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Legendary Quests are a new type of Card introduced in the Journey to Un'Goro expansion. They are 1-Mana spells that offer huge rewards once a special requirement has been met.

Progress towards completing a Quest can only be made after the Quest has been played and Quests will always start in your opening hand to ensure you have adequate time to complete them within a game, however they can still be mulliganed away if Quest completion is not a high priority.

In a similar fashion to Secrets, Quests are shown on the board of a Hero's portrait once they have been played and are represented by an exclamation mark. Unlike Secrets, both players are able to view which Quests are in play at any time.


Druid Legendary Quest

Jungle Giants requires you to summon a total 5 minions with 5 or more Attack in a game. The Quest includes minions summoned from all sources, which makes cards such as Giant Anaconda particularly useful as it can potentially count towards the Quest twice.

Most Druid decks naturally contain numerous powerful minions which makes the Quest able to comfortably fit into a range of Druid decks. A Ramp Druid deck is potentially the best fit for the Quest due to huge amount of Mana acceleration to get big minions out as fast as possible. It can even be used as an extra tool for Jade Druid, as Jade Golems naturally scaling over time will also complete the Quest with minimal effort.

If you are able to successfully finish the Quest, Barnabus the Stomper will be added to your hand. The powerful Battlecry effect of Barnabus greatly supplements Ramp Druid decks, allowing any powerful minions remaining in hand to be used to flood the board and overwhelm opponents.


Hunter Legendary Quest

The Marsh Queen requires seven 1-Cost minions to be played from your hand. Minions that are summoned by any other effects will not count towards the completion of the quest.

The requirement of the Quest forces a very one-dimensional approach, as having to include many 1-Cost minions in a deck will naturally result in an aggressive strategy. The huge drawback of this Quest is that turn 1 must be used to play the Quest in order to benefit from it later in the game, significantly weakening the potential of an aggressive deck.

If you are able to successfully finish the Quest, Queen Carnassa will be added to your hand. Once played, Queen Carnassa will add 15 copies of Carnassa's Brood to your deck, allowing you to rapidly flood the board with 3/2 minions to supplement the aggressive flood of 1-Cost minions used to complete the quest.


Mage Legendary Quest

Open the Waygate requires you to play a total of 6 spells that did not start in your deck. Mage has access to a large range of class cards that aid in the completion of the Quest such as: Babbling Book, Shimmering Tempest, Mana Bind, Primordial Glyph, and Cabalist's Tome.

As the Quest requires a large number of random spells to be played it can be hard complete in a timely manner. As a result, using a slower Mage deck can help ensure there is enough time in situations where many expensive spells are randomly generated.

If you are able to successfully finish the Quest, Time Warp will be added to your hand. As a 5-Mana spell, Time Warp may seem like a pretty underwhelming at first, providing a net gain of up to 5 Mana if it is played on turn 10. However, the true power of the Quest lies in its interaction with your minions. Using this card allows any minions you play on the same turn to attack on the additional turn, effectively giving all of your minions charge. This opens up the potential for devastating turns using cards with flexible Mana costs like Molten Giant and Arcane Giant to potentially set up a One Turn Kill on your opponent.


Paladin Legendary Quest

The Last Kaleidosaur requires you to cast a total of 6 spells on your minions. Only targetable spells count towards completion of the Quest, AoE effects such as Competitive Spirit or random effects like Avenge are ineligible.

The requirement of the Quest requires many Paladin buff spells to be played. Playing a large number of buffs can often lead to a hand full of spells with no minions to target. To overcome this problem, cards that are able to provide multiple minions such as Violet Teacher offer a lot of value.

If you are able to successfully finish the Quest, Galvadon will be added to your hand. While it may initially appear underwhelming compared to other Quest rewards, the many combinations of Adaptations available can be devastating. For example, consider the potential of a minion with both Windfury and Stealth and up to 14 Attack.


Priest Legendary Quest

Awaken the Makers requires you to summon seven Deathrattle minions in a game. The Quest only requires Deathrattle minions to be summoned and will count those summoned from effects such as N'Zoth, the Corruptor.

The requirement of the Quest allows for a broad range of strategies to complete it. However, some cards have powerful synergies with Deathrattle minions to aid in completion of the Quest. Cards like Barnes and Mirage Caller allow you to gain additional copies of your Deathrattle minions and as previously mentioned, N'Zoth, the Corruptor is able to resummon Deathrattle minions that have died earlier in the game, allowing you to potentially double your Quest progress.

If you are able to successfully finish the Quest, Amara, Warden of Hope will be added to your hand. While gaining access to a cheap and powerful minion which may be able to overwhelm your opponent, you will also benefit from the most powerful healing effect in the game which can be used to stabilise against Aggro decks or outlast Control decks.


Rogue Legendary Quest

The Caverns Below requires you to play four minions with the same name from your hand. Minions summoned by other effects will not count towards the completion of the Quest.

Although only two copies of a card can be played in a deck, Rogue has access to many tools to many the Quest achievable. Cards like Shadowstep and Gadgetzan Ferryman allow you to play the same card multiple times, whereas cards like Mimic Pod and Thistle Tea allow you to draw multiple copies of a card.

If you are able to successfully finish the Quest, Crystal Core will be added to your hand. The Quest reward encourages decks to include many weak minions in order to gain the biggest benefit from it. The Crystal Core spell affects all of your minions, which makes cards like Violet Teacher particularly powerful by summoning a 5/5 minion for each spell you play.


Shaman Legendary Quest

Unite the Murlocs requires you to summon ten Murlocs in a game. While this may seem daunting, the Quest includes Murlocs summoned from all sources allowing cards like Call in the Finishers to rapidly push you towards quest completion.

While the Quest may seem like an obvious fit for an aggressive deck filled with Murlocs, it can be played in a wide range of decks. As previously mentioned, Call in the Finishers in addition to cards like Murloc Tidehunter and Finja, the Flying Star allow the Quest to be completed while leaving a large number of card slots available to build almost any Shaman archetype around them.

If you are able to successfully finish the Quest, Megafin will be added to your hand. Megafin is a powerful minion that demands an immediate answer when played, but offers a multifaceted Battlecry effect. The large number of Murlocs provided can be either used aggressively to overwhelm opponents or can provide a huge amount of resources to out-value opponents in long games of attrition.


Warlock Legendary Quest

Lakkari Sacrifice requires you to Discard a total of 6 cards during a game. The Quest requires cards to actually be Discarded and will not progress if no cards are in hand when a Discard effect is triggered. Clutchmother Zavas synergises exceptionally with the Quest due to its ability to be Discarded repeatedly.

The Quest can potentially fit in any Warlock deck that has enough Discard effects included. However, the random nature of the Discard mechanic can prove to be a liability decks containing key cards that cannot afford to be Discarded, which is often the case with Control of Combo Warlock decks.

If you are able to successfully complete the Quest, Nether Portal will be added to your hand. Nether Portal takes up a space on the board and functions as a minion for card effects such as Reliquary Seeker. Two Nether Imps will be summoned at the end of every one of your turns, which can be utilised by Aggro Warlock decks to overwhelm opponents or by Control Warlock decks to grind down opponents in a similar fashion to INFERNO!.


Warrior Legendary Quest

Fire Plume's Heart requires you to play a total of 7 Taunt minions during a game. Only minions played from your hand will count towards the completion of the Quest, meaning cards like Protect the King! will not count.

The Quest favours a slower style of Warrior deck due to most strong Taunt minions having a significantly larger Health than Attack stat. The Curator can be used as a particularly strong minion to aid in the completion of the Quest. Not only is it a Taunt minion itself, but it can also be used to consistently draw additional Taunts such as Direhorn Hatchling and Primordial Drake if they are the only Dragon and Beast in the deck.

If you are able to successfully complete the Quest, Sulfuras will be added to your hand. Upon the destruction of the Weapon, your Hero Power will Deal 8 damage to random enemy, in a similar fashion to the Deathrattle of Majordomo Executus but without the drawback of changing your Hero's max Health to 8. Using the new Hero Power each turn, you will either kill an enemy minion or dead significant damage to your opponent, putting your opponent on a clock to win the game before they become overwhelmed by the damage.



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