Card Reveals: Pompous Thespian, Netherspite Historian, and Silverware Golem

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Since our last update, there have been several more cards revealed for the upcoming One Night in Kharazan Adventure. This update deals with the first three of those, and brings the total number of cards revealed so far up to seventeen.

Pompous Thespian is an upgrade to already existing Bloodfen Raptor in non-Beast decks. It is likely that some people will complain that this is an example of power creep, however as Ben Brode has previously mentioned, it is only power creep if the card it is improving on is already played.


Netherspite Historian is an interesting option in Dragon decks. Priest in particular struggles for useful 2-drops, and currently settles for Museum Curator. Whether the Historian is a better card for that slot will probably require some testing, but the 3 Health is definitely important.

It seems as if the design team REALLY want us to play discard Warlock. Silverware Golem and earlier revealed Malchezaar's Imp seem to be driving us in that direction. I already feel that the Imp is simply a Zoo upgrade, but with extra discard synergy being printed, we might yet get that discard deck.

Previous reveals:

Prince Malchezaar, Protect the King, Kara Kazham! here

Moroes and Book Wyrm: here

Babbling Book and Malchezaar's Imp: here

First seven cards here

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At the start of the reveals I decided to save the gold and decide after the full spoiler if I had to buy Karazhan or Blackrock Mountain first, they decided to throw Dragon Synergy at me to facilitate my choices.

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Pompous Thespian is a pretty decent 2-drop, which will force aggro decks to trade one minion into it and give slower decks a breather. I do think it will have more impact on arena than on constructed, though.

Netherspite Historian looks like a really great card for a dragon deck, but Alexstrasza's Champion is a superior 2-drop, considering both needs a dragon in hand to activate. And in later turns, when the Historian becomes much more interesting to refuel your hand, you might have played the dragon it needs to answer the board already. Definitely worth testing, time will tell how good it is...

1 hour ago, Kokuendan said:

Buy Karazhan or Blackrock Mountain?

If you play standard most of the time, go for Kara. BrM will be the first one to rotate out. If you prefer Wild, then yeah... Toss a coin?

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49 minutes ago, Keizoku said:

If you play standard most of the time, go for Kara. BrM will be the first one to rotate out. If you prefer Wild, then yeah... Toss a coin?

Wild player, better fetch that coin.

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I don't think that Pompous Thespian will see play. Sparring Partner is a 3/2 with taunt as well, and it saw no play. So, even though Pompous Thespian is neutral, I don't think it will see much play - not in full-budget decks.

As for Netherspite Historian, it feels too weak stat-wise for dragon warrior, and priests already have the powerful Museum Curator. If it didn't require a dragon in your hand, it would be definitely more interesting as it could be used as a way to ensure you will have a dragon for Wyrmrest AgentTwilight Guardian and Blackwing Corruptor in your opening hand while gaining a bit of board presence.

Looks like discard zoo might be viable in standard! Maybe not as tier 1 deck, but viable! 

@KokuendanUnless there will be insane cards for priest or shaman, BrM will be a better investment. I recommend to wait until 16th or so to see the deck changes and if there is a surprise deck, like Secret Paladin after TGT.

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11 minutes ago, positiv2 said:

I don't think that Pompous Thespian will see play. Sparring Partner is a 3/2 with taunt as well, and it saw no play. So, even though Pompous Thespian is neutral, I don't think it will see much play - not in full-budget decks.

There's one difference, though. Sparring Partner is Warrior only (where it direcly contends with pretty impressive  cards like for instance Fiery War Axe or Armorsmith), whereas the Thespian is a Neutral minion. He might just find a place where Sparring Partner couldn't.

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@KeizokuI know the difference, and I thought that it was clear from the post that I do. Anyway, I currently don't see a deck it could work in, apart from Bolster warrior. I am not saying that it simply can not find a place, I'm just saying that it is hard to find a deck where he would fit. 

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