Lakkari Sacrifice Warlock Quest Deck List

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This thread is for comments about our Lakkari Sacrifice Warlock Quest Deck List Guide.

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9 hours ago, Guest F2P said:

Replacement for Kara cards?

Malchezaar's Imp is incredibly strong in this deck, allowing you to refill your hand after discarding, which used to be the main drawback of discard before Karazhan was launched. You will lose a lot of value by omitting it, and the deck will underperform.
Silverware Golem is strong as well, also removing the drawback of discard if you discard the Golem, and actually making it into a powerful tempo mechanic.

You could play 2x Defender of Argus and 2x Flame Imp, but the deck is going to suffer quite a lot.

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12 hours ago, Guest F2P said:

Replacement for Kara cards?

Positiv's answer is the correct one. As a second suggestion, there is now a Budget Zoo list which doesn't contain the Quest but is very cheap to build, and with no adventure cards. As Positiv mentioned, some of the Kara cards are very important in the other lists.

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6 hours ago, FanOfValeera said:

That card is wild though, right?

Could Devilsaur Egg be a part of this?

Oh right, it is. I even switched to wild to try the card out. My bad, sorry!

There are no buff cards in the deck, so the only options left are destroying it with Doomsayer (though it's not guaranteed), Corrupting MistDeathwing or in the worst case use your own removal, which is absolutely not worth doing, so let's assume 4 cards can pop the egg. You could also hope your opponent's AoE kills it for you, which is however not something that can be relied upon, especially when your opponent can work in an opposite way and actually silence it.
So, in this build, I cannot advise running Devilsaur Egg.

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Found a pretty strong discard quest warlock in wild. Would like to Hear some suggestions.


1 lakkari sacrufice

2 soulfire 

2 malchezaars imp

1 darkbomb

1 dark peddler 

1 clutchmother zavas 

2 darkshire librarian

1 imp Gang Boss 

1 Kabal courier

2 silverware golem

1 brann bronzeberd

1 deathlord

2 fist of jarraxus 

2 lakkari fellhound 

1 Implosion 

2 doomguard

1 sludge belcher

2 cruel dinomancer

2 Siphon Soul

1 Ragnaros 

1 malganis 

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Edit: Brann is a very Important Card in the Deck because it can complete the quest with doomguard with only 2 cards discarded before. Combined with clutchmother and malchezaars imp / fist and silverware golem this can create incredible temposwings while completibg the quest was before your opponents Imagine. Mal Ganis is Great if combined with the Portal, But if you discard him (or  Ragnaros) you can revive him with dinomancer. 

It is important to focus on winning  the Game instead on Finishing the quest. Some Games can be won without the quest, while in Most Games the quest functions as a supportive Force vor your Minions that win the Game, Or to just finish the opponent of.

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