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Tyrael Build Guide “I am Justice itself!”

Last updated on Mar 17, 2017 at 10:26 by Kendric 28 comments

Table of Contents

Tyrael Image

General Information

Welcome to our Tyrael guide for Heroes of the Storm. Here you will learn everything you need to know in order to play Tyrael in a competitive environment, whether you play on your own or with a team.

About the Author

KendricSwissh is a Master League Warrior and Support player in Hero League. He has been playing Heroes of the Storm since the early stages of the Alpha version and has mastered a large number of Heroes. He is also creating Heroes of the Storm related content on YouTube, most notably his series called Epic Plays of the Week, which focuses on video clips submitted by his viewers. He is also a streamer on Twitch where he will gladly answer all of your questions about the game.

1. Quick Reference

Aggressive Build (talent calculator link)

The Aggressive Build focuses more on Tyrael's offensive capabilities and is a recommended choice if your team already has a dedicated Tank. Picking Judgment Icon Judgment at Level 10 over Sanctification Icon Sanctification allows Tyrael to dive deep into the enemy team's backline, ideally picking and isolating a low health priority target.

Defensive Build (talent calculator link)

The Defensive Build aims to make Tyrael as resilient as possible in order to allow him to hold the frontline without dying too quickly. It is important to highlight that Tyrael does not have Stun or Root abilities, which means his zoning potential is limited compared to other Warriors. However, numerous defensive talents like Angelic Absorption Icon Angelic Absorption and Nullification Shield Icon Nullification Shield make him very hard to kill and thus cause Tyrael to become a thorn in the enemy team's side.

See our Talents page for further information Create your own build and share it with friends!

Synergies and Counters

Tyrael synergizes with

In order to unleash Tyrael's full potential, we strongly recommend having another Warrior at his side. As such, E.T.C's strong crowd control and mobility make him an ideal match. The protection and mobility from Tyrael's Righteousness Icon Righteousness and Smite Icon Smite abilities synergize very well with melee Assassins in general, which is why Tyrael pairs very well with Illidan or Kerrigan.

Tyrael is countered by

Tyrael, like any Hero with high health pool, struggles against the Tank-shredding qualities of Tychus and Raynor. Besides, Varian's Stuns, Taunts, and his Shattering Throw Icon Shattering Throw completely shuts down the shields of Tyrael's Righteousness Icon Righteousness ability.


Tyrael's stronger maps Cursed Hollow Sky Temple Towers of Doom
Tyrael's average maps Battlefield of Eternity Blackheart's Bay Braxis Holdout Dragon Shire Garden of Terror Hanamura Haunted Mines Infernal Shrines Tomb of the Spider Queen Volskaya Foundry Warhead Junction
Tyrael's weaker maps None

Due to his great talent flexibility, Tyrael performs well on most maps. On battlegrounds such as Cursed Hollow, Sky Temple, or Towers of Doom, however, he truly excels due to the late game impact that comes with his Holy Ground Icon Holy Ground talent. This talent allows him to steal Mercenary and, more importantly, Boss Camps by placing his El'druin's Might Icon El'druin's Might ability in the very center of the capturing platform.

TL;DR Tips

  • Use your abilities wisely while laning. If you are not careful, Tyrael will run out of Mana very quickly.
  • Nullification Shield Icon Nullification Shield is a strong counter against bursty Ability Casters like Li-Ming or Jaina.
  • El'druin's Might Icon El'druin's Might can be used to juke opponents while Tyrael is on the retreat.
  • If you play with Sanctification Icon Sanctification, save it for the enemy team's most dangerious abilities and track their cooldowns accordingly.
  • Tyrael's Holy Ground Icon Holy Ground can steal Mercenary and Boss Camps if its projectile is aimed at the very center of the capture platform.
See our Abilities page for further information

2. Overview

Tyrael is a melee Warrior Hero, whose great mobility allows him to get in and out of combat very quickly. He is capable of initiating team fights and isolating enemy targets, which makes him an ideal pick especially for aggressive team compositions. Due to his powerful protective qualities, especially his innate Magic Armor, he can also be played defensively, making him a potent choice if the enemy team relies a lot on Ability damage.

3. Strengths

  • Both Sanctification Icon Sanctification and Judgment Icon Judgment have their respective uses
  • Capable of boosting allies' movement speed and shielding them
  • Decent solo laner
  • Offers offensive and defensive talent builds
  • Exceptional mobility
  • Strong against Mages

4. Weaknesses

  • Rather weak as solo Warrior
  • Extremely Mana dependent throughout the game
  • Successfully initiating team fights does require some experience
  • Only fits into a limited amount of team compositions

5. Role In The Current Meta

Tyrael's greatest strength is to start team fights by picking a single enemy target and exposing it to the rest of his team. He is the embodiment of aggressive team fight initiation, thanks to his Judgment Icon Judgment Heroic Ability. However, Tyrael can do more than just charging deep into the enemy ranks, especially with his second Heroic Ability, called Sanctification Icon Sanctification, which allows him to protect nearby allied Heroes very efficiently. Righteousness Icon Righteousness enables him to shield himself and his allies from incoming damage, Smite Icon Smite increases his team's movement speed, while El'druin's Might Icon El'druin's Might helps Tyrael to set up ganks or execute last-minute escapes. Depending on the kind of Warrior your team is looking for, Tyrael is able to adjust his talent build and playstyle accordingly, which makes him a very versatile and enjoyable Hero to play.

Tyrael's role as a frontlining initiator makes him a very good pick versus enemy Heroes who lack escape mechanisms, such as Malfurion or Jaina. His ability to capture Mercenary and Boss Camps from a large distance using his Holy Ground Icon Holy Ground, makes him a strong pick on maps like Cursed Hollow, Sky Temple, or Warhead Junction.

6. Reading Further

To take things further, we have 2 more pages that you can read:

7. ChangeLog

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  • 17 Mar. 2017 (this page): Updated the guide for Probius' patch.
  • 21 Dec. 2016 (this page): Moved Tyrael to the new guide format.
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