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Swampqueen Hagatha Reveal: Rise of Shadows

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As expected, Hagatha is a Shaman Legendary minion and she has a very versatile effect.

The card was revealed by @PlayHearthstone on Twitter:

Swampqueen Hagatha is one of these cases where the cardbox is barely enough to fit the explanation for the whole card. "Teach it 2 Shaman spells" means that you will get the Discover option twice and the Horror (a tribeless 5/5 token minion) will cast them as a Battlecry. Note that if you Discover a targeted spell, you can choose who to target with it - it's not random. According to Peter Whalen, the first choice is random but the second will offer only non-targetable spells (like Bloodlust or Chain Lightning) if your first choice was a targeted spell.

Now that we are done with the explanation of the card, we can try and guesstimate how good it's going to be. Even though it offers a versatile Build-a-spell-like effect and it has a very interesting design, Swampqueen Hagatha is a huge tempo loss on turn 7 and requires a lot of setting-up and foresight. On the other hand, you can make up the tempo loss when you play the Horror and it also works greatly with Shudderwock.

With Hagatha's Scheme and now the new Hagatha herself, it looks like we may be heading towards a Control Shaman era. What do you think?

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12 Mana for 2 5/5 and 2 spells... the problem is those spells are random if you don't get a targeted Hex the card is pretty worthless and the odds you get stuff like Hex + Lightning Storm are pretty small since there a lot of questionable shaman spells.

Also when you play the Horror if those spells have Overload you get it so it potentially cost even more than 12 mana for a bunch of RNG effect and 2 bodies with no ability on them.

It can be good if you get high cost spells but if you get only cheap cards you pretty much waste tons of mana for essentially doing nothing.

Depending on the pool of shaman spells can be tried but if there aren't no new good spells it gonna be more or less a 3rd Hex n the deck if you are lucky to get it.

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I like it. The last thing I want to see in a new expansion is over-powered legendary cards that everybody wants to get on day 1. This one looks reasonably balanced, it has potential without being over-powered, and does not imply a specific deck type. While it is true that a 5/5 body is below the average for 7 mana, it's not ridiculous either, and the card it generates can be a finisher if you pick the right spells. And that card can be played as early as round 8, or even round 7 if you save your coin for Hagatha.

I understand that there is always some random involved with Discover, however double Discover significantly lowers the risk to not get anything useful. Also, Discover is better than full random, a skilled player should be able to find the combination of spells best suited to the current game's state. I appreciate when it's the player's skills which make the difference.

It's only sad that this card will come at the same time Zola the Gorgon will be cycled out of Standard, as they would have combined nicely. But who knows, maybe there will be a replacement of some sort for it in the upcoming expansion.

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I love this card. Has some potential with Shudderwock for sure. If there is a slower shaman deck (seems like there might be because of Shudderwock and Hagatha the Witch), this card will be great for it. The only problem seems to be a tempo loss when she is played, but there will be a way to play around it too.

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I like this card a lot. Choosing twice out of 3 spells is great. What are the chances that you get only rubbish?

Sure, the first play (5/5) for 7 mana is slow.

But all the complaining about "too slow" should keep in mind: There are lots of cards that are slow. Each card that let's you draw more cards is slow. Ramping up for Druid is slow (but was so strong that it has been nerfed heavily).

It is a good card: Strong in many situations. weak in some other situations.  It will be usefull in many decks I guess, but it is not a "must draw" card. 

IMO it is a perfectly designed card.

It doesn't need 3 other legendary cards to work, it is a strong card on it's own.

But it is not a "draw an curve and it is gg" like Prince Keleseth or a "must have" card because it is totally imbalanced like the Death-Knights.

A card that will make many decks better, without destroying the balance.

In other words: Exactly what a legendary card should be IMO.

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I like this card too. Interesting design. Even if it turns out not to be viable in the meta, it will still be fun to play (like Unstable Evolution...oh I will miss you so much!).

4 hours ago, WedgeAntilles said:

I like this card a lot. Choosing twice out of 3 spells is great. What are the chances that you get only rubbish?

But still I want to point out that there are not that many good, not-situational and expensive (to get enough value) spells in shaman right now (which doesn't mean much, since we will get some more with the upcomming sets). For now the best ones in Standard after the roation will probably be: Hex, Rain of Toads, The Storm Bringer (still a bit situational), Haunting Visions, Lesser Sapphire Spellstone... sadly no Healing Rain though.

As someone who successfully played a lot of Firetree Witchdoctor in shaman I have to say that you always discover something useful. The question is if the cheap spells are worth the setup of the Swamp-Queen.

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Looks strong and has a lot of potential, especially for control shaman. Seems a tad slow though.  I think this card will be highly meta game dependent.  I don't think it is strong enough to be an auto include in every shaman deck or even every control shaman deck, but I think it will be the go to option for fighting control match ups better as control shaman or slower mid ranged shamans.  Plus the design is just so cool.

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