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Saviors of Uldum: Hearthside Chat and Three New Cards

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Liv Breeden walks us through the tombs of Uldum, sharing three new cards along the way - including a massive Legendary with Reborn.


The Hearthstone team have shared a new Hearthside Chat video, a tour of the tombs of Uldum with game designer Liv Breeden - including three new cards from the new expansion!

Here are Colossus of the Moon, Plague of Wrath, and Sunstruck Henchman:

Colossus of the MoonPlague of WrathSunstruck Henchman

Colossus of the Moon is a huge Neutral minion which will take at least four hits to remove from the board without hard removal. It could find a home in Big Shaman decks built around Muckmorpher and Eureka!, where it can hit the board well before turn 10. Even if it doesn't see play though, we're sure to see it anyway - it's one of a small number of 10-Mana Minions that can be summoned when Conjurer's Calling is cast on Sea Giant.

Plague of Wrath looks like a powerful board clear option for Control Warrior at first glance, but it may not be a nailed-on inclusion. It's at its best in a deck with plenty of Whirlwind effects, and ideally Whirlwind itself,  so current lists will have to make a few changes to accommodate the new Plague.

Sunstruck Henchman has the dubious honour of being the first Minion with the "fall asleep" mechanic. This means that it will occasionally behave as if it had been summoned this turn and be unable to attack - check out the video to see it in "action".

Given the heatwave currently sweeping Europe, I'm sure a lot of us can relate to Sunstruck Henchman right now.

Watch the full video below:

Check out our Saviors of Uldum hub for more info on the next expansion, plus every card revealed so far.

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I'm worried about Colossus of the Moon. It's a bit too much in my opinion, in the sense that it makes a huge difference between classes which have true hard removal spells and classes which do not. If you have access to Polymorph or Hex, all is well, it's just one more very large minion. If you have Assassinate and Walk the Plank, or Shadow Word: Death, it will take two cards but you can still do it. Hunter will have to rely on the random of Deadly Shot or Spider Bomb, good luck with that. But how are Druid and Paladin going to deal with it?

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4 minutes ago, Smorod said:

How deal with stupidly costly late game threat?

A (video) picture is often worth more than a thousand words:


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warrior plague seems like warrior, mass execute for 5 mana.

Colossus is a very interesting card and a big buff for mages in my opinion. Firstly its makes mountain giant/conjurer's calling stronger and VERY sticky, which is what cyclone mage want right now, secondly mage probably is the strongest class to deal with it. right now mages usually just freeze big stuff and ignore it and if they wanted to, they are one of few classes that can cleanly remove it. other than mage and shaman, cleanest way to remove this will be silence+hard removal.

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Why not give the most cancerous class in standard a free board clear with Dr.Boom hero power...

Dr.Boom is a bottom tier card he's so weak give him more overpowered card to combo with that and delete the other classes since they are just a bunch of garbage compared to Dr.Boom, if already is impossible to have a single minion against warrior with this you can just auto concede when he drops Boom since whatever you will play won't survive ... yes even the non targetable minions now can be killed with a simple hero power GJ Blizzard Devs


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