon Inner.


Entrance Location

The entrance to Maraudon is in Desolace (30, 62). Find the temple-looking doors that mark its outdoor entrance and adventure inside, following a linear path and slaying Centaurs until you arrive at three distinct path options.

This page will describe what is past the purple path, to the left. Advance past it, and you will quickly arrive at the instance portal to The Wicked Grotto area of Maraudon.


Quests in Maraudon

It is important that you pick up the dungeon quests for the Purple wing of Maraudon before heading inside, as you can get loot (such as Mark of the Chosen Icon Mark of the Chosen) from them, and solid amounts of experience.

The quests are all outlined in our separate dungeon quest guide for this instance.


Layout of Purple Maraudon

The layout of this dungeon has some forks that quickly lead to dead ends, and can thus be considered pretty linear. You can find Lord Vyletongue near the end of the dungeon wing area and Celebras the Cursed, as well as Inner Maraudon shortly afterwards.


Notable Trash in Purple Maraudon

Most packs in this dungeon have weak and strong enemies within. If you can, try to use area of effect attacks to kill the weak enemies quickly, at which point you can focus on the stronger ones.

Because you will need to cross some high areas with enemies below, be careful not to get too close to them, as pulling accidentally will result in a huge enemy train coming for your group!


Bosses in Maraudon Purple


Lord Vyletongue

  • Lord Vyletongue Blink Icon Blink
  • Multi-Shot Icon Multi-Shot
  • Smoke Bomb Icon Smoke Bomb

Lord Vyletongue is a Level 49 elite demon, who has stealthed demons around him, two of which are directly linked to him when pulled.

These extra enemies, as well as the high level and dangerous ranged abilities of this boss, make it one of the hardest bosses in Maraudon, relative to the level you will usually do this wing at.

To deal with his ranged attacks, it can be advantageous to have everyone run to his melee range, preventing him from using some of his attacks. When he teleports away, just line of sight him behind a corner, gaining some time to deal with the adds uninterrupted and forcing him to come into melee range.


Loot from Lord Vyletongue

Item Required Level Slot
Satyrmane Sash Icon Satyrmane Sash 45 Belt
Infernal Trickster Leggings Icon Infernal Trickster Leggings 45 Legs
Satyr's Lash Icon Satyr's Lash 45 Dagger

If you are going in under-leveled, Warlocks are excellent would-be members, due to their CC ability, Banish Icon Banish, which is great against the many Demons present in the dungeon.

Regardless, you should be able to clear the dungeon with any group setup.



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  • 04 Apr. 2024: Guide updated for Phase 3 of Season of Discovery.
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