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Kaleidosaur Paladin Quest Standard

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1 hour ago, Nightshade8008 said:

What replacements would you recommend for all the epics and legendaries apart from the quest (I'm a F2P xD )?

8 cards is a lot. To be honest, you might want to choose a different deck.
If you really want to try the deck, you can play 2x Consecration, 1x Aldor Peacekeeper, 1x Divine Favor, 2x Ivory Knight, 2x Stranglethorn Tiger, or Tirion Fordring if you have him.

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8 minutes ago, FanOfValeera said:

What does Twilight Summoner so in this deck?

It's a sticky minion that doesn't suck. This allows you to almost always have a minion to apply buffs on a use them the same turn, as the minion won't be affected by summoning sickness. Same goes for Devilsaur Egg and Harvest Golem.

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1 minute ago, Allegro said:


Except that Faceless Manipulator doest play any battlecries it copies. So if it copies Galvadon it doesnt get to adapt 5 times, which is really the whole point of that card.

But you still get the adapts from the Galvadon, as it you get to copy what you chose with Galvadon's adapts.

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