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General Information

Welcome to our guide for Probius, a Ranged Assassin in Heroes of the Storm. Within these pages, you will find everything required to understand how best to play this hero, in both different map styles and team compositions.


Probius's Overview

Probius is a ranged Assassin who excels at zone control by means of setting up and activating a plethora of structures and abilities. When given the opportunity, Probius is able to craft a devastating gauntlet that will cripple the entire enemy team. His bread and butter ability combo (Disruption Pulse Icon Disruption Pulse/Warp Rift Icon Warp Rift) can deal massive amounts of AoE damage to multiple enemies, while Photon Cannon Icon Photon Cannon will chip away at any and all who stray too close. At Level 10, Probius is able to chose between damage (Pylon Overcharge Icon Pylon Overcharge) and utility (Null Gate Icon Null Gate), either of which will greatly aid his allies in combat.


Probius's Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Good AoE burst damage
  • +Excellent zoning potential
  • +Reliable waveclear
  • +Great staying power, impressive Mana regen via Warp In Pylon Icon Warp In Pylon
  • +Able to contest objectives for a long duration
  • +Very high skill ceiling
X Weaknesses
  • -Very low Healthpool
  • -Vulnerable to crowd-control
  • -No reliable hard crowd-control like stuns or roots
  • -Hard learning curve
  • -Unreliable damage

Probius's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Warp Rift Build

Level 1 Warp Resonance Icon
Level 4 Turbo Charged Icon Shield Capacitor Icon ?
Level 7 Rift Shock Icon
Level 10 Null Gate Icon Pylon Overcharge Icon ?
Level 13 Shield Battery Icon
Level 16 Gravity Well Icon Quantum Entanglement Icon ?
Level 20 Probius Loop Icon Gate Keeper Icon ?

The Warp Rift Build focuses around Probius' ability to zone enemy Heroes from either himself or points of interest, such as Map Objectives or Structures, for instance. By the same token, this build allows Probius to deal significant amounts of damage by using talents such as Warp Resonance Icon Warp Resonance at Level 1 and Rift Shock Icon Rift Shock at Level 7. To help maximize Probius' crowd control and burst damage, we recommend picking Null Gate Icon Null Gate at Level 10, but it is hard to use, so Pylon Overcharge Icon Pylon Overcharge can be an option as well. At Level 20, Probius Loop Icon Probius Loop can cause crazy loops of repeating (and now empowered) Warp Rift Icon Warp Rift explosions if Probius manages to keep hitting enemy Heroes with it. Gate Keeper Icon Gate Keeper is also an option on maps where objectives force fights at certain points, like Infernal Shrines or Volskaya Foundry. On those maps, we recommend setting up many different Null Gates before the objective spawns, so enemies will have a hard time walking forward.

BGuy Build

Level 1 Gather Minerals Icon
Level 4 Shield Capacitor Icon Photon Barrier Icon ?
Level 7 Tower Defense Icon
Level 10 Pylon Overcharge Icon
Level 13 Shield Battery Icon
Level 16 Gravity Well Icon Quantum Entanglement Icon ?
Level 20 Construct Additional Pylons Icon

The BGuy Build is dedicated to BGuy, a multiple Grandmaster Probius player who knows the Hero inside-out and was friendly enough to share his knowledge with us. At Level 1, Gather Minerals Icon Gather Minerals helps make Probius' Photon Cannon Icon Photon Cannon more durable, which synergizes well with Tower Defense Icon Tower Defense at Level 7 and - if needed - Photon Barrier Icon Photon Barrier at Level 4. Pylon Overcharge Icon Pylon Overcharge is usually the best Heroic Ability available for Probius, especially when played as an aggressive side lane pusher, since the empowered Pylons help during sieges but also allow Probius to escape an enemy assault by dismounting charging Heroes ahead of time. During the later stages of the game, Shield Battery Icon Shield Battery is an outstanding supportive tool not only for Probius but for all of his nearby allies as well. At Level 20, Construct Additional Pylons Icon Construct Additional Pylons is a great finisher that boosts Probius' damage and Mana regeneration alike.


Probius's Synergies and Counters

V Probius synergizes with

Probius works best with Heroes that provide a strong frontline he is able to seek refuge behind, as well as supports who can assist in peeling away enemies attempting to dive him. These Heroes also should have some reliable source of hard crowd-control since Probius unfortunately does not have any himself until Level 10 with Null Gate Icon Null Gate.

X Probius is countered by

Probius is countered by high mobility Assassins with large amounts of burst damage and crowd-control. Probius' lack of a gap-closer may regularly be capitalized on by more agile opponents.


Probius's Maps

Probius's stronger maps
Alterac Pass Braxis Holdout Infernal Shrines Tomb of the Spider Queen Towers of Doom Volskaya Foundry
Probius's average maps
Cursed Hollow Dragon Shire Garden of Terror Sky Temple Warhead Junction Hanamura Temple
Probius's weaker maps
Battlefield of Eternity Blackheart's Bay

Probius performs best on larger Battlegrounds that revolve heavily around objectives that he is able to have ample time to set up for. Probius has incredible staying power and is able to easily prevent enemies from capturing certain objectives (such as Altars on Towers of Doom) with his ranged abilities and Photon Cannon Icon Photon Cannons. Battlegrounds with lots of narrow spaces and chokepoints give Probius many places to hide Pylons and force enemy Heroes through the effected area of his Warp Rift Icon Warp Rifts.


Probius's Tips and Tricks

  • Unlike mounts, Worker Rush Icon Worker Rush may be used in combat. Keep in mind that ALL damage (including damage-over-time such as poisons) will immediately break the effect.
  • Place Pylons from Warp In Pylon Icon Warp In Pylon within brush or behind terrain or allied fortification to protect them from being immediately destroyed.
  • Do not be afraid to poke enemies with Disruption Pulse Icon Disruption Pulse when unable to set up or waiting on the cooldown of Warp Rift Icon Warp Rift.
  • Warp Rift Icon Warp Rift is most effective when used in narrow corridors and chokepoints that force enemies to travel through its AoE.
  • Photon Cannon Icon Photon Cannon is great for zoning as well as soaking damage from Minions, Mercenaries, and enemy structures.
  • Save Pylon Overcharge Icon Pylon Overcharge for teamfights surrounding important Battleground objectives. This will force the enemy to either stay within its range or give up the objective to disengage, either of which are good for Probius and his allies.
  • Instead of simply placing Null Gate Icon Null Gate across a pathway to block it off, Null Gate can be angled slightly (depending on the space) to maximize the distance an enemy will be forced to travel through it.

Probius's Role in the Current Meta

Probius is a very situational Hero, which makes it a rather weak choice overall. Admittedly, its laning phase is decent, however, not outstanding. There are several Heroes that can pressure Probius off lane. He is mostly picked for his insane waveclear and objective control. Unfortunately, he suffers against any hero that can reach him, so he requires very good positioning to be useful.

Probius provides his team with a healthy mix of teamfight damage, zone control, and pushing power. During the early game, Probius does well in a solo lane. His unlimited Mana regen from Warp In Pylon Icon Warp In Pylon gives him incredibly staying power and he is able to easily clear waves of minions with a single combo of Disruption Pulse Icon Disruption Pulse and Warp Rift Icon Warp Rift. Probius should often favor split-pushing over team fights, except when it comes to potentially game deciding Objectives, such as the 3rd Tribute on Cursed Hollow, for instance. Also, Probius should ensure he has ample time to set up his Pylons, Photon Cannons, and Warp Rifts when a teamfight is looming. Because of this, Battleground knowledge (such as timers and objective locations) is highly recommended for effective Probius gameplay.

During teamfights Probius should play similarly to most other ranged Assassins, staying safe behind the allied frontline while casting his abilities. Probius works best in a more "traditional" team composition, consisting of a solid frontline, Healer, and fellow damage dealers. When considering Hero options to pair with Probius, make sure to include Heroes with reliable crowd-control, as this is something Probius is severely lacking (aside from Null Gate Icon Null Gate at Level 10 should it be taken).



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  • 17 Jul. 2019 (this page): Completely overhauled the Probius guide and added new talent builds.
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  • 07 Jul. 2017 (talents page): Updated Pylon Overcharge description, as it no longer gives Pylons bonus Health.
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