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Journey to Un'Goro is Now Live

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Journey to Un'Goro is now live in the Americas region, and Europe and Asia will follow soon after.

The expansion signals the start of The Year of the Mammoth, which means that cards from The Grand Tournament, League of Explorers, and Blackrock Mountain will no longer be legal in the Standard format. As always, all cards will be legal in Wild.

Six cards will also be entering the Hall of Fame, which effectively means they are being moved to Wild too. Those cards are Azure DrakeConcealIce LancePower OverwhelmingRagnaros the Firelord, and Sylvanas Windrunner. These changes, alongside the leaving expansions, and of course the 135 new cards, mean that the game will change a huge amount in the coming days!

Journey to Un'Goro also introduces two new major mechanics, Adapt, and Quests. Adapt gives a minion the ability to Discover an additional ability, while Quests give the player a mission, and then give a great reward for completing that mission. We have a guide to each of those mechanics, with lists of each option. The Quests guide is available here, while the Adapt guide can be found here.

As usual, we have decks available for opening day, and those will be maintained by L0rinda and Pesty for many hours a day over the coming days. The opportunity to test, and create new decks will mean that we will have a large amount of content being released, as the new meta-game begins to form. Keep checking back to our main Hearthstone page, as well as our Hearthstone Forums for updates, as well as to leave your feedback.

Happy New Year from the team, and may your packs all contain Legendaries.

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55 packs... two legendaries. Glad I got lots of dust from the hall of fame (and literally 100+ duplicates, thanks RNG). Have to wait for the meta to shake out a little bit and craft a couple to make much of a deck.

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Discard Zoo Lock, 10-0. Aggro is still king, especially while everyone is trying for force the slow quests into their decks.


Addition: just played another discard lock, he was so obsessed with his quest he discarded Lord Jaraxxus and Deathwing... Without Reno those are about the only "recovery" plays warlock has now. People need to stop forcing the quest so much.

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On 07.04.2017 at 6:22 AM, YourGod said:

Quest nzoth priest is excellent. I am 12-2 with it currently. The key is 2 mind controls and a Medivh for a super heavy late game. 

Just wait. U'll meet quest rogues soon =)

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Rogue quest decks have taken up the "f--k you" mantle left by pirate warriors. Either you kill them before turn 6 or hope they get a bad draw or you lose. Its been less than a week and I'm already bored with the amount of quest rogue decks out there. Everything they need to win happens during their turn with nothing you can do about it. Then they kill you with charge minions. As an opponent to a questing rogue there's literally no decisions for you to make, there's no counter play. Its boring as hell.

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