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Tavern Brawl: Gift Exchange

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The festive Tavern Brawl returns for this year's Winter Veil.

This is a constructed Brawl, so you will have to make your own deck. Every turn, Greatfather Winter will appear and will drop a 0/4 Winter Veil's Gift on the board on the side of the current player (provided there isn't one already).


Destroying one of these crates on either side of the board will provide the current player with a 1-mana Stolen Winter's Veil Gift spell. You can choose to break your own crates, your opponent's or both! If the Stolen Gift originated from one of your own crates, by casting the spell you get to Discover class cards from your class. If the spell originated from your opponent's side of the board, then you get to Discover class cards from your opponent's class.


The cards you Discover will only cost from 5 mana and higher, but they will have their Mana cost reduced by five. In addition, you have the chance to discover Hardpacked Snowballs, a Brawl-exclusive spell.


Warlock is obviously a beast in this Tavern Brawl. With cards like Grim Rally, Sanguine Reveler, Shadow Bolt, Ravenous Pterrordax and many more, you can effectively kill both your own and your opponent's crates. Priest also has similar methods to destroy crates on both sides of the board, like Shadow Word: Horror, Topsy Turvy and Shadow Word: Pain. From the new decks from Rastakhan's Rumble, Odd Mage seems to be doing decently in this Tavern Brawl. Useful neutral minions that can be fitted into any class for this Brawl include Doomsayer, Crazed Alchemist and his bro Kooky Chemist, Mossy Horror and Void Ripper.

If you missed last week's Tavern Brawl, you will get the Winter Veil Treat card back as a reward. Otherwise, you will receive a Classic card pack.

Images from Hearthstone Wiki

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