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Legion Legendaries Disabled in Shadowlands

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Restodroodopz found out that Legendaries now classify as Legacy in Shadowlands Alpha, and so their bonuses are disabled and won't work for low level characters or in Timewalking anymore.


The Legion Legendary Sephuz's Secret Sephuz's Secret is labelled as a Legacy item with inactive effects.


The Sentinel's Eternal Refuge The Sentinel's Eternal Refuge (BoE crafted Legion Legendary) is also marked as a Legacy item, rendering them pretty much useless.

We did some research and checked out Wrathion's cloak (Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve Rank 12) with the primary stat increasing effect which remains untouched, so the Legacy thing only seems to apply to Legion Legendaries.


The same goes for Legendaries from previous expansions, specifically MoP legendary cloaks and WoD rings; they are not tagged as Legacy Items and keep their effects.



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warning fun detected.........................................................................  really blizzard?  time walkers are not real content and when you can use them it fun and brings back so much nostalgia.  be different it time walkers where up 100% of the time, but as they are now they are fun event and let you use old gear you have fond memories of.  I even kept a journal when I got each one in legion because I enjoyed them all.


Aug 30th Legion Released

Sept 10th Fighting With Style: Classic

Oct 15th Heart of Corruption

Oct 16th Tyelca, Ferren Marcus's Stature heroic raid boss

Oct 25th 7.1.0 Released

Oct 29th Lost Edicts of the Watcher

Oct 31st Ahead of the Curve: Xavius

Nov 17th Uther's Guard emissary cache

Nov 29th Heathcliff's Immortality emissary cache

Dec 17th Power Realized 


Jan 10th  7.1.5 Released

Jan 16th Ahead of the Curve: Helya

Jan 29th Saruan's Resolve mythic dungeon boss

Feb 21st Keystone Master

Feb 21st Fighting With Style: Valorous

Feb 23rd Spark of the Fallen Exarch

March 20th Aggramar's Stride emissary cache

March 26th Chain of Thrayn emissary cache

March 27th Ahead of the Curve: Gul’dan

March 28th 7.2.0 Released

April 6th Breastplate of the Golden Val'kyr legionfall cache

April 9th Rethu's Incessant Courage

April 9th Fighting With Style: Hidden

April 14th Archimonde's Hated Reborn legionfall cache

April 29th Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus legionfall cache

April 29th ---Protection Mage Tower Complete---

May 10th Fighting With Style: Upgraded

May 15th Sephuz's Secret legionfall cache

May 15th Power Ascended

May 20th Ashes to Dust legionfall cache

June 1st Power Unleashed

June 13th 7.2.5 Released

June 13th Pillars of Inmost Light legionfall cache

June 18th Soul of the Highlord legionfall cache

July 3rd  Maraad's Dying Breath emissary cache

July 19th Justice Gaze mythic raid boss

July 30th Ilterendi, Crown Jewel of Silvermoon emissary cache

Aug 14th Whisper of the Nathrezim emissary cache

Aug 25th The Topless Tower emissary cache

Aug 28th Ahead of the Curve: Kil’jaeden

Aug 29th 7.3.0 Released

Sept 5th Scarlet Inquisitor's Expurgation mythic plus weekly chest

Sept 24 Tyr's Hand of Faith mystic plus dungeon chest

Oct 11th ---Retribution Mage Tower Complete---

Oct 12th Liadrin's Fury Unleashed heroic raid boss

Oct 29th Velen's Future Sight random battle ground

Nov 13th Fighting With Style: War-Torn

Nov 14th Aegisjalmur, the Armguards of Awe mythic plus weekly chest

Nov 16th Obsidian Stone Spaulders Reputation Chest

Nov 18th All looks and colors for Protection and Retribution Artifacts unlocked

Nov 30th Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish from normal raid boss

Dec 3rd  Insignia of the Grand Army

Dec 10th Aggramar’s Conviction


May 25th ---Holy  Mage Tower Complete--- 

May 25th  Unlocked all Artifact colors and looks

Edited:  adding this.  All this does it make it feel like my past grinds meant nothing.  I totally agree with the game needs to move forwards and have better and funner gear....... but timewalkers where the one way we could show off how we where invested in old expansions.  they are limited time even that also a scaled to lfg 5mans....  I wouldnt mind if they are disabled in the raids, but to completely disable them.... well makes me wonder why I even tried to start off with

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1 hour ago, ThomasConway said:

All this does it make it feel like my past grinds meant nothing.  I totally agree with the game needs to move forwards and have better and funner gear....... but timewalkers where the one way we could show off how we where invested in old expansions.  they are limited time even that also a scaled to lfg 5mans....  I wouldnt mind if they are disabled in the raids, but to completely disable them.... well makes me wonder why I even tried to start off with

They could solve this by making them legacy heirlooms you can use on any character in a specific level range.

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Thanks, I hate it... Why just disable legion legendaries? Even if you're levelling a new char, you can only use 1 until you did your order hall upgrade which no one bothered with after legion. Sure it could be a pain to balance, but why would it matter? Their ONLY use is levelling and timewalking, neither of which are relevant content, so balance is already way out of wack... 

The only benefit I can see to this is levelling through PvP with these, otherwise just another FU to players who god forbid, played old expacs and want to show it off every now and then...


Edit - just did a timewalking with two decent g druid leggo's, the cape (MOP), ring (pre leggo tbf), and really wasn't that OP, kinda forget how rubbish they made legendaries in them for me. Still nice to flex mind. Obv this was only for a bear, DPS ones I can imagine being better I'd hope...

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Oh come on blizz! I farmed for WEEKS to get the shoulders and boots for the warrior to run old raids and dungeons at an acceptable speed (180% ++)

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Might not be due to balance concerns. May be due to coding issues and avoiding edgecase bugs. Legendaries that apply to old things can become risky code as you change classes over the years. They may've decided that it was better to axe them and save work, rather than lose work on other stuff in SWL in order to preserve legendaries in timewalking.


We'll see. I wish they'd stick around for timewalking too, but game devs have to make hard decisions. Having a huge company doesn't give you unlimited resources, and programming isn't just a matter of tacking on more manhours to a problem. Although having a good coding paradigm should make it way easier, but upholding and specifying such a thing in an MMO is a monumental task.

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If the Ashjra'kamas is still providing some stats in Shadowlands, would it be worthwhile to get it on my alts? I have max cloak on my main, but my alts only have level 1-4, or none at all right now. Or will my cloak be replaced with something else once we start playing the expansion?

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I wish that they didn't include this nerf to timewalking also. Perhaps someone with Alpha access can see how current cloak and corruption effects are scaling on timewalking when it comes around again. (It is nice the leveled cloaks still retain stats bonuses.)

Most people that farm timewalking are doing for either the 500 badges, alt caches, or the infinite timereaver mount. It's not considered progression content like m+. The timewalking raids were slightly more challenging than the dungeons; I don't think this change will help participation rates for those or timewalking in general. This guide does give me more ideas of things I should do before Shadowlands hits and this nerf likely sets in. Am a bit curious if other forms of scaling or instanced content removed legendaries effects as well. 

I do hope my rank 15 cloak and corruption effects are still fine. Would like to have one character I can have fun with still. 

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