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Free-to-Play Hero Rotation: Week of February 8th

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And were back!

So, here's the QM report for this week:



Solid tank with no major faults. Difficult to kill, annoying and distracting, everything you'd want in a Tank. For new players I'd tell you to get comfortable with the cadence of burrowing - pop trait - heal whilst underground - pop back up. Being able to just recuse yourself from all damage for a few seconds is a great skill most people have to actually work towards or wait until later levels to get. The fact that you now get to move whilst underground unlike how it used to be back in the day is absolutely grand. I haven't even started on his global move ability. Great tank. Will struggle not to contribute in a game.



Oh man this is a good week for tanks. When the bible talks about being a Fisher of Men, I'm pretty sure Garrosh isn't what they had in mind, but oh boy oh boy is it fun when an enemy hero in the opening minutes of game get's a pixel too close to you and you toss him into the dogpack behind you. Some people consider Idomitable at level 4 essential, I've never really found it to be so in QM. It's pretty hard to really get him wrong though. Into the fray didn't use to be baseline either, consider that for a moment. Always be prepared for him to toss somebody into the pack when playing with him. Against him? He's going to be annoying and keep surviving on like 2% health or something frustrating like that, because that's how his trait works.



Gaz got nerfed, but some of you aren't going to remember those early post-rework days when he was an absolute monster. I still consider Big-Game-Hunter and Rock-It Sock-It to be really strong, but you guys do you. Just work on your Grav-O-Bomb combos, as the timing is tricky. Good offlaner, jungler and tank. Another really good hero. Expect to see him offlane mostly since he used to be a support hero.



I don't know why this guy isn't Multirole. He is. I don't play him much so I can't go into real details, but like most assassins he's a glass cannon. Stonks of damage for days... itty bitty health bar. He'll either be the star of the show, or the millwheel around your teams neck.



What IS it this week with good tanks? If Muradin was the Alpha of HoTS Tanks, then Johanna is the Omega. One is the be all, the other, the end all. Imagine fighting a living black hole; that's Johanna.  She was ALREADY good, and then they buffed her.

With her trait; NOBODY can tank an entire teams damage and just walk away uncaring like Jo can. Apparently there are dark paths one can take to make her deal damage, but you won't learn them from me. I'm just here to tank damage, hurl out slows and then walk sedately back to my team.



STOP USING ORB BUILD OUTSIDE OF ARAM. In QM Magic Missile or Teleport build tend to get better results. Plus, sometimes it's nice to try something different you know? Of course if you REALLY had balls you'd be trying my insane 1332243 Cannoneer AutoAttack build. You'll never be closer to death or glory than with that! But yeah in general, Li-Ming can just vomit out damage no matter what you do, but again I'd advise against Orb build since in QM people just walk out of the way of those. It depends on Battleground though.



Incredibly annoying to deal with, and one of the heroes I have the least personal experience with. I would not reccommend this to players just beginning out. There's a ton of complex stuff here like bird-form scouting, thinking with portals, when to make things untouchable.... In the hands of a good player he can be an absolute nightmare to deal with. But YOU will always feel like you have butterfingers, and he needs a lot of practice.



Worst healer in the game IMO. Somebody had to be, and it's Malf. His purge isn't even baseline and he badly needs that at least, if not a major rework. He can heal, but it's SO MUCH EFFORT just to get to the same level that some healers can do just by standing around in your teams general vicinity. The timings on his root is super difficult, his nuke has a teeny tiny radius and his heroics lack any noticeble impact, to the point where if you told me they were bugged and weren't actually doing anything, I'd believe you. AVOID. He's also the only healer this week FML, meaning QM is going to be awash with them trying to complete "3 Games with Healer/Supports" this week.



Eh... he had some changes lately so I can't say with any certainty how good he is now, but... he's very awkward to use and never really feels like he's contributing as much as you'd like.  I feel like Warp Rift build is still probably his best, but it's hard to say. I really think this guy should have stayed in the Support class and that they worked harder to emphasise that, but it is, what it is. He's pretty good as an offlaner and jungler, but as an assassin, I feel like there are better options that are sadly more fun this week.



The Warcraft Raynor. He's pretty decent, has a root, has a great slow Heroic (Earthquake) does decent damage and is tanky, but isn't a tank. He's lacking a little of the pizazz of the new reworked Raynor, but he can definitely contribute in all situations. Great jungler too, so don't be afraid to do that if you don't see anybody else taking the camps.



Oh god this week is just wall to wall with good solid tanks. Tyrael is less tanky than Dahaka or Jo, but who isn't? Teleports, slows, AoE effects, movement controls, two decent heroics, Tyrael is honestly more of a Bruiser than a Tank, but who am I to argue.  Ardent Restoration is very good on maps with lots of Regen Globes to be had and you might want to see if you can build a jungler build for him. But ultimately he's a goodish tank, but you might find him outshined by what else is on offer this week.



I find Val REALLY needs finesse to use right. I get it, that's the idea, but the best advice I can give is: "You have to think like a rogue" to make Valeera work. She's a hit and run assassin, get in, do your job and get out. I find Haemmorage a good tool if you want to supplement your roaming and ganking with jungling, but ultimately try to find a build that works for you.



The OTHER Val. They nerfed her multishot build from the team-deleter it used to be, so most people go with hungering arrow now, but AA build still does very good damage as well, she still very strong, but not gamebreakingly so. I still don't like Strafe when the other option is a nasty CC heroic, and I wish you'd all stop picking it ALL the time. Strafe just means you win games harder, Rain of Vengeance can turn games.



I still say she should be a Tank. Gazlowe loses his Support class but Zar keeps hers!? Where's the sense in this? Ah well. Roll about tossing shields on people and doing not too bad damage actually. Two equally nice heroics that you should pick depending on your battleground.


Overall, a VERY good week for people who like to play Tanks and Tanky heroes in general, and yeah, I know Dahaka is technically a bruiser but... come on, no he's not. He's a tank.

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